October 31, 2008


Happy HALLOWEEN faithful flock! I hope your nights bring many a treat, and few tricks-- unless you're into that sorta thing (haha)... This year I plan on going to the Halloween parade in Greenwich Village (the biggest parade in the world, with over 2 million people dressed-to-impress)! I am a native New Yorker, and I'm sad (and a lil' embarassed) to say I have never been... And don't be mad at me-- but I always choose the most cliche costumes (ie: The Hawt French Maid I was last year, lol), because this ironically happens to be one of the few aspects of my life that I'm not so creative in... Go figure! Anyway, have fun, be safe and we'll talk soon!


October 30, 2008

Hudson Tragedy Update: Michele Balfour Talking Crazy on CNN

Below is a piece from CNN where Michelle Balfour (William Balfour's mother) speaks out about the on-going investigation on her suspect son, and the tragedies surrounding last friday's triple homicide in the Hudson family. WATCH:

It's So Hard, To Say Goodbye...

Hollywierd hottie (and one of my absolute favorite actors) Joaquin Phoenix has announced that he is retiring from movies at the ripe age of 34, and he's "dead serious". The talented and boisterous actor has been in such films as "Walk The Line" and "U Turn", and he has been nominated for two Oscars in his career. He will be turning to music and his role as Johnny Cash in "Walk The Line" inspired him to make that move. He has to learned to play the guitar for the role, and through his teachings he developped a deep passion for music. He sees it as a way to "expel his demons". The hunky star had this to say at press time about his latest filme "Two Lovers" With Gwenyth Paltrow and Vinessa Shaw:

"This will be my last performance as an actor. I'm not doing films anymore... I've been through that. I've done it... I'm dead serious."

And there you have it. Thanks to the great guys over at Yahoo Movies for the link!

Your Voice, Your Vote.

After careful deliberation over the past month, you (my wonderful readers) decided that Erykah Badu is a model mother... She recieved a whopping 53% of your votes! That however, is not saying much when you see the group she was lumped in with: Jamie-Lynn Spears (18%), The Legendary Ms. Britney Spears (18%), Lynn Spears (18%)and Sarah Palin (9%).

Erykah Badu is currently pregnant with her 3rd child, by 3rd baby-daddy: Jay-Electronica. Jay is a super-producer, and also Erykah's protege. The neo-soul set would also call him one of the luckiest men in the world-- other more traditional people might call them "crazy". Erykah's interesting family structure has been criticized by many, but she has always maintained that her family is healthy, happy and they are filed with love. Honestly, that is the msot important thing. Some families look great on paper, but the reality can be quite the opposite when you look beyond the surface... Ok Ms. Badu, keep doing your thing! And THANK YOU FOR VOTING!

**Friends, in the spirit of voting, everytime you come to CCW, just click that lil "vote for me" button above my poll. This will ensure that I can keep bringing you my randomly delicious goodness. You can vote there DAILY (the list refreshes everyday)! Thank You!**

October 29, 2008


My BFF (thanks girl-- you ROCK!) sent me this link of these young dapper men at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, doing their own politically-charged rendition of T.I's "You Can Have Whatever You Like". I think I like this version MUCH better (lol)... And don't forget to peep the lil' Vanilla boy in the corner. He is simply GETTIN IT-- ya heard? I'm not mad Timmy, go ON witcha BAD SELF. Ha!I'm happy to see children being a part of the voting process. It kinda sucks to be an under-aged person right now, but their hearts are in the right place! WACTH:

Remember, if you see something cool, funny, horrific or just plain random you can always hit me up at: coolcruelworld@gmail.com. Don't hesitate, PARTICIPATE! Peace.

New T.I feat. Rihanna: "LIVE UR LIFE"

Here it is people... What you all have been waiting for-- the new T.I video! WATCH:

New and Shocking Details In Hudson Triple Homicide

So far, all eyes have been on William Balfour-- estranged ex-husband of Jennifer Hudson's sister. Now, The Chicago Tribune has some lurid details about the hours leading up to the murders, and that shady-character Balfour's whereabouts. Apparently he was a no-show to a meeting with his parole officer scheduled for that same day:

Records also show that Balfour missed a meeting with his parole agent on Friday, the day Hudson’s mother and brother were murdered and her 7-year-old nephew went missing. Reached by phone that afternoon, he told the agent he was “baby-sitting on the West Side of Chicago,” according to the documents, obtained by The Associated Press.

The agent said he thought he heard a child in the background during the call.

Hudson’s nephew, Julian King, was found shot to death in the back of an SUV on Chicago’s West Side on Monday. Julian and his mother, Julia Hudson, shared a home with Hudson’s mother, 57-year-old Darnell Donerson, and brother, 29-year-old Jason Hudson, who also died of gunshot wounds.

Disgusting. And to add fuelt o the flames, it seems liek Balfour comes from a family of blood-thirsty criminals. Check out what Chicago Tribune says about that:

William Balfour — the “person of interest” in the murders of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew — isn’t the first Balfour to run afoul of the law. Balfour’s father is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence for murder. His brother served time for drug dealing. Balfour himself has served time for attempted murder and carjacking. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Balfour was a member of the Gangster Disciple Street Gang. Also according to court docs, Balfour told the judge back in 1999 he had a good relationship with his mother until “she gets an attitude.”

Madness. More on the tragedy as it develops...

The Home Stretch...

According to the Associated Press, Obama is leading in the 4 red states that Bush won-over in 2005, and is essentially tied with McCain in the two other red states. Check out what the AP Polls analyst says about our boy Barack:

The results help explain why the Democrat is pressing his money and manpower advantages in a slew of traditionally GOP states, hoping not just for a win but a transcendent victory that remakes the nation's political map. McCain is scrambling to defend states where he wouldn't even be campaigning if the race were closer.

Less than a week before Election Day, the AP-GfK polls show Obama winning among early voters, favored on almost every issue, benefiting from the country's sour mood and widely viewed as the winning candidate by voters in eight crucial states — Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.
McCain has been criticizing Barack for being a "superstar" rather than a presidential candidate, but his superstar status is about to do historical things tonight. Because of all the millions that Obama has gained during his campaign, he will be essentially having a 30-minute commercial on 3 different networks this evening (make sure to check it out!). He will be encouraging voters to stay home Nov. 4th and vote (rather than going to school/work)-- because we have to expect those lines to be horrendous! And he will be outlining all the major issues once again, for those who still (miraculously) might be undecided. YES America, WE CAN!

October 28, 2008


I scored this picture from my homie Dr. Drew (of www.drewreports.com) today, and I had to sit back and smile. It's a beautiful thing to see two legendary rap stars int he same place, at the same time showing love. There is way too much hate int he industry nowadays-- it's ridiculous. Last night in our fair city (NYC), Q-Tip had an album release party for "The Renaissance". stars included Nia Long, Sylvia Rhone, Nas, Estelle & the RZA. Good stuff.

Diddy Did It Again....

...And then there was 2! Shannon (the nice blond girl with the husband-- to the left in the above image) has quit Danity Kane. She claims that she is: 'tired of the drama, cat fights and Diddy'. And I don't blame her. It was a pretty dumb move for Diddy to break them up. Remember what happened with "Dream", and all of Diddy's other projects? Mase left, The Lox quit, Mary-J bounced, Faith ditched, 112 escaped, and now this? He just doesn't have the best track record, and he had a good thing going with DK and he just threw it away bc his ego (surprisingly enough) is even bigger than his water-head and horse-gums... SMH.

October 27, 2008

The Maniacs Live Among Us.

According to the Associated Press, today in Tennessee two skinheads were taken into custody for their attempted assassination plot on Senator Obama. The two idiots, Daniel Cowart, 20, of Bells, Tenn., and Paul Schlesselman 18, of West Helena, Ark., are being held without bond. They had planned to kill and decapitate several Black people and eventually go to Washington where they planned to take Obama out.

This is just a painful reminder that we have a long way to go. Although Obama is literally living Dr. King's dream, we are only halfway there. We live in a diverse society where all people of different faiths, belief systems, nationalities, cultures and creeds can come together and live harmoniously. But we should NEVER forget that there are those who threaten that freedom. We should NEVER forget that there are those who use violence, ignorance and hate to be the shield against their own insecurities. We must stand up against this hate, and fight against the ignorance. We have to learn to be more tolerant of each other and our differences-- for that is the beauty and the essence of humankind. I love diversity. I live diversity. I'm about the most ecclectic sommoma bitch you'll come into contact with. And I make NO APOLOGIES for it. I know people that are closed-minded and are only open to one thing. What is around them, and what is considered "normal". I pity them. They will never know the joys of this vast and diverse world. Black, White, Latin, Asian-- there is a sector of every group that does this. It's not just a "white" thing, and it's sad. Seeing things like this makes me sick to the pit of my stomach-- but it's the reality we face. And unfortunately it's as American as apple pie. Unfortunately, hate has been a constant theme since the birth of this country. I hope and pray that one day we can change, and it's never too late. But until then... We must never, EVER forget: the nightmare.... And the DREAM.

Picture Of The Day...

I know Diddy wants to be seen at all times with at least 2 nekkid-ass honeys on his arm, but this is ridiculous... I keed, I keed. This is a photo from Diddy's L'Uomo Vogue spread that he had that big well-to-do function for last week. I dunno about this picture though. There's something really disturbing and unholy about it. Not in the he's-a-child-molester way-- but in the stop-tryna-make-ur-kids-all-artsy-fartsy-they're-barely-a-year-old kinda way.


Take notes kiddies (and Amy Wino... and my homeslice Aubrey O'Day for that matter), THIS is how it's done. Nicole Richie has gone from bleach-blonde chubby mess, to bleach-blonde anorexic mess, to honey-blonde-fabu-mom in a matter of months! She is looking so mature and well put-together these days it's a miracle. She is surely up for most-improved-player in my book. Here she is at the Carousel of Hope Ball last night in Hollyweird...

If He Can Do It...

...Anyone can. This gives me new hope, y'all! Meet Manuel Uribe-- the fattest man in Mexico. Why does he look so happy, you ask? Well, he BETTER be happy... REEEEAL happy, because his [big] ass just got hitched to a real cutie named Claudia Solis (38).

The man hasn't left his bed in over 6 years, and had to be carried out on a fork lift just to make it to his own wedding! I hate to be gross, but how in the world do they.... You know what? Nevermind. I'm going to leave that up to your imgination! Or not... But the next time you feel discouraged and ask yourself, "Is there anyone out there for me"? Just remember the name MANUEL URIBE, and suddenly all will be right with the world... I promise!

The Sad & Tragic Events of the Hudson Family...

Jennifer Hudson has clearly been living the American dream since her debut to the world on American Idol some 5 years ago. Unfortunately for the budding singer/starlet that dream was completely shattered this past Friday... At 3pm on Friday afternoon, Hudson's brother, Jason Hudson,29, and mother, Darnell Hudson, 57, were found shot and dead in their Chicago home. Her seven-year-old nephew, Julian King, was missing from the scene... His body was found this morning in a white SUV that had an Amber Alert on it. Jennifer has ID'ed the body and it is indeed her nephew. Julian is the son of Jennifer's sister Julia Hudson.

The homicides are being deemed "domestic" because there is no clear motive (as far as robbery or sexual assault) in the case. William Balfour (Julia's estranged ex-husband) is a prime suspect. He was taken into the authorities this weekend, and is being held on a parole violation. He served 7 years for attempted murder, vehicular hi-jacking, and possesing a stolen vehicle.

This case is sad, horrific, vile and tragic. Jennifer is a strong talented woman, with a beautiful spirit, and it is a shame that her and her family have been put through this sheer and utter torture. Our prayers and best-wishes go out to the Hudson family, and I hope this cowardly, cold-hearted fool gets caught and thrown under the jail for 10 lifetimes. I'm disgusted.

October 24, 2008

I LOVE You All But...

I'm on hiatus for the next two days... DON'T BE MAD!!! I have a good excuse. I'll be taking my GRE exam tomorrow morning-- and of course I'll be spending all-day Saturday celebrating the fact that it will FINALLY BE OVER. I hope y'all send me the good vibes, and well wishes.. I'll need it! Ha! I'm sorry I have to neglect you-- my faithful flock for the next 48 hours. Just remember that I love y'all-- it's bc of you that I do what I do, and I SHALL RETURN SHORTLY. Be good, stay fly and hey-- if ur bored HIT UP MY ARCHIVES! I got some blog-a-licious goodness that I'm sure half of you haven't seen yet... Until then my lovelies! **MUAH**


October 23, 2008

Picture Of The Day

Tha madness must stop. I have seen a lot of silly tattoos in my day, but this has to take the cake. I would really love to meet ol' girl and ask her as sweetly as possible, "Boo-- is it REALLY that serious"??? Come ON people. We have GOT to do better...Anyway, apparently (for those of you who are interested in tah sorta thing), the BET awards was taped last Sunday (and will show tonight). T-Pain hosted, but initally it was supposed to be Katt Williams. Apparently there was some drama with BET leading to this succession of unfortunate events, and Sandrarose.com had the skinny on the whole ordeal via the ladies of V103 FM. Check out all the drama Check It Out Here!

Question Of The Day...

Why is it that Jay-Z is 40 plus, but still seems to have that 17-year-old swag in tact. SMH. I'm not saying wear suits all the time, and I'm not saying be uncomfortable but DAMN! In this picture, Jay and Bey are coming from the L'Uomo Vogue event for Diddy. Jigga means to tell me he couldn't clean up better than that? Looking like a withered-old camel... I mean, just take a look at how Diddy cleaned up:

For shame Jiggaman, for shame...

Lil' Wayne's New BABY MAMA

BEHOLD! There she is, one of the richest baby-mama's in hip-hop (lol). For those of you who may not know, Lil' Wayne became a father for the second time on Wednesday in Cincinatti, OH. Her name is Sarah B, and she is Vietnamese and Caucasian. She is a "nail technician" (lol). You never know with this crazy guy Wayne. First he's missin Trina, then he's claiming he loves Nivea-- now this. Just another tale in the saga of a cash money millionaire... I'm not mad at Sarah at all-- she just jumped from 5 figures to 6 in 9 months... That's a record!

October 22, 2008

FAMILY GUY Likens McCain/Palin to NEO - NAZI's!

Well.... It wouldn't be the first time this has happened. Some people are saying they went to far, but honestly, how can you say that when people are calling Obama a second-rate president because he's a "negroe", and McCain/Palin enthusiasts are bringing Curious George dolls to Republican rallies with Obama's name stamped on the front? If people are going to all Obama a Muslim terrorist,t hen we might as well call McCain and Palin neo-Nazi's. It's the same sentiment of ridiculousness. Oh... what? You don't like the taste of your own medicine? Taste like BUCKLEY's doesn't it???? BLAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

DIddy is VOGUE BITCHES-- And Buys Out Enyce....

Here is Diddy covering Italian (L'uomo) Vogue for it's October release. Diddy seems to be on a roll, as he has also bought out the popular urban-brand ENYCE. Smart business move? Or dumb reason to make more press.. I dunno. Enyce hasn't REEEEEALLY been poppin' since like '99, so I don't know if Diddy wants to revamp the dying brand, or if he's really just that out of touch. Eitherway, you know the owner got away like a bandit on that one. I can just see him exhaling as soon as that check hit. Market Watch.com had the details on the endeavour. Check it:

"Founder and CEO of Sean John, Sean “Diddy” Combs said, “Enyce is a brand that I have always admired, and they have been a very important player in the young men’s sportswear arena for over a decade. I am really excited to bring it into our portfolio of brands that already includes Sean John and Zac Posen. Given our track record of success in marketing products such as Ciroc Vodka, Unforgivable by Sean John, and all of our television titles, I look forward to adding our expertise to an already hot fashion line. Our long-term plan is to grow the Enyce brand through innovative marketing, expansion of the menswear and boy’s lines, and launching into new licensing categories. The current economic climate may be challenging, but we believe it is also an opportunity, and we are really excited to add Enyce to our lineup.”

And he had more to say on his silly-ass video blog (LOL):

They Say...

...Will Smith is gay! I mean, I wouldn't have been so inclined to believe it-- if it weren't for my reliable sources, and the plethora of fans/haters who seem to confirm what is painfully obvious... Will also went on Atlanta radio back in 2005, and was pretty candid about his and Jada's "open" lifestyle and relationship practices. (mmmmmm-hmmmm!) To add insult to injury, that same year "Bad Boys II" came out and I walked out. I mean Will had on so much lip gloss, those skin-tight tee-shirts and those big ol' earrings- lol, I couldn't take it! It just screamed homo-erotic to me... But maybe I'm just paranoid. Anyway, the cat might be out the bag now, because check out what Star had to say:

According to a former Hollywood Madame, actor Will Smith is gay and hired her two male prostitutes. The Madame, who moved her business to New York, tells Ian Halperin that Smith “has swung both ways for years” and was one of her regular clients. The unidentified woman claims that Smith, who has two children with wife Jada Pinkett Smith, “placed his order” for a man after he trusted that she could “guarantee discretion.” “I had to reassure him over and over that I could guarantee discretion,” she said. “Once I convinced him I could, he placed his order. It was for a man. I had 14 women working for me and two guys. You’d be surprised at how many Hollywood stars requested the services of the guys.”

Wow. For serious? Well hey, I wouldn't normally, but I believe this one. The circumstantial evidence is OVERWHELMING, which begs the question: "How YOU doin' Mr. Smith"???

Look Out For....

Rihanna's hot new video with Justin Timberlake, coming to a CCW near you SOON!

Do YOU Want More Kanye?

If so, then check out his latest effort, "Heartless" RIGHT HERE!.... Get it while it's hot-- they are shutting these links down faster than you can say KANYE-STOP-SINGING! LMAO!

October 21, 2008

Be-YAWN-ce Admits She's A Fraud!

Get your urban news at DimeWars.Com

Remember how I told y'all a while back that Beyonce wanted to be known as an icon, and a woman who changed society for women forever? And then i went on to say that she won't ever be that by making cliche songs, and being unoriginal? Well, I guess my word's as good as gold, because homegirl ADMITS it. Int he above video, Beyonce is interviewed at 106 and Park, and she admits that the treatment to her latest video: "Put A Ring On It" was totally unorginal. She got it from Bob Fosse's "Mexican Breakfast". The moves are damn-near identitacal. Check it out....

T.I & Rihanna "Live Your Life" Video Teaser

Get your urban news at DimeWars.Com

Check out the new trailer for their full-length video, above!

October 19, 2008

Ladies, Ever Felt This Way?

...Lord knows I have! Jazmine Sullivan's new video for "Bust Your Windows" is kind of fierce. It's the typical, I-caught my-man cheating-and-now I'm-ruining-all-his-worldly-possessions type of video. I like it, and I can certainly relate-- except my ex was much luckier than Jazmine's-- because although I might have fantisized about it, I never went through with it. I'm just too nice! HAHAHAHA :o) . Not really, I just don't like jail-- that's what my incentive was. Anyway, WATCH & enjoy!

Sarah Palin Does SNL!

Yes friends, It's true. Homegirl made it to SNL to do a cameo and an anti-spoof with Tina Fey. I'm glad that she sees SNL as a priority instead of really getting the American people to take her seriously... SMH. Anyway, below is Palin again doing the Weekend Update segment. Check it out!

Guess Who's Bizack?

Just in case you haven't heard-- Em is back. He has a new single that has leaked to the internet called, "Relapse". Check out a snippet of the track below:

October 18, 2008

Madonna's Divorce Settlement

Access Hollywood has confirmed that Madonna and Guy Ritchie have reached a divorce settlement. He is reportedly walking away with a cool 60 million. Not shabby, but Mr. Ritchie on his own was worth $52 million. Madonna is worth $525 million herself. Ritchie claimed that he was not interested in taking Madonna's money, and it's clear that he wasn't. I commend him for that. It is sad that their union has come to an end. They were in the game for 8 years-- pretty good by Hollywood's standards. I wish them both the best-- at least now Madonna can get her jump-off jumped-off with A-Rod. Sheesh!

October 17, 2008


Well, I ain't one to gossip. So you ain't heard this from me-- BUT...Star Magazine is reporting that a concert-goer wrote in to tell them she saw Kanye and Rihanna making out. I don't like spreading gossip on my site, lest I get the un-wanted title of "gossip-blog" (we fancy ourselves to be a holistic entertainment/cultural/political blog...ha!) but I wanted to post this. It just brings me joy to throw a wrench in the plans of the rihanna-worship sites that basically cyber-stalk her and Chris Brown all day. "Chris and Ri Ri kiss... Chris and Ri Ri hold hands... Chris and Ri Ri eat chicken... Chris and Ri Ri go shopping..." ENOUGH ALREADY! I'm sure this is just some silly gossip, but I'm glad to be reporting something OTHER than Chris Brown and Rhianna:

"Rihanna was sitting on Kanye's lap, singing along to the music. Before long, the two were full-on kissing each other. People were shocked. After a while, Rihanna must have realized people were watching, because she had her security escort her back to the dressing room."

See? That doesn't even sound true, does it? If she was really going to do that, I doubt she would be doing it in plain-sight... But, somewhere out there in cyber-land a Chrianna supporter has just lost their will to live... I'm tickled! Ha!

Picture Of The Day...

Thank you Michael K (of Dlisted) for this gem. A GEM! When I saw it, the first thing I thought of was "Why is McCain tryna goose Obama?" Has he been captivated by his uber-sexy too? Or maybe it was a bug in his ear who told him to just "give up the ghost baby, the taller one's got this in the bag". On the national politics poll, Obama is leading 53 to 42. It's not the best look for McCain considering that the debates are over, the blak-tie event already went down, and New Hampshire seems to be taking a shine to our boy... Let's see what happens!

Get Ya FRIDAY Fix....

Coldplay feat. Jay-Z: "Lost (Remix)"

Foxy Brown: "Rikers Island"

T.I feat. Rhianna & Rick Ross: "Live Your Life (RMX)"

Eminem: The Way I Am

Wednesday night in NYC, Eminem had a book-release party at Sirius Sattelite Radio. The book pretty much details his life, trials and tribulations from his humble beginnings in 8 mile, to being one of the most popular and infamous emcees of our time. Many guests showed up including 50 Cent, and the event was dee-jayed by the legendary Alchemist... I'm sure his book will do well-- not necessarily because he's a great writer, but because people have been THIRSTIN for some Em for a minute. We all know this is gonna fly off the shelves. Also, look out for "EmPack" coming out in the 4th quarter before the end of the year. I KNOW it's gonna be hot! Aftermath is about to take over y'all! CHUUUUUUCH!

KANYE WEST: "808's & Heartbreak"

New details are out about Kanye West's new album, and the details behind it. Apparently he sings throughout the entire album using that dang T-Pain voice-machine. I'm sorry, but I can't stand "Love Lockdown". It's annoying. Blah. I hope his whole album doesn't sound like that-- that would be a disappointment. Anyway, he's listening party was noting short of fabulous featuring 40 completely nude models of various races sitting in a circle... I got the scool from drewreports.com. Check it out:

Details about Kanye’s new album “808’s and Heartbreak” have now been unveiled. Kanye selected a few journalists and guests to attend a listening session, including getting Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft to set the stage for the guests. “After waiting in a loading area with an open bar and a DJ, we walked up a driveway illuminated by florescent lights to a darkened room where approximately forty nude women, most of them wearing face-obscuring masks seemingly made of faux lamb’s wool, stood in the middle — black girls in the front, white girls in the back,” a Fader journalist wrote. “Mos Def sat down front-and-center, Michael Rapaport talked excitedly to the security guards, Will.i.am watched from one end of the U the audience formed around the women, Rick Ross watched from the other end.” Fader says there are only a few guests on Kanye’s album, incluing the only rap verses coming from Young Jeezy on “Amazing” and a duet with Lil Wayne. More importantly Fader says what the album “West delivered a monologue about how this album is about the freedom to do what you want to do and that he used Auto-Tune because it is the most fun thing ever.” Kanye said “If I wanna rap, I’ll rap,” he said. “If I wanna sing, I’ll sing. I told Jay, L.A Reid and everyone at my label that I needed to put this out right now, I’ll have another album in June, but this has to come out right now. The way these songs connect with you, God uses me as a vessel- he puts me through pain so that I can go through it, and create…” The album was put together in three weeks in the area code of 808 (hence the title), it will hit stores on November 25th.


October 16, 2008

Because We ALL Know A "Negroe President Is A 2nd String President"

Just in case some of you thought that racism was almost on the way out-- check out these backwards-ass hill billys in Ohio spitting the most ignorant tripe that I have heard in a good long minute. I'm telling you, seeing ignorance like this, will only make Obama's victory sweeter, but on the flip side it makes me worry about his safety when that day finally comes. WATCH:

Dude, Where's My Stylist???

Scary Spice aka Melanie Brown, showed up to London's MOBO awards looking like this. What in the hot-polyester-hell was she thinking about with this monstrosity? I almost looks like she should be holding a lit candle under her hand and staring into the camera intently saying, " I WAS JOAN OF AAAAAARK IN MY FORMER LIFE".... "Coming to America" anyone? LMAO! Anyway, because I think she's utterly adorable, and her accent and attitude is boss, I'll let her slide for this one... But the runway gods are not happy today, Scary-- there will be much explaining to do...

The New Face Of Danity Kane....

Yep folks, there you have it. Two slags and a tranny are what is left of the group "Danity Kane" thanks to Queen Diddy. In a fit of ridiculousness, Diddy decides to kick out Aubrey because he ASKED her what was wrong with DK and she TOLD him. Heaven forbid she would do something like that (rolls eyes extra hard). Basically Aubrey claimed that all relationships professional and personal rely on communication (sooooo agreed). She went on to claim that Bad boy management does not communicate with DK, and that is their essential problem... SOunds far enough-- right? Not in Diddy's world. How dare she point out a flaw! OFF WITH HER HEAD! And that was that. He also threw D. Woods under the bus for good measure.. SMH. Check out Aubrey having a "moment" at the MOTB 3 reunion show (which D. Woods didn't even bother to show up to....) WATCH:

October 14, 2008

You SEE What I'm Talkin' Bout Willis?

This video above is just the kind of trash I was talking about in reference to McCain/Palin fanatics. This antendee above bought a Curious George Doll and slpped an Obama sticker on top... For serious? It is a clear sign of fear, when one has to resort to thse types of tactics. You don't see Obama supports walking around with walkers that say "For Rent McCain", or a coffee can with a corn kernal that read: "Sarah Palin's Brain". I mean COME ON people! We are all adults here-- can't we all just get along respectfully? SMH...

Picture Of The Day...

Is it just me, or are the McCain rallies starting to resemble KKK rallies? Forget the lack of color present, these people are always trying to tie Obama to terrorism and Arab ethnicity... I KNOW y'all saw my video yesterday of the rally where McCain had to defend the poor man when his ignorant rally-follower called Obama an "Arab". What is really good Red America? Some of y'all seem REEEEAL nervous about the prospect of a Black prez. Didn't think it could ever happen, did ya?

Well remember that whole: "Y'all need to go back to Africa" comment that was ever-so popular in the post-emancipation days? Well shoot-- Germany, England and Ireland are waiting on y'all now too... So go on now.... Git!

*And for the record, I know my audience is mixed-- and I absolutely love and appreciate my diverse audience. My comments are in no way, shape or form meant to be offensive to ALL white people. Just offensive to the racist ones... Hee-hee!

Quote Of The Day....

"If she wins, I'm done. I can't do that for four years. And by 'I'm done', I mean I'm leaving earth."

-Tina Fey on the proespect of a McCain/Palin administration

Did Beyonce Swagger-Jack..... Again?

Beyonce was just becoming my bff-- and now this. Yesterday, I posted the video for "If I was A Boy", and at first I wasn't quite feeling it. Some say it's a straight swagger-jack off of Ciara. But now... I dunno. I think it's ok-- not as bad as I initially thought. I can totally relate to what Bey says (and that party scene at the end? I SOOOOO lived that scene... Not too long ago in fact). I had a previous relationship that was quite similar to the picture she paints and I think that until a person can live in your shoes-- it's hard for them to understand some the the pain and anguish they cause you... But I digress. Beyonce has a brand new video out called: "Put A Ring On It". You can check it out below:

Now look at the video below by Bob Fosse called, "Mexican Breakfast". Do you see the similarities?

Woooooow Bey. This is starting to get a little bit out of hand ma. You must really like getting those lawsuits-- anything for publicity? Is that the game we're playing? SMH. Well folks, let's just wait and see what happens!

Big shouts to my BFF Arniesha for sending me the link! (link info via www.thefrisky.com)

The Shoes? It's Gotta Be The Shoes!

Madonna wore these die-hard heels last night at the premiere of Filth & Wisdom in NYC. They are made by Channel, and I'm sure they cost well over an arm and a leg-- but I can't lie.. Bitch is fieeeeeeeerce... No?

Much praise & props to Michael K of Dlisted.com for the images! *muah*!

October 13, 2008

McCain Defends Obama... For Serious???

In the video below, some of McCain's ignorant-ass supports straight up say they are "scared of Obama", and one lady even calls him an Arab! Well, not to be one to get any more bad press, McCain steps up to the plate, claims Obama is NOT an Arab, but a citizen, a family man who should not be feared. He goes on to say Obama is a decent candidate, and he just so happens to be a man that he has disagreements with on fundamental issues. I never thought I'd say this McCain, but you get kudos from me for that one. Go on with your bald, bad self! Holla!

Who's Nailin' Palin, You Ask?

Unless you've been living under a rock (or at least under some civilized type of society that isn't ours)-- then you've heard about the infamous Serra Paylin (aka Sarah Palin) porn video that Hustler is doing. The classy actress in the picture above will be playing Palin. Her name is Lisa-Ann. Hustler.com had the following to say about this film artistry extraordinaire:

"Are you as excited about Who's Nailin' Paylin? as we are? I hope so. With Lisa Ann as the countries hottest governor, Nina Hartley as Hillary Clinton, Jada Fire as Condoleezza Rice, and Sindee Jennings as the "Young Paylin" what's there not to like? So if you can't wait to see these babes get their rocks off on camera, here is the script to satiate your degenerate mind..."

Wow. Isn't America great? I couldn't even make this stuff up even if I tried... HILARIOUS!

RUDE- Gal Extraordinaire M.IA Is Pregnant!

My girl M.IA played this past weekend at a Diesel concert that featured T.I, M.I.A and N.E.R.D in Brooklyn (it was free, and I live here, and I'm soooooooo mad I missed this!) . Word is that T.I brought her out during the end of his set with "swagger like us"-- how freakin cool is that??? Anyway, during her 5-song set, it was hard to ignore the baby-bump she was proudly rocking on stage. ROCK ON MAMA! I'm happy for her. She got engaged in May to guitarist Benjamin Brewer (who's super-rich because his dad is a mega-mogul) and she had retired a few months prior. Props to the happy couple, that kid is gonna be incredibly cute and flavorful. I wish them both the best with their new fam!

Peep the footage of M.I.A shakin what her mama gave her below:

Big shouts to www.brooklynvegan.com for the images!

Britney's Latest Effort...

The vids are just pouring in today y'all... For serious. Anyway, Britney Spears has a new video out for her single "Womanizer", and I have to say it's kinda crazy... I mean, the girl is LITERALLY NAKED. And I mean literally. I guess it's not anything we haven't seen before though, so it shouldn't be too shocking. The song seems like those types that you hate when you hear, and then Z100 pumps it into your brain, and through some subliminal conditioning you find yourself bopping to it uncontrollably-- with ever-so-slight agony. WATCH:

The Devil Made Me Do It....

Now y'all know here at CCW we don't particularly are about keeping up with the Joneses. If anything, he Jones fam better catch up with us-- but I digress. Being that so many of you out there in web-land are fans, I felt it was my civic duty to post Beyonce's latest effort: "If I Were A Boy". She kinda yanked Ciara's swag with the concept, but I guess it's a depature from what Ciara did with it. I dunno if I'm a fan. You decide. WATCH: 

But honestly though, if she "were a boy", I feel like she would be able to whoop Jay's ass better than this-- geez! (LOL)

While We're On The Subject....

Y'all know me and my dude E-40 had a real good chit chat last week (see below). I thought it only right to show y'all his latest video from his latest LP: "Ballstreet Journal". Check out "Wake It Up!" feat. Akon. WATCH:

October 12, 2008

Exclusive Time-Out Wit E-40 Fonzerelli!

Meet the man, the legend, the lyricist-- E-40... Aka Fonzerelli, aka 40-water, aka Captain save-a-hoe, aka good ol' Earl Stevens, and so on. VOILA! This man is one of the reasons why I enjoy what I do so thoroughly. He is one of the most humble, accomplished, sincere human beings I have come into contact with.... For serious. I even told the press at his album release event this past week that, "The man is so down to earth, he's below sea level!" ...And it's true. E-40 has been in the game for over 20 years, and he's still going strong with an enormous and faithful fan base. Hailing from Northern Califoolya's Bay Area-- he has been repping the West to the fullest with artists like Too Short also blazing the trail. E-40 is responsible for such classics as, "Sprinkle Me", "Hope I Don't Go Back", "Captain Save-A-Hoe", and the contemporary rap classic, "Hyphy". 40 water and his crew (The Federation) started a wildly popular movement in the Bay called "The Hyphy Movement". The movement became international in late 2005, and made the "crump" dance widely popular. 40's not just known for his rap. He's also widely known for his unique vocabulary, voice, and delivery. 40 went as far as to write his own book filled with his own colloquialisms called, "E-40's Book Of Slang Vol. 1". He is the self proclaimed "king of slanguistics". I had the honor of sitting down and chatting with the rap vet at his album release event at Warner Brothers in NYC... 

COCOA B: Tell my readers and your fans, in a few short words the news about your exciting new project... 

E-40: It's called "The Ballstreet Journal", it IS the solution to the economic crisis-- I'm not gonna say it's your typical E-40 album, because all my albums got blaps. I got mid and up-tempo slaps, slow tempo, I got everything you want in the package, man. It's a big ol' pot of gumbo, with all the flavors, and meats and what-nots. You know, all the ingredients, ya dig? I got something on there for everybody-- "The Ballstreet Journal". 

COCOA B: Ok, ok, y'all heard that, so you better go cop that! It is hard. I just had the pleasure of hearing it all the way through myself. And 40 is such a G, that during the stripper song he did with Too Short, an actual STRIPPER came out to do her thing! WHOA. Only in 40's world y'all, I'm telling you! But I digress... So 40, tell me. You are so original. Your style can't be duplicated or imitated, so tell us what inspires your creativity? 

E-40: For one thing, when everybody else goes right, I like to go left. That's how I do it. I do what they don't-- because that's what makes an innovator. I put my career on the line for many moons, for many years doing what I do. But eventually, you'll get acknowledged. It's always good to think outside the bun, and I have one of the most unique-- if not THE most unique voices in hip-hop, and when you hear my voice, you will know automatically that that's E-40, ya know? And THAT means a lot to me. And I grew up on cats like Too Short, (although I sound nothing like him)-- but when I was in the traffic, nittin' and grittin' ya dig, I grew up to his music. And he taught a young cat like me how to put my street life into my raps and just put the GAME in it-- you know? I grew up on some cats out of Richmond, CA 3 or 4 x's from Vallejo where I'm from-- by the name of Calvin-T and Magic Mike. You mix that up with some KRS-One, some Ice-T and some Run DMC, and you got an E-40-- nah mean? 

COCOA-B: Truly. 40 water and The Federation came hard with the HYPHY MOVEMENT. IN your opinion, is the movement still strong in the BAY, the West, and elsewhere? 

E-40: Oh, the Hyphy movement is still strong, you know. It never left. It's always been here, and it was around before the rest of the nation got a dose of it because it's our lifestyle in the Bay area, and it's our culture. 

COCOA-B: Yes-- school them 40! Ight, so you've been in the game well over 20 years. What is the key to your longevity? 

E-40: The key to my longevity is staying prayed- up-- keeping the faith in the highest, putting 110% into everything, my crew, family support, stayin humble and hungry. You got to be. And you can't be stubborn, you've got to move with the times.... That's what's happening. And of course, you gotta stay groovy. Groovy like a drive-in movie, ya dig? 

COCOA-B: (laughter) Oh I dig! I definitely dig, E! That's wassup for real. And your humbleness and humility definitely shines through everything you do. So that's love. So tell me. If E-40 wasn't a famous rapper, what would he be?

E-40: Ain't no tellin, that's what Jack told Helen. 

COCOA-B: Woooooow, good answer. You caught me with that one! Ok, boxers, briefs, or boxer-briefs? 

E-40: Boxer briefs. 

COCOA-B: Platinum or gold? 

E-40: Gold. 

COCOA-B: Beamer or Mercedes? 

E-40: Mercedes. 

COCOA-B: Rihanna or Beyonce

E-40: Beyonce

COCOA-B: Foxy or Lil' Kim? 

E-40: Kim. 

COCOA-B: McDonald's or Burger King? 

E-40: Burger King

COCOA-B: McCain or Obama (obvious-- but I just had to ask)? 

E-40: (intense laughter) OBAMA!

COCOA-B: If you had the power to bring any artist back from the dead right now-- who would it be, and why?

E-40: Tupac Shakur. I say Tupac because I feel like he meant a whole lot to hip hop, he hit it from all sorts of angles of the game from-- uplifting females, uplifting cats that come from nothing-- inner-cities, he had his gangster rap, party-songs, he just had the whole package-- he was solid, so Tupac-- yeah. He would have to be that guy. 

COCOA-B: Great answer... now before I let you go. I have one last question for you. What are you about to do after this set? Get low on some mummy-sized burritos??? 

E-40: (tremendous laughter) I'm not gonna get on no burritos tonight  because I still have work to do. Gotta go to Sirius radio and see my man DJ Kay-Slay, and it might make me sleepy, and I might get the munchies and eat up everythang, ya dig? And for all you out there who don't know burritos, we're talking about that broccoli, we talking about that spinach, that lettuce, that "story-tell". Know what I'm talkin bout? VOILA! 

COCOA-B: Hahaaaaaaaa, VOILA indeed! 

E-40: That's love though Cocoa, I enjoyed this, it was a pleasure, and much love to ya. 

COCOA-B: Much love to you too E-- the pleasure was all mine! 

*Big shouts to Carlos of Warner Bros, and the legendary DJ RHUMBLE for making this all possible! ONE LOVE HOMIES!*

MAKE SURE YALL COP THAT "BALLSTREET JOURNAL"-- The answer to the economic crisis! And check out me and E straight posin' at the Warner Brother's Offices below: