September 18, 2007

Pregnancy is the new black: Isn't it J. Lo?

Well... apparently not.

Contrary to popular belief, a statement was released by Marc Anthony's rep claiming that his wife (Jennifer Lopez) is not pregnant.
In Touch Weekly had reported that Jennifer Lopez was finally pregnant after several years of trying diets, invitro fertilization, etc. Well today, Anthony's rep has denied the rumors insisting that the only bun Jennifer is carrying is the very-famous one on her back....haha.
Anthony’s rep says, "Everyone calls about this every month with the hopes that they’ll hit the mark…but no. No.”

Could this rumor mill be because of the lil' potbelly J.Lo was sporting during her fashion week show? Perhaps. Maybe she had one too many plates of arroz con pollo... Or... maybe in three or four more months the reps can't tap dance around the issue... We'll see!

Britney Lost her Mind.... AND now her kids!

I was having a talk with my best friend about it today. I think it all started with "K-Fed". Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not playing the blame-game or pointing the finger at him. I'm just saying that when she met him, that's when this CIRCUS started...

It was scandalous because of K-Fed's situation with Shar Jackson, and America became intrigued with the drama. Then Britney went to her backyard, brought out a gallon of lighter fluid and threw it on the fire with that trainwreck called, "CHAOTIC". She put the scandal in your face... Made you watch. She showed us her private, intimate moments... BIG MISTAKE. Not only did she marry him, but she foolishly had two children by him. And now...

TODAY: reports that Britney has lost custody of her two children-- ordered by the California Supreme Court. This saddens me considering that not only has she lost her relationship with her family, friends, husband and management... But now her kids too. She's not a bad person, and I hope she doesn't end up like Anna-Nicole.... Damn Brit-Brit, where'd you go wrong?

Remember how we used to know Britney? As a pop-tart, pop-chart climbing diva? Dating A-listers like Justin Timberlake... She was hot, fierce, annoying yet entertaining... "SLAVE 4 U" was one of my favorite hits (thanks Pharrell)! I grew to become somewhat of a reluctant fan.... And now she's in trouble... I wish her the best, and if she had people smart enough around her they would advise her better. This is what she needs to do:

**Get out of Cali... Shit, get out of AMERICA! Go somewhere secluded where the papp won't harass much... (come ON now... she's Britney Spears!)

**Take your meds, trick! It has been reported that Britney suffers from manic depression. Apparently she no longer takes the medication that was prescribed... And you've SEEN her with her cowboy hats, and messed-up weaves. She's looney-tunes!

**Focus on your music, and get your shit tight. Look, at this point in her career I respect her. We all know she's not the best singer/dancer or whatever, but she did her THANG, and you can't take that from her... Bottom line, Britney Spears makes $700,000 a month, and ol' girl hasn't had an album out in 4 YEARS! YOU do the math. In my opinion, she can afford her lifestyle ten times over. She must be doing this either because she just loves her fans, or she loves her music. Either way it goes, if she wants to do it, I can respect it. But she's GOT to do it right.

But alas, who am I? I'm just a random blogger-chick, saddened by what I see on our tv screens and in our blogs everyday. Everybody's on Britney right now. Pray for that girl...

Recap: Fashion Week Fall 2007

Ever wanted to steal Sienna Miller's style? Well look no further ladies! The season is upon us! I know all you fashionista's out there were on high-alert last week during the Olympus Fall Fashion Week 2007 in NYC. This year, Sienna Miller and her sister Savannah Miller debuted their new clothing line called, "2812". The number represents Sienna's birthday. The line promises to bring chic, modern, and sleek looks to the runway this season. Look out for this label coming to a city near you!

Jennifer Lopez was on-hand at the Just-Cavalli Flagship launch party in NYC on September 7th.... Rumor has it that J.Lo is preggers... Judging by the choice of loose gear in this pic the rumors might be true. Whatchu hidin there gurrrrrrl? That's going to be one well-dressed baby! Watch out,Gwen Stefani!

J.Lo also had success during fashion week with the premiere of her Just Sweet Fall line.The controversial "baby bump" that she was rocking during the event sent rumors flying....

Designer Ralph Lauren, who has helped create a classic American style, celebrated 40 years in fashion on Saturday, September 8th with a collection of his trademark looks that have made him one of the industry's most successful and influential figures.

His elegant show in Manhattan's Central Park, complete with champagne and caviar for guests, evoked images of "My Fair Lady" and an afternoon at Britain's Ascot Racecourse, with models wearing designs from racing silks and jodhpurs to floral party dresses and silk tuxedos. Heavy hitters like Robert Deniro and Sarah Jessica Parker were in the building for the big-event...You gotta love Ralph... he makes a DAMN good polo shirt... no?


To me, fashion is not just about consumption. It's not just about the bourgeoisie and the rich. Fashion is art. Fashion can be from the door-knocker earrings on ghetto-girls' ears in Harlem to the elaborate haute-couture gowns that Zac Posen creates for Paris fashion week...

Fashion is one of the most distinct ways that you can express yourself and your personality to the outside world.What you wear is the first thing people see, so when you waer something you are inadvertently making a statement. Fashion is my passion. My mother-- an ex-model and seamstress was a fashion icon in my household. She was a master at meshing traditional Ghanaian clothes with modern American style. When done the right way, your fashion can express everything from your culture, your job and lifestyle, to what music you listen to and even what animal-rights laws you prescribe to. Fashion is life, and life is FASHION!!!!!


Yessssssss. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Lil' Ol' Maggie... Let's not forget Maggie... Not only is this show the LONGEST running sitcom (animated or non-animated), but it's clever as hell! The Simpson's makes a sarcastic, witty commentary of our country, culture and society. It represents the masses: middle-income America. The show debuted in 1986 on the Tracey Ullman Show, and hasn't stopped since! I believe i have seen every episode there is... But I am up to a challenge if anyone dares.....

September 17, 2007


Ghana, is a beautiful place. My parents were born there, and they take us back there any chance they get. When I was younger I used to go every summer. There are white sand beaches, five star hotels, beautiful terrain, great soccer (if ur into that sorta thing), fabulous pool resorts, clubs (yes-- nightclubs) and restaurants. It's a tropical paradise, and my great escape. Since it's independence in 1957 there hasnt been any conflict there-- which is amazing because that region of Africa is very torn by civil unrest and other drama.... I highly recommend visiting Ghana if you are interested and curious about African culture....


This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Dave Chappelle is currently fighting with Martin Lawrence for the top spot on my favorite-comedians-of-all-time list. Dave is a riot! And this movie tackles an issue very close to my heart (LMAO)-- if you don't know... U betta ask somebody BABY! If you want a side-splitting, tear-jerking, barely-able-to-breathe-I'm laughin-so-hard... then please... watch this... It's vintage Chappelle, and its a CLASSIC!

September 15, 2007

New York City

It's my hometown, my favorite city in the world. New York is the birthplace of: fashion, RAKIM, Rucker Park, Nasir Jones, Shawn Carter, Brooklyn-Style Pizza, Marc Jacobs, Robert DeNiro, the (best) BAGELS, Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown, the convienient train, etc. It's loud, it's dirty, and it's cramped but there's no other place I'd rather be. Where else could you walk down the street and hear Spanish and Hindu being spoken at once? It's beautiful. And although we get a bad rap, New Yorkers are some of the kindest, most generous breed of people you will ever meet... Fughetaboutit!

September 14, 2007


Kelis is hands-down one of my favorite artists of all time. Although I know she might not be vocally what everyone perceives as the "best" singer, what she embodies holistically is what makes her great. She's multi-cultural, multi-talented (sings, song writes, designs & sews)Not only does she inspire me to continue towards my own creativity in art, writing, music, etc ....But she's FIERCE, aware, fashion forward, and unique.

The bitch (excuse my French) can DRESS and she's a LEO for goodness sakes... I am too (so you know I'm bias on that.... we're the best, ya heard???) She is a Harlem-native just like me... She dated a fine ass boy named Leni from my High school; so from time to time, we'd see her around campus. She ended up in one of his pictures in our yearbook that year...Pharell?? Her longtime friend/mentor/producer/rumored boy-toy just-so-happens to be one of my favorites of all time too... The coincidences are endless...

Most of all, what I like about her is that she does what she wants regardless of what anyone has to say about it. In life sometimes it is wise to have that viewpoint, because I have learned that life is way too short to be concerned with what others think and how they feel. Do you! Right? And let's not forget her music. It's funky, eclectic, meaningful and intense. She refuses to be pigeonholed into one genre. Her music represents hip hop, r&b, rock, punk, jazz...shit, a lil ska... She's dope. I have all of her albums since she debuted in 1999 with "Kaleidoscope". If you are unfamiliar with her-- give her music a chance! Most people just know her from "milkshake", but she was doing music at least 5 years before then! I honestly, fully and wholeheartedly recommend her... She might open your mind to something new...

My LIKES pt. 1

During the course of your trip here, you will probably see a lot of these. There are a lot of things I like, and you could call me "ecclectic"-- I'm into a lot of diverse things... So here is my rant on my favorite things....

Allow me to INTRODUCE myself....

Wassup world, and welcome to my world: Because after all, it IS a pretty cool, and kinda CRUEL world out there... ya know? I'm just giving it to you from my point of view. My goal here is to provide you with entertainment, current events, and general fre$hness of course... I would like to start off by telling you a little bit about me....