September 30, 2008

Update: Janet Jackson

Janet was released from Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal a couple hours after she was admitted. An insider claims that she did not have the flu, or anything like that. She suffered from "exhaustion". You know, the same "exhaustion" that got Lindsay Lohan, Avril Lavigne, at least one of the Olsen twins, and so on. Her friend goes on to say that Janet does 3-hour sets back-to-back, and her 42-year-old boday can't take it anymore... I agree with Perez Hilton when he said, "Maybe she should consult Madonna for tips"... I heard that! And didn't J.Lo just do a triathalon? I KNOW her ass is knocking on 40, if she's not already... Hmmmmm interesting.

Even more interesting is Perez Hilton's theory that she is really suffering from a disease known as P.T.S = poor ticket sales. Apparently she is barely filling her venues, and some have even been half-filled. She's clearly not used to that kind of turn out. Awwww, poor Janet. I honestly think she is talented, but maybe she should try something else and leave music and her legacy in decent standing once and for all. She's not a bad actress you know. Just something to think about....

WHAT Is Wrong With This Picture?

Hmmmm, I dunno. Just about everything! I dare any of you to look me in the eye and tell me this is a heterosexual group of guys just hangin' out... Ya know, watchin the game, drinking some brewskies-- the usual. In fact, I triple-dog dare you! But until then, this is one of the promo pics for the "Stallionaires" (two-thirds of which "starred" on VH1's "I Love New York"). VH1 is creating a new show: "A Real Chance At Love", including the new edition to the group, Chance & Real's brother "Love" (on the right). What in the HOT (mascara-super-perm-Jodeci-leather)HELL is this? My people, my people. May God be a skull cap and Maybelline eye-make up remover today. For goodness sake!

A Noble Gesture

Heath Ledger had a good family in his corner... According to official documents, Heath had left his entire estate to his parents and siblings in his will. His family turned around and gave the entire estate to his young daughter Matilda, in order to ensure that her future would be stable and secure. Isn't that nice? It's so rare that you hear about family member attached to a famous person that aren't trying to lie, steal, cheat and manipulate their way into that person's millions. It is so refreshing to see that people in this world are still decent-- it's one of the things that makes this world so cool. I just wish there weren't a million and one cruel things in this world to counter it. Oh well, I can look on the bright side. If it wasn't for the evil and cruelty in the world, I'd have hardly any juicy content. Ha!

Janet Jackson Hospitalized!

Janet Jackson was hospitalized last night in Montreal and had to cancel her concert. She had "shortness of breath" and flu-like symptoms. She checked into a hospital in Montreal last night according to The Ampersand:

Janet Jackson was forced to postpone Monday night's Bell Centre concert in Montreal at the last minute after being rushed to a hospital "due to illness," according to promoter Gillett Entertainment Group."We're not entirely sure [what happened]," said Michal Wielgus, a representative for Gillett, reached shortly before 8 p.m. "We don't have all the details. We just found out 20 minutes ago."Some fans were already in the venue when the news was announced. "That's never happened before in Bell Centre history," Wielgus said.

Hmmmm. Sounds like that little "episode" that her troll of a fiance had during his 36th birthday last week had a lasting effect on the star. I can't lie, I'd probably be sick too if Jermain Dupri vomitted on me... We wish you the best Janet, and we hope you have a speedy recovery!

Picture Of The Day...

I've been trying to get in touch with PETA all day today, but I hate being put on hold. This is sheer animal cruelty, and it's not right! Someone's got to do something... And I resent the fact that people always say that Aubrey O'Day likes Black men. When she said she likes DOGS, she meant it literally, ok???! Now that's just plain insulting! I can't help but to wonder-- do they have std tests for pets? Lawd knows this pink and blue pooch is gonna need one ASAP... For shame.

Big Shouts to Michael K of for the image!

J.Lo Hawks Her Skank Juice...

I dunno, but ever since J. Lo went into obscurity with her Skeletor husband, she just doesn't look the same... Something is off. Way off. maybe she's just getting older, or maybe her sense of style is falling off a bit...But I digress... Yesterday La Lopez was at macy's hawking her latest stank-juice: "Deseo" for me. Why she is naked on the box? The world might never know... SMH.

September 29, 2008

Picture Of The Day

This is a snapshot taken over the weekend at the SRC 'Think Pink Rocks" event. Our response to Mr. Carey's t-shirt? "Ummmmmm, nah. I think we're gonna keep hatin on ya corny ass"! LMAO. I know, I'm terrible. But you love it!

Here We Go Again: Britney Spears Sex Tape...

Ahhh Adnan, you sure are a douchebag... But I digress. Adnan Ghalib (former exploiter of "the legendary Ms. Britney Spears") is desperately tying to remain relevant.... He told Heat Magazine that for the "right price" he was willing to sell Britney out by selling his sex tape. Apparently when the two vacayed in Mexico, there was some amature film-making going on. Apparently Brit wears nothing more than that ratty, nasty, infamous pink wig and a smile. The tape is supposedly two hours long. Yech! The jerk Adnan had the following to say According to The Sun:

"There is such a tape, but I won’t discuss prices for hypothetical enquiries. Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further. I am not interested in selling out any other details about Britney."
Just when our girl Brit is starting to turn her life around and get things in order, douches like Ghalib show up and ruin everything. Sure, she was a psycho wig-wearing slore for a few months... Big whoop. The girl has issues, and we ALL know that know but geez. Where's the decency???

The Troll Can't Hold His Liquor...

According to Perez, last week during Jermaine Dupri's 36th birthday party at Tenjune NYC, he vomitted on his girlfriend, Janet Jackson. Now you KNOW you're either too old, or two young to drink when you can't hold your liquor down... FOR SHAME! Apparently he was drinking champagne and Petron all night... Not a good look for the streets, homie...


According to, Heather locklear was busted by Santa Monica cops last night while driving erratically. They had the suspicion she was "on that stuff", but breathalizer tests proved she had not been drinking. They gave her a drug test and results are pending. She never had to post bail because th ecops released her this morning... Sad. She had just finished a rehab session a couple months ago... Can you say, RELAPSE????


These two British imports are so fierce, that I am almost disgusted by it... Haha, jealous much? But really, these two are the epitome of the quintessential fashion-forward couple, and I'm loving every minute of it! The couple have a new fragrance called, DVB man & DVB woman.They were promoting their frgrance in NYC on friday at Macy's. And check out Posh's utter fierceness on her footwear: $6,000 heel-less Antonio Berardi PVC boots. Andre Leon Tacky-- I implore you: TAKE NOTES!

And with that, the fierceness has left the building... Holla!

September 28, 2008

Palin Should Stick To What She's "Good" At...

My bad... I would've said that Palin's better talent is shutting-up and sitting pretty, but she can't really do that well either. Check out the clip below of Sarah in all her "glory" during her beauty-pageant years. Unfortunately for her, she won Ms. Congeniality which is usually reserved for the homely chicks that couldn't cut it as the "total package"... Lawd knows that prancing around in a bathing suit on stage is definitely something she can handle better than our foreign policy and fledging economy. Did y;all know that Palin got a passport for the first time in 2006? But I digress.... WATCH:

We Haven't Seen This Kinda Swag In A Minute...

I want you all to STOP, LOOK & LISTEN to the talent that is Janelle Monae. I met her back in my junior year of college, when she was singing at talent showcases at the AUC (Morehouse, Spelman & Morris Brown). Back then, I was captivated by her powerful, honey-coated voice, but I never imagined she would morph into the futuristic-funky-fly diva she has become. With a political slant, and insightful lyrics merged with a futuristic sound all her own, she is one to watch out for. Check out her video for: "Many Moons" below... WATCH:

Isn't she dope? My only reservation about the sultry songbird is that she is currently signed to Bad Boy Records, and we all know what happens to artists under that label.....

I'm not even quite sure if Diddy knows what to do with a talent like this. It's a whole other slant for BBR to take, and I hope they market her well. She deserves to be at the fore-front, she's been doing this for a MINUTE. Check out her new album in stores now: THE CHASE SUITE... And don't ever say I never did anything for y'all...

September 27, 2008

Obama "Makes The Grade" In Last Night's Debates...

Political analysts and viewers alike agree that Barack Obama was the clear victor during the premiere debate last night in Mississippi. Obama scored a strong A- according to political specialists that wrote into Yahoo. McCain scored a less-than-stellar B- for overall performance. Barack was confident, graceful and cool as a cucumber under the pressure when McCain tried to intimidate him with his "weak views on foreign policy". McCain is completely against sitting down and having any sort of dialogue with our enemies-- North Korea and Iran. He thinks Obama's tactics at peace are"weak" and will fail. Obama countered by claiming that ostrasizing these powers only encourage them to seek more nuclear weapons, and that tactic has not worked for 8 years, so why do it for another 4? It was a great point.

Obama also claimed that McCain's out-dated views on the Iraqi war will be our downfall. He pointed out that McCain said it'd be a short war. He was wrong. He claimed they knew where the weapons of mass destruction were. He was wrong. He claimed that the Shi'ites and Suni's were not at odds. He was wrong. He claimed that the Iraqi people would not see us as an intrusive, obstructive force. He was wrong. When Obama broke it down like that-- it was all downhill from there for McCain. I am so proud of Barack. He really proved he has the ideas, knowledge and power to handle the daunting task ahead of cleaning up this country's image and economy. This hot mama, is FOR OBAMA!

Missed all the action? Check out the FULL DEBATE Here:

September 26, 2008

For Your Information...

There is a certain well-known blogger, who took to calling out "urban blogsites" over this whole Ciara-VIBE MAGAZINE-Nude-Photoshoot thing... I don't consider myself an "urban blogger", exactly. I try to report things of multi-cultural interest. I love diversity. I do not restrict myself to a race, sexuality, gender, etc. So I dunno if I fall into that category per se. I still felt compelled to say SOMETHING. I was one of the bloggers who reported that Ciara wasn't nude during her shoot, and her underwear was indeed photoshopped out later unbeknownst to her. This "certain blogger" didn't believe the story-- claiming that "certain blogs" committ "bad-journalism", don't "fact-check", and just write posts to "get blog-hits"... Well honey, if you didn't believe it before, then pick up ya face, and listen from the horses mouth, because in the MTV News vignette below, Ciara confirms it... WATCH:

Big shouts to loyal reader Stephanie for the heads-up, because had she not read that scathing post, I woulda never know about it! :o)

I Fail To Find The Funny, Kanye.

Well, I guess this is part of Kanye's new comedy show that he's been working on... I dunno, if you ask me it's coon-ish (and I know that's not a word, but bare with me). It's just... Not.... Funny. Not funny in the least. And I have SEEN pregnant chicks in the club, poppin bottles with audacity. Trust me, there is absolutely NOTHING funny about that. I wish I could find the funny in it, but it just brings tears to my eyes... Ok, maybe it's not THAT serious (LOL), but this is some foolishness. SMH.

Oh... It's ON NOW!

A little under an hour ago, the Associated Press reported that McCain has decided to go agead with the debate scheduled for tonight at the University of Mississippi. Above is a picture of a maintenance man tidying up the speaker's hall at the University. I hope all you political savvy readers of mine will have your eyes and ears to the set tonight in anticipation... If not, you know I'll keep you posted (I know how some of you like to shake ya bon bon's in da club-- I gotcha covered!)....

Picture Of The Day

It's our girl, the beloved AMY WINO, being her crazy, demented self outside of her Camden home last night. Is she, or is she not the ultimate poster-child for: JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS! A picture is worth a thousand words, and that's all I have to say!

Chris Brown Wants You To Wear His Underwear!

Chris Brown is talented... Amongst other things (heh, heh). He has taken his talent to new heights by launching his very own line of underwear. The line is called: Big Headed (Yowza, how appropriate!), he has worked with the underwear-guru's to create his own line for the brand. It is currently available on: The trendy, edgy styles are made to fit and be comfortable-- not ride up or sag. It's ideal for the fashion-forward man who likes to look good-- even underneath his clothes! Check it out!

Has It Really Come To This?

I think most of us heard about Ed McMahon's financial troubles this year, how he had to file for bankruptcy and how his 6 million dollar manse was foreclosed... Now the old-timer has resorted to making campy "hip-hop" inspired (and I use the term hip-hop loosely) free-credit commercials to make a quick buck. What a shame, what a shame. WATCH:

You See 50? Hi HATER!

50 Cent had the following foolishness to say about Jay-Z according to

“I’m a big fan of Jay-Z, but outside of the States and hip-hop circles, no one
really knew who he was until he married Beyonce’. The G-Unit rapper has also
disputed reports that Jay-Z is worth an estimated $1 billion, but is adamant
he’s not jealous of his fortune. He adds, “I don’t believe he’s worth that much!
It’s all been exaggerated. I’m comfortable. I don’t want for anything so I’m not
in a race.”

What in the hot-haterific-hell? Why would those words even come out of 50's mouth? I swear, the man will do anything to remain relevant, and this whole "beef-for-a-profit" thing he has been doing virtually his whole career is getting beyond old. Honestly, I wouldn't be mad if Beyonce AND Jay disappeared for a couple years and had some babies, because they are ubiquitous to the point of nausea. But I have to give Jay-Z his props. He was a global sensation way before Bey. He had people throwing up "the roc" sign and screaming "H to tha Izzo, V to tha Izzay!" And that was way back on '01 and '02. 50 needs to sit his tired ass DOWN!

There's No Way Out, McCain...

Right before President Bush was to hold a meeting between Senators barack Obama and John McCain adressing our current econmic crisis-- an epiphany was made. Democratic and Republican senators alike met up for 2 hours prior to come to a resolve on the issue, and they found it. There will be a $700 billion bailout to help our faltering economy from tipping over the edge of recession. With all that cleared up, I wonder what clever excuse McCain is going to come up with to ditch the debate now? Things that make you go: HMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

New Britney!

Check out the new single from "The Legendary Ms.Spears" below. The track is called: "Womanizer"

September 25, 2008

5th Grader Suspended For Wearing Anti-Obama Shirt

Above is the image of the anti-Obama t-shirt worn by 5th grader, Daxx Dalton, at his Aurora, CO middle school. The t-shirt reads, "Obama is a TERRORISTS best friend". The kids were asked to come to class wearing red, white and blue to show their patriotism and the boy showed up with this home-made abomination. 

The boys father, Dann Dalton, describes himself as a "proud conservative" and has been a part of many controversial anti-abortion protests in the past. He says his sons first amendment rights were taken from him when he was given the option to: take off the shirt, turn it inside out, or get suspended. They boy chose suspension and his father is angry at the school claiming, "Let's face it, the public school system is filled with a bunch of liberal loonies".  

I know this is  "free" country and all, but what happened to respect? You will never see an Obama supporter wearing that kind of anti-McCain trash, so why should this little boy? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and they should be respected, but I think the student body should be respected too. If the boy showed up to class with a shirt of a naked woman on it, he'd probably face the same fate. Why? Because it's a respect issue. I'm sure no one would be screaming "first amendment rights" then. The father is pursuing a law suit now... SMH.

"Picture Of The Day/ Dude, Where's My Stylist?" Combo

Now, they KNOW they are dead wrong for this one... Chance, Real and their silky-soul-glo cousin showed up for the FOX reality tv awards show. Why oh why are they channeling Ashford & Simpson right now? And is Real an urban cowboy all of a sudden? Oh Lawd, be a shopping spree to Brooks Brothers or something. Please! And isn't it funny that they have "reality awards"? That just goes to show you that these are not real people. They are just bad actors that are so un-fabulous that they look like "everyday people".... 'Tis a shame.... 'Tis.

The Old Man Wants To Quit, But Is Obama Feelin' It?

We are a day away from one of the most anticipated debates in recent U.S political history. And guess who had to be the wet blanket? Yeah, you guessed it. It's McCain. According to his camp, he would like to go to Washington to address the current economic crisis rather than attend Friday's debates. He is definitely trying some crafty stall tactics here. Geez, McCain is full of 'em! He is also encouraging Obama to do so as well. I can't help to think that this sudden "Change of heart" has something to do with the current polls. Obama has a stiff and steady lead amongst popular voters: 52 to 43. That's surely enough to make McCain nervous during this final stretch. No word yet on whether Obama will take the bait, but as usual, I'll keep you posted!

September 24, 2008

Picture Of The Day...

Andre Benjamin (better known as the cooky half of Outkast) has done it again. He has come out with his own fashion line titled, "Benjamin Bixby" and once again he pushed limits. This line is inspired by early 20th century fashion fused with British influences, and Benjamin's own quirky fashion sense. All in all, the fits look dope, and if you're really on your swagger-game gentlemen-- you will check this one out for sure. Kudos Andre, Kudos!

Trailer For NOTORIOUS BIG Movie...

This biopic from executive producer Sean “Diddy” Combs explores the life and death of East Coast rapper Notorious B.I.G. Newcomer Jamal Woolard stars as Biggie Smalls, but big names fill out the rest of the cast: Angela Bassett plays the rapper’s mother, Derek Luke costars as Combs, and Anthony Mackie plays rival Tupac Shakur. Bassett’s real life counterpart, Voletta Wallace, acts as one of the film’s producers. WATCH:

"Straight" From The Captain Obvious Files....

Gay Aiken covers this month's people magazine with his turkey-baster, cute lil' bundle of joy. My question is, does he really think this is news? We BEEN known about his sexual orientation. What would have been news is what mascara does Clay use... Because it's awesome!

September 23, 2008

I'm RIIIIIIIICH $nitches!!!

This just in from Forbes Magazine: Beyonce made $80 million last year. She is the 2nd highest paid entertainer in the U.S last year (second only to Sting & the Police ringing in $110 million) with tours, endorsement deals, movie appearances and record sales totaling $80 million... 

Now listen, I know I have been subject to criticize her ubiquity in the past (and the fact remains the same we CAN use a Beyonce-vacation). I even made a label called "Bayonce- Slayer" dedicated to those females taking over the mundane... But I can't hate. A bitch is RICH! She has made a mini-empire, and made it that much bigger by marrying Shawn Carter. Oh yeah, and that love thing they got going is kinda nice too... You GO GIRL! I ain't mad 'atcha... You seen my e-mail on the side-tab section... You betta HOLLA! (haha.) 

Here We Go. Here We Go Again...

I gotta admit. Last summer, when Kanye and 50 did that huge publicity stunt when 50 claimed if 'Ye outsold him, he'd stop doing solo music-- was cute. It was clever, entertaining and just plain crafty. I gave them much props and kudos for manipulating the masses in to spending massively. But this here? This is just ridiculous! The two are releasing albums in December only a mere week apart. Kanye drops the 16th, and 50 drops the 9th. Saving the best for last I suppose?

Last year, both emcee's dropped their albums on 9/11. Kanye beat 50 massively. All was well that ended well. Until now, I guess. In a concert last week, 50 mocked 'Ye's new single "Love Lockdown" and Tony Yayo smashed a camera to mimick Kanye's infamous lash-out to papps. Kanye responded on his blog by claiming his latest album will be 50's favorite.... I dunno, I think the whole gimmick is played out and corny-- but we'll see if the masses can be manipulated for a second time...

Janet Jackson Speaks!

Janet is talking about HER decision to LEAVE Island Def Jam. Contrary to popular belief (including mine) she was NOT dropped from her label, but it was a decision that her and her management team made. According to Janet, she has been signed only 14 short months to the label, during which tie she released the disappointing: "Discipline". She claims that after sales fell short of their projections, they totally canned all promotions on her album after "Feedback" dropped.... How sad. Now, Janet and her team plan to work onward completely independently of the label-restrictions she has felt in the passed. That means, no more passing the buck! If her album flippity-flops yet again, there's no one to blame! You better get it right this time Ms. Jackson!

Maybe They Read My Blog?

.... I know it's a longshot, I'm just saying though-- the timing is eerie as hell. Not even 24 hours after my "you decided" posting about whether or not Sam and Lindsay's relationship was real-- they came out! Woo HOO!!! The youngest lesbo couple to come out in Hollywood yet-- although I'd give it a year or so before a VanessA Hudgens or Miley Cyrus tries to show them up.... I can't help but laugh to myself about the timing. It's like they're saying to all my nay-sayers: "In YO FACE!!!" But I digress.... In lieu of this weekend's plane crash where Travis Barker and DJ AM were injured and badly burned, Ms. Ronson called into Dr. Drew's Loveline to talk to Stryker about the incident... A little while later, Lindsay takes the phone to chat. Stryker asks her, "How long have you and Sam been dating? 6 months? A year? 2 YEARS?" Lindsay simply chuckles and says, "A very long time..." Stryker proceeds to compliment them on being a lovely couple and she thanks him...

Well I guess the cat (or pussy depending on how you look at it) is definitely out the bag! I can't hate on love. If they like it-- we love it! Congrats to the happy carpet-munchers. VIVA La Lohan!

September 22, 2008


Janet Jackson has been dropped from her label Island/Def Jam, according to industry insiders. I'm not too surprised. In recent years her albums haven't done too well-- even with the help of promotion and touring. Perhaps she's just not relevant anymore, but then again Madonna is 50 and still fills stadiums; so I guess there's no real excuse. Apparently, Jermaine Dupri is set to walk right on out the door behind her. But I'm not too worried about Janet. She gets dropped, she'll just pick-up again-- kinda like her diet habits! Ouch... low-blow.

See super-producer Dark-Child talking about the dumpage in this new rap-up interview. WATCH:

You Decided...

You decided, through our voting system, that Lindsay Lohan is not quite as "in love" with Samantha Ronson as it seems. 57% of you think that Lindsay is just going through a lesbian phase, and she will snap out of it once the publicity wears off...

23% of you thought that this was purely a publicity stunt, that they are both in on it and both reaping the financial benefits... Hmmmmm interesting.

On the contrary, 23% of you also thought that the two are truly in love, and eventually over time the rest of the world will catch up and realize that. Oh, bless your hearts... How sweet and naive of you (LOL, just kidding). So there you have it. That's the story-- written by you!

Ne-Yo is Definitely On His "Gentleman" Tip...

Ne-yo's got a new one and he's doing what he does best: celebrate women. With the help of vocals from Jamie Fox and Fabolous, he also has cameos from: Estelle, Eve, Teyana Taylor, Keyshia Cole and my girl, "Toni Childs" from Girldriends. A random bunch-- for sure.The track is called, "She Got Her Own"... WATCH:

September 19, 2008

When Parenting Goes HORRIBLY WRONG!!!!

Lawd, Jesus be my savior and guidance, this is a shame. IN the clip below, a mother of two gorgeous little girls (who can't possibly be older than 6) encourages them to curse up a storm in the camera. It is such a shame that the parent is encouraging such filthy ignorance, and it's even more shame that these girls even KNOW half these words. One of 'em even says "I'm fat in my ASS not my stomach"... Girl, you're 4 years old! What do you know about a fat ass??? Ugh! For shame! WATCH:

Ahhh, The Days Of Old....

Ladies and gents... It is the end of an era. TRL will cease and desist officially in November. Good times were had by all... I suppose. TRL was started back in 1999, and was responsible for launching the careers of pop sensations such as: Britney Spears, Christina Aguillera and N' Sync. Even rap stars like Eminem got their biggest shine off of the infectious program. I have to say I HATED TRL. It had those chart-topping songs that they play on the radio 150 times a day. I heard it enough on the radio, now I have to turn on the tv and hear it another 50 times? Pahleeze. Good riddance! But... For nostalgia's sake, I have the infamous clip of Mariah Carey losing her marbles back in 2002 and giving ice cream away on the TRL set with a bewildered and confused Carson Daly in tow. WATCH:

Barack-Star Obama

This week, Obama and the Democratic Party raised $9 million in campaign funding during their fundraising event. Jealous much, McCain? Obama called on his good friend Barbara Streisand to perform for the event at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Her concert cost $2,500 a head to attend. There was also an extravagant dinner held before the festivities that cost $28,500 to attend... Yes, you read it right-- $28,500. Barack's a baller baby. If you wanna be down you better come up off some serious dollas... Holla! Since August, the man has raised over $66 million for this campaign. That is staggering! 

Anyway, some of the big names to attend this week's event included: Steven Spielberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Ferrell, David Geffen and Jamie Lee Curtis-- just to name a few. In other political news, Obama is sustaining a 48 to 43 percent lead in the polls this week. Ya boi definitely got his swagger back. Do your thing Obama, let's get it!


It's no secret that P Diddy thinks he's "da shyt"... Maybe it's because he just stepped in it! I can't lie, I love when cocky people do stupid things in public. It reminds me that GOD is definitely a comedian! 

Big shouts to my homie Dr. Drew @ for the image!

Last Night In NYC...

The lovely ladies (minus Kristin Davis) of the hit series Sex and The City hit up their official dvd-movie release party. Say what you will about these broads, but half of you won't be half as fierce or relevant by the time you're 40 plus... Deal with it. In other SATC it is being reported that Candace Bushnell (creator of the series) is planning on writing another book based on Carrie's life as a teen and young adult... Expect everything from homeroom crushes to acid-induced rave parties... Or something like that.

Solange For A Cause...

Here's a pic of Solange performing yesterday at the "Rock the Vote" roadtrip at the Community College of Phillidelphia. I must say that I usually don't like her ensemble choices, but I do like that she is not a clone of her uber-famous sister Bey. In fact, the outfit just might have been on point had she not messed it up with that gaudy gold belt and hideous feathered jacket. The tee, leggings and shoes are kinda fierce... Ok Solo, you almost got it right this time.....

September 18, 2008

The Pedophile Makes A Video...

R.Kelly-- fresh off his trial made a new video for a song titled "Skin". Does he have no shame? I thought he would at the very least take the fake-humble route and put out one of those feel-good "I Believe I Can Fly" type tracks... He is indeed one of the BOLDEST men in the game. But hey, as long as ignorance prevails there will always be a super-strong fan base. This is for all you Kelly fans.... PS ladies, I know you think he'd like that new Escada perfume your rockin', but he actually gets turned on by the scent of similac. So get with it. WATCH:

Couldn't Have Put It Better Myself.

Funkmaster Flex is definitely synonymous with the NY hip-hop movement. He is one of the premiere and best-known radio/event deejays in the city. He carries a certain authority on issues concerning the hip hop community, and he is very passionate about this particular issue. In the video below, Flex takes an angry rant towards R Kelly for being so trite and bold to even do an interview denying his pedophilic ways. Everything he said was on point. His delivery was a little scary, but nevertheless, on point. WATCH:

New Nas: "Y'all My Ni&&a's!"

Nas is coming different and original on this one... It's kind of sad that his last effort was such a disappointment as far as sales... I think his concept was too controversial for the masses, and the main point went over A LOT of people's heads. As usual, the world just isn't ready for this kind of dialogue. Nonetheless, ch-ch-check it out:


Ryan Leslie feat. Fabolous & Cassie: "Addiction"

What's WRONG With This Picture?

Behold-- hip hop royalty Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce this Tuesday night at the 2008 New Yorkers For Children Fall Gala. I am so sorry Jiggaman, but you look crazy. I have a serious problem with people wearing sunglasses at night. I think it is extremely corny and pretentious. There is no sun at night-- thus it should be understood that sunglasses were NEVER meant to be night-gear. Period. No exceptions. And do you REALLY think that a black-tie gala is the place that you should be rocking those night-time shades? If it wasn't for that faux-pas you would look rather nice in that tailored suit. But really, you look a mess now Shawn. Get it together!