May 16, 2009

Bye, Bye BLOGGER. Hello, New WORLD!

Wassup my faithful flock? You know I love y'all. And like a good seed that got nutured, we are growing and blossoming! We want you to come along on the ride with us! WWW.COOLCRUELWORLD.BLOGSPOT.COM has moved! We love, and they have really held us down in the clutch, but now it's time to move on. Check out our new site at:WWW.COOLCRUELWORLD.COM or CLICK HERE!
Thank you to all my followers, the fans that write me, my friends and family that support me, and the new-comers that love us! I love you too! I'll never forget you. Thanks for everything! CCW is a movement. Come join us!

Peace & Love ALWAYS,



May 12, 2009

A Night With The CLIPSE!

Honestly y'all, my dreams came true last night. I got to politic with the CLIPSE-- one of the best rap groups in history... And I'm picky. That's sayin a WHOLE LOT... Shoot. "Grindin'" changed the [rap] game. Period. No questions asked.

Anyway, back in 2003 I met with Rob Walker (A&R for Star Trak), and he heard a demo I did where I covered Clipse's "Gangsta Lean". He liked it, and liked me, and things seemed promising but shortly after things went south with Star Trak and Arista. With that went my dream. I always wanted to be able to say I mingled with these cats. It was my dream to be on that label, but I guess it just wasn't meant for me. Shoot, what would have become of CCW? If anything? I guess all things for a reason? But I digress...

Pharrell, Chad, Kelis, the Clipse? I seen em all, met them all in the past, and they are all so humble and chill... And amazingly talented. Did I mention stupidly talented? Truly ahead of their time in every way, and they all continue to be in very individual ways. The Clipse did a free concert at Webster Hall last night. I finally got to sit down with the dynamic duo. You wanna hear it? Here it go:

Cocoa B. : How old were y'all when you started in the business?

Malice: When we started professionally?

Pusha-T: Like... 21

Malice: Well, I always said that if I wasn't in the industry by the time I was 25, I wasn't going to do it. It wasn't going to happen. But it happened, so I'mma say around 24, 25.

Cocoa B.: So you're age difference?

Pusha-T: 5 years.

Cocoa B.: Ohhhh, me and my sis are like 6! Cool. (laughs) So out of the both of you, who's the shy one?

Malice: I think I'm definitely more the shyer one out of us.

Pusha-T: (nods)

Cocoa B. : So tell us about your relationship with Pharrell? How'd you all get together on this music thing?

Malice: Well, we all grew up together in our area-- Virginia Beach, and Pharrell was just known around to be really talented with music-making and I think we were known around as being really talented lyrically, so eventually we all bumped heads...

Cocoa B. : True.... There are some massively influential artists that have come out of Virginia for example: Timbland, Missy, Teddy Riley, Neptunes, You all, but besides those was there a more local talent in VA that you drew your influences from?

Pusha-T: Like, definitely Mad Skillz. He's definitely an influence. He's one of the first rapper, no he IS the first rapper out of Virginia. And just to watch him, and watch him doing it all, like his drive... You know?

Cocoa B. Yessssss. Yes I definitely agree.

Pusha-T: When stuff like that happens? Like when you see people out of your area really doing it, it's almost like shit... that can really happen. You know? Like yes, you can REALLY do it.

Cocoa B. Yes, that's so true. An inspiration indeed... Can you tell your fans and my readers a little bit more about your new project? I know you've been doing mixtapes in anticipation...

Malice: "Til the Casket Drops" is definitely going to be the best Clipse album out yet. Ummmm. It's a blessing. Kanye West, Cam'ron, Neptunes, Khalil, Chauncey and LB. It's just hip-hop. Hip-hop on STEROIDS [laughs]!

Cocoa B. Ahhhhhh love it! That's a hip-hop quotable right there... For each of you just out of curiosity, if you could collaborate with any person dead or alive, who would it be?

Malice: Man, I gotta say BIG.

Pusha-T: Hmmmm, dead or alive.... And I can't say BIG he just said it (laughs), lemme see... Jay-Z.

Cocoa B. Ah ha. I see good choices. So I heard a little rumor that you all collaborate with Rick Rubin. How true is this rumor? LOL

Malice : Rick... wow. What do you say about Rick? He's a guru.

Pusha-T: Yesssss.

Cocoa B. : Agreed. Double R is definitely the man. For real. And he's a little crazy-looking too! LOL

Malice : (laughs)

Pusha - T : (laughs)

Cocoa B. : But that's a whole other talk show.... Haha, anyway what is your favorite Clipse track to date? Mine will probably always have to be Gangsta Lean-- especially since I did the ill re-make! Hahaha.

Malice: I'd have to say, "Hot Damn"

Cocoa B. : Yessssss! "Hot DAAAAAAYUM! it's a new day!" LOL

Pusha - T: Mine is definitely, "Mama I'm So Sorry" -- you know, KEYS OPEN DOORS?

Cocoa B. : Yessssss, I was just listening to that today!! It definitely goes hard. OK-- good choices, good choices. Now comes my firing-squad final few questions. Although you kinda answered this first one, but y'all ready? Ok. TUPAC or BIG?

Malice : Biggie

Pusha-T: Yes, Biggie!

Cocoa B. : Mc Donald's or Burger King

Malice : Burger King

Pusha-T: Burger King!

Cocoa B. : KIM or FOXY?

Malice & Pusha-T (IN UNISON): FOXY!!!!!!!

Cocoa B. : HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! YAY! Good answer, good answer. I love her and she's cutie-pie dark skinned girl such as myself... J'yeah! Ok... I'mma calm down now. Beamer or Benz?

Malice: Benz

Pusha-T : Yeah.

Cocoa B. Platinum or Gold?

Malice : Gold

Pusha-T: (thinks about it.....) Platinum!

Cocoa B. (laughs) T-Pain vocoder or acappella?

Malice : acapella, meng!

Pusha-T : definitely acappella. (laughs)

Cocoa B. : Timbaland or Dr. Dre?

Pusha-T & Malice (in UNISON) : TIMBALAND

Cocoa B. Yes! He's my favorite. Ok now, boxers, briefs or boxer-briefs?

Pusha-T & Malice (in UNISON) : BOXERS!

Cocoa B. : Hahahahaha! I think that wraps it up. Thank you so much for your time and contribution to rap, seriously though. My photographer, Jeff and I are really big fans, and we always support good music and will always support y'all. Fa real!

...And by taking this time out I really appreciate them. Plus, these dudes are smart-- see how they co-signin?:

The show afterwards was awesome. They played some of their new-new and the oldie but goodies. I went nuts when they did "Clap That Boy", and I definitely lost my voice after "Grindin". People were turning around like "Damn, shorty knows ALL the damn words!" I guess people just didn't expect that, but I'm a fan, what can I say? I go hard, lol. When they started "Kind Of A Big Deal", I really lost it. These guys tend to have that effect, the crowd was LOVING them! And so was I. It was dope. In fact, my voice is still sore this morning.. Orange Juice anyone?

**During the VIP session before the concert, T was nice enough to bless me and my photog with some dranky dranks, so I have to give a big shout-out to him for that! Thanks, meng!**

So in the end-- the interview went just as I expected.... Cool. Extra cool. These two are the epitome of cool. Laid-back, but business-oriented and fierce on the stage. They draw you in, and you don't let go til the very end. There was a pocket of quick-silence between songs and I said, "CLIPSE 4-EVER MY Ni**as!" I dunno y'all it just came out! But T turns around and goes "Ya damn right", and we all felt it!

These fans are devoted. There's no duo quite like them. Although they do have a 5-year age difference, it's hard to tell-- homeboy's got those GOOD genes! LOL. And if you didn't know better, you would barely be able to tell that they are one of the most sought-after and well-respected rap groups out. They are approachable, humble, honest and engaging but not over-bearing. Well-seasoned industry vets. In this business it's always a pleasure to see. People can get gassed real easily when they have a few fans. But not these guys. And their fans know that, and love them for it! Peace to Malice & Pusha-T. The true examples of a gangsta and a gentleman. PEACE!

May 9, 2009


This is the Flud "Gunmetal Boombox" Watch. I think it's adorable. Its cool for novelty and fun, laid-back settings like concerts and bowling. But it's also a super-fly gift for teens! I could see a 14 year old fly-guy flossing in one of these, lol... Makin' the youth fresh for a cool $90.

And then there is the LRG x G-SHOCK concoction:

Hello Spring! I love the colors-- I can definitely see this as having great unisex opportunities because I could definitely rock this. In HS I rocked Baby-G's, when I got older my tastes changed, but I still dibbled and dabbled in G-Shock finery, lol. It's not that hard to step the wrist game up this season: $150. Fly, and recession-proof. Just the way I like it!


The Socialite Strikes Again: SCION Art Exhibit

ON Thursday, I went to the SCION sponsored art exhibit called, "Installation 5". It's part of a nation-wide art tour that SCION is participating in. Many artists contributed to this exhibit, and many of them such as: Angela Boatwright, Brek Le Rat, Christina Felice, Edwin Ushiro, Logan Hicks, and Tessar Lo were actually in attendence. Above is a picture of a really cool photograph. I loved it, it reminded me of old-school horror...

There were many other dope photographs such as these:

I had a great time socializing with the crowd. I was lucky enough to be escorted by the diva herself: Ashlene, and the talented J. McClary:

The night was filled with a lot of socializing, and networking. There was a DJ spinning some new-wave and electronica, and of course we had to give it up to the bar-keep who kept Rolling Rock's and Pinot Grigio flowing:

There were SCION goodie-bags filled with pics and neat things like headphones... There was also much, much, much more art to be seen:

I thought this one was so dope. They should make a t-shirt out of it:

The crowd was definitely thick:

I had mucho fun with my peeps. I also met a few new ones:

J (Left), recording artist "Word Spit" (middle) and his manager (right).

Andre Futrell (CEO of earthtronix) and of course Mr. McClary.... It was yet another great venture for this NYC socialite... Man, chillin ain't easy... Or is it?

May 8, 2009

Young Women's Empowerment Summit

Yesterday at Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus there was a fabulous event called the "Young Women's Empowerment Summit". It was sponsored by Ivy (Igniting the Voices in our Youth) and Black Girls Rock. There were also treats from Ambi Skincare, Akademics urban-wear and Shakara's famous cupcakes (

The panel consisted of 6 beautiful, dynamic and successful sisters that are great examples of what a phenomenal woman should be. Basically, each panelist opened up about all of their fears during childhood, and the constructive things they did to overcome those obstacles. They also discussed how to "shake the haters off" and how to celebrate the women around you instead of fighting them. Nadia Lopez is the founder of IVY, and put this wonderful event together. She had a few words before introducing the panel:

After giving an anecdote about her struggles on being a mother and an entrepreneur-- the panel was underway! The discussion was lead and moderated by Michaela Angela Davis:

Michaela is a bold and striking woman with a beautiful head of red hair and piercing blue eyes. Her wittiness and warm spirit made the girls open up to the panel and really express themselves!

I had a hard time focusing though-- Michaela had on the KILLER shoes! (

First panelist up was the homie DJ Beverly Bond. She is a model, DJ, and Founder/President of Black Girls Rock! She told a story of how she was inspired to break out of her shyness, embrace herself and seize her destiny. (

Next was Mitzi Miller. She's a very accomplished writer, blogger and author. I have been following her career for years, and it was awesome to hear her speak. She gave some great advice on giving yourself "5 seconds" to assess a situation when your in a tough-spot. Some life-saving advice right there... (

Then there was Thembisa Mshaka, whose words and spirit were just as beautiful as her hair! She is an author and BET copy editor (sweet job!). She spoke of the struggles of coming up in an all-girls predominantly white school where she was often the only Black face... (

Next was the beautiful Dee Vazquez-- FUSE NETWORK Host and Sirius Satellite Radio Personality (catch her show with Kay-Slay!). I love this girl-- she is truly amazing. She has a warm spirit and a great attitude that shines through everything she does! She told an emotional story of rising above the obstacles of her project-neighborhood and pursuing even her most far-fetched goals because she just knew she deserved more... And she does! (

Then there was the beautiful Tylibah Author, CEO of Leebah Bay Productions, and emcee straight from Brooklyn! She taught the girls that therapy is a great, healing thing that should be taken advantage of whenever possible. It's always nice to have a non-judgmental person to pour your heart out to. (

Garnett Alcindor, CEO of Collective Concept PR, was also in the house. She admitted even that day-- that she was painfully shy, but it was something she has worked on and she never let it get in the way of her goals. She taught the girls to strive and welcome haters, as they are always an indicator of you doing the right things. AMEN to that! (

The audience was made up of girls from: Bedford Academy HS, Benjamin Banneker HS, and Boys & Girls HS. They warmed up to the ladies quickly, and many of them had a lot of insightful things to say. Some just wanted help, and others wanted to know how they could be a part of some of the organizations these ladies ran...

All in all, the event was a success. It warmed my heart that I was able to go and be a part of such a positive thing. It's always nice to see strong, up-standing women doing their part to give back to the community. It's something I think about everyday, and something I strive to do in the near future! Afterwards, some were lucky enough to get to taste Shakara's cupcakes, and take a look at her book : "The Get 'em Girls Guide to the Power of Cuisine", while the rest of us mingled and enjoyed the vibe!

See us tryna be cute posin' in the cut? Haha. Big shouts to Ms. DEE VAZQUEZ for putting me on to this event-- gotta love twitter. Make sure to catch her show on Sirius, it's great! Bye for now, and remember: EACH ONE, TEACH ONE... And I'm out.