June 30, 2008

J.LO Gets Sued Because of Her Bitch!

Lisa Wilson, a flight attendant on a private jet is seeking $5 million in damages from Jennifer Lopez because apparently, one of her guard dogs bit her. Apparently the dog bite caused her to fall and injure her back, therefor she is claiming that she cannot work... According to Wilson, Lopez claimed the dog was safe before the flight to Burbank, CA. Boy was she wrong! It turns out that Wilson ended up running away from the vicious dog, and falling on her back.

Well, I hope J.Lo starts peddling her rose-water and big-booty jeans again... She's definitely going to need the money to re-up after this fiasco!

Mmmmmmmm. Pharrell...

You Say: "Cocoa, why do you have this half-nekkid picture of Pharrell Williams up"?

I Say: "Why Not"???

Enjoy! (Pharrell & the rest of N.E.R.D this weekend on tour...)

Not Only Is Lindsay Lohan A Carpet-Muncher....

...But she is also the victim of a family SCANDAL! Apparently Lindsay has a secret sister that she never knew about until recently... Apparently, during a short-lived separation between Dina & Michael Lohan, he had a secret sexual tryst with some low-class hoochie-mama. The child is thirteen years old (this month), and the home-wrecker told OK! magazine that Michael keeps in contact with the child, though he has not seen her. The mother wants Michael to start being more responsible for his daughter.... I say touchay!

June 29, 2008

A Class Act...

Check out this clip from Amy Winehouse's performance this weekend. She punches a fan, calls Kanye West a "cunt", and shouts out her jailbird of a husband: BLAAAAAAKE! What a classy lady!

June 26, 2008

Heavy-Hitters Showed Up For Mandela's Birthday Dinner

Celebs including: Oprah, Robert DeNiro, Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith, Naomi Campbell and many more showed up to Nelson Mandela's birthday dinner... Amy Winehouse, who was expected to be in attendance was a no-show. Rumor has it she was holed-up in prison with her jail-bird husband Blaaaaaaaake! Naomi will still not be allowed to present at the concert in Hyde Park tomorrow, but it's cool that she is showing her support regardless... Check out some flicks below (courtesy of WIREIMAGE):

Speaking Of Unreliable Journalism....

Yep! That black blob to the left of your screen is Angelina Jolie, and yes she is indeed pregnant... still. About 2 weeks ago, Entertainment Tonight reported that Angie gave birth to twin girls in France. The ru,or was sparked by an imposter, claiming to be Angie's assistant. She was not. She gave the fake tip, and the show ran with it... That just goes to show you: check and re-check your sources! That's the least you can do for a 6 figure annual salary... Don't you think?

Madonna Headed For Divorce... With No Pre-Nup

Madonna and Guy Ritchie have been plagued with rumors by the tabloids since the start, but now there actually might be some truth to these incessant divorce rumors. The Times (of London, not NY) are reporting that the two have seperated and have hired lawyers. I am inclined to believe this because they are a very reputable publication that isn't rumor-based... This is sad because this can get super-ugly considering there was no pre-nuptual agreement... So much for free-love! Kanye West said it best: "If you ain't no chump, holler: WE WANT PRE-NUPS, WE WANT PRE-NUPS! Yeeeeeah, it's somethin' that you need to have cuz when seh leave ur ass, she gonna leave with half..." ... and so on.

June 25, 2008

Naomi Campbell BANNED By Nelson Mandela!

Now this is sad.... For years, Naomi Campbell has been deeply involved with Nelson Mandela's 46664 AIDS Awareness organization. The number reflects the prison number he carried unjustly in South Africa for over 27 years. Naomi just so happened to be wearing a "46664" baseball cap during her arrest in at Heathrow airport earlier this year. Mandela (who is very close to Campbell, and sees her as a "granddaughter") was deeply embarrassed by the incident, and has banned her from presenting at his annual 46664 concert. She will only be allowed in the stands. Mandela will be celebrating his 90th birthday at this concert next week (God Bless him), and Amy Winehouse is said to be one of the featured acts... Hopefully, this ordeal will scare Campbell straight, before she ends up getting blacklisted by everyone!


Oh, now I know for sure the whole world has gone mad... Is this what American entertainment has resorted to??? Is every d-list celebrity on the planet going to attempt to shop around a sex tap a la Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton? Jesus needs to be an extra-mean executive at the FCC... If you are truly touched and perverted-- you can check it out Here!

June 24, 2008


I always say: don't be a hater, be an innovator, mediator, originator. But what do I know right? Check out Sir Hater himself, Mr. Don Imus getting himself into more trouble for racial slurs-- then peep the contrast: Diddy and Lil' Wayne noting what are the crucial keys to success.... HI HATER!

A Mess:


That Smile Ain't Foolin' Nobody....

Amy Winehouse was all smiles today after leaving the hospital with her father Mitch... She might be cheesing like this bc b*tch about to get PAID! The crackhead diva is scheduled to perform for Nelson Mandela, and she is currently doing rehearsals for the event. She will get paid a pretty penny to sing for the most peaceful & eloquent man in history.... In other news, Amy's father Mitch has revealed that he misspoke about Amy's condition. She does not have emphysema. She just has symptoms that can most likely lead up to the disease if it's not checked early... Honestly, I think he was onto something. Homegirl clearly will not quit until she is incapacitated in a hospital bed. End of story.

Shouts to Dlisted.com for the image....

SHAQ Disses Kobe In A Rap. SHAQ Should Stick To B-Ball...

Below is a clip of Shaq at The VIllage Underground in NYC taking to the stage and taking jabs at Kobe Bryant... This scene just begs the questions: "Shouldn't you be working on your free-throws Shaq"???


Why, oh why hasn't Will Smith come out of the closet yet? The world will never know... My theory is he's waiting for Tom Cruise to dump his boring beard Katie then all will be "zen" with the world... Until then, the big farse!

HIGH SCHOOL HOES: Pregnant Girl Speaks!

Remember the post I did about the 17 girls getting pregnant at Gloucester High? Well, one of these "classy" ladies and her baby-daddy showed up on Good Morning America to chat it up on the issue... WATCH:

June 23, 2008

Famed Comedian George Carlin Dies at 71...

George Carlin died yesterday evening of heart-failure at a Santa-Monica hospital. He had been struggling wit heart problems and drug problems for many years. He was a funny man, who definitely made his mark in the comedic world. He will be missed...

So I Guess It's Official....

Foxy will be settling down with her new boo in Miami... Hmmmm, sounds familiar. I've done that before! I'll give her 3 months tops, before she's crying to come back to NYC! LOL

June 22, 2008

Soulja Boy = NAS??? Kanye West Has Finally Lost His Mind!

Scenes like the picture above will definintely start to become more common-place with Mr. West. Kanye is crazy and will inevitably align with his equally crazy celebrity counter-parts (ie: Michael "I love little white boys" Jackson-- but I digress). Everyday the man fades sloooooowly into obscurity. I love him like a play-cousin, but he's insane. Mr. West decided to get into this Soulja Boy vs. Ice-T debate that I mentioned earlier, and has chosen to side with Soulja Boy. He refers to him as : creative, innovative, "the essence of hip hop"... Interesting. If you would like to hear more of 'Ye's rant Click Here to check out the entry on his blog...


Amy Winehouse has been diagnosed with emphysema. Luckily for her, it has been caught in it's early stages, but if she continues to smoke cigarettes and drugs, doctors say she will not survive. The following snippet was seen on Perezhilton.com:

"The doctors have told her if she goes back to smoking drugs it won't just ruin her voice, it will kill her. The doctors have said that if she had continued the way she was going she could have ended up an invalid — she wouldn't have been able to breathe. She's got emphysema. It's in its early stages, but had it gone on for another month they painted a very vivid picture of her sitting there like an old person with a mask on her face struggling to breathe. With smoking the crack cocaine and the cigarettes, her lungs are all gunked up. There are nodules around the chest and dark marks. She's got 70 percent lung capacity. If she doesn't go back to drugs, then she can lead this magnificent life. We are praying that that's what Amy really wants. She seems resolute."

The Simpson's: IF OJ "Really Did It"

Ya know... Because we all already know he did... But check out this adaptation from one of my favorite animators: Matt Groening. Happy Sunday!

NOTE To Soulja Boy: Don't Mess With An O.G....

Apparently, for the past week or so, there has been an "internet war" going on between Soulja Boy and ICE T. Ice-T basically said that S.B was garbage (which he is), in a very disrespectful manner. Soulja Boy thought it was unnecessary hate, and shot back calling Ice-T old and tired... I believe Ice-T might have ended it right here with this video. It's true, and what he's saying is too real though. Watch:

June 21, 2008

Celebrity Stylist Sadia Morrison Murdered In The Bronx

Sadia Morrison, 26, celebrity stylist to the likes of : Jay-Z, Plies, Kanye West and more, was found dead last Friday behind a Bronx apartment on 1065 University Ave. Newsday is reporting that this is definitely a murder case, and not a suicide. She was stabbed and pushed off of the building last week. She had clients to pick-up that day at 5pm, but was found dead an hour earlier... Police are speculating that the murder stems from a 2007 incident when her then-client Adam "Pacman" Jones was involved in a shooting in Las Vegas that left a man paralyzed from the waist down... Morisson had gotten probation in that case for fighting 2 strippers and assaulting a bodyguard with a champagne bottle... Before she died, her brother claimed she had "straightened her life out", and was on the road towards greatness. Morisson was in fact quite successful, and was a bright, shining star in her field.. Sad. Condolences go out to her family, as well as the OUTTA POCKET ENTERTAINMENT family where she worked.

UPDATE: Big shouts to Cheryl from Headliner PR for the update... Sadia Morrison was not dating NFL player Adam "Pacman" Jones. He was her client. Many media outlets are reporting that they were in a relationship, but that is false!

Barack Obama IS Superman!

Think this headline is sensational? Well it's not! It's true... I mean, numbers don't lie, do they? Obama currently has a 15-point lead ahead of John McCain. According to a Newsweek poll, Obama leads McCain by 51 percent to his 36 percent among registered voters worldwide! The following was said about Obama's lead:

"Overall, voters see Obama as the preferred agent of "change" by a margin of 51 percent to 27 percent. Younger voters, in particular, are more likely to see Obama that way: those 18 to 39 favor the Illinois senator by 66 percent to 27 percent. The two candidates are statistically tied among older voters."

Recently, Obama refused public funding for his campaign, so I wonder how that move will effect public opinion going forward... For the next week or so, he will be campaigning with Hilary to show some unity within the democratic party... Let's hope this works-- we SERIOUSLY need this change!

Rihanna's New Ink

Two Rihanna - posts back to back? I HAVE to start getting out more. But anyway, the R&B "it-girl" is sporting a new tattoo on her top-left shoulder. The tattoo is of the Roman numerals: XI IV LXXXVI (11.4.86); her best friend's birthday... I think her tattoos are bold, but not in a way that totally distracts... Nice job Rhi-Rhi!

(Thank You, Ultimate-Rihanna.com!)

June 20, 2008

Rihanna ROCKS "Today"!

Rihanna performs, "Umbrella" on the Today show this morning... Interesting choice of headgear-- she looks like an AMTRAK employee....

June 19, 2008

Behold, Your KING!

This is him.. the record-shattering quintessential artist of the century:

I think this is a sign of the times....

....Speaking of Teenage Moms...

According to The National Enquirer , Jamie-Lynn Spears gave birth to a little girl named: Madie Briann.... Wooooooooooooow. Yet another reason why kids need not have children... But I digress. This is the first child for the 17 year old. The baby-daddy is some dude named Casey Alridge. The two are planning to stay together. Spears reportedly entered the Mississippi Southwest Regional Medical Center at 4:30am, and reportedly gave birth at 8:30am. Congrats tot he new parents!

Gloucester High School: 17 Teens Under 17, Having 17 Babies!

Time Magazine is reporting that a High school in Gloucester, MA currently has record numbers of "expecting" female students. 17 girls got pregnant because they "wanted somebody to love them" (**rolling eyes, exhaling loudly**). 8 of the 17 admitted that they had made a "pact" to get pregnant at the same time so their children could play together. One girl was reportedly so desperate, that she let a homeless man that she didn't know impregnate her...

What can I say? Bad parenting? Society? A little of both? Most likely. These parents have failed their daughters...Terribly. Even their thinking lacks common sense and an understanding of consequence-- two things that are mandatory in child-raising. Each one, teach one... But Jamie-Lynn Spears & the movie "JUNO" doesn't help to drive the message home that teen-pregnancy is so "uncool"... The school is quite liberal about sex-ed, and have a free day-care facility for the students. Wow, they make it real easy to get knocked-up so early, huh? Wow, this is real strange people... Just strange.

June 18, 2008

Don't Act Like This Never Happened To You!

Don't you just hate when you forget to put your gun back in your safe when you go out? I know American Idol reject Vonzell ("Baby V") Solomon does. She was stopped in a Florida airport security check-point when a gun was found in her purse. The genius made the following foolish statement:

"I in no way intended to enter the plane with a firearm. I was rushing to make a scheduled flight and simply did not realize it was in my handbag until I went through security."

Wow... She clearly needs Jesus. And a parole officer!

50 Cent Secretly Tapes Young Buck Begging To Rejoin "G-Unit"!

Ms. Info (of hot 97) has some inside info on G-Unit and their drama. Apparently after being suddenly kicked out of the group, Young Buck has fired plenty of shots at 50 Cent-- like Here . He has been all over the net talking about how G-Unit is garbage, and so on. NOW, 50 (being the slick lil you-know-what that he is) recorded a private conversation with Buck and has leaked it to the net. On the audio, you hear Buck pratically begging to be part of the 'Unit' again.... SMH. Check the links below for the goods!

Part I
Part II

Lil' Wayne's Tha Cater III Sells An Unprecedented 1 Million Units!

Lil' Wayne has put Kanye West, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, and all the other rap greats to shame. In fact, this man has put everybody to shame as he has sold over 1 million copies of his latest LP in just a week. That is astounding, unheard of, impossible! But he did it. Who would've thought? He is easily one of the hardest working rappers in the game-- considering he has been on every relevant remix since 2006... Literally. Well kudos to you Dwayne Carter! Kudos to you!

June 17, 2008

Gore Endorses The "Right" Man!

Yesterday evening, at a joint rally in Detroit, Al Gore officially endorsed Barack Obama. According to US Magazine, Gore had the following to say:

"From now through Election Day, I intend to do whatever I can to make sure he is elected President of the United States," the former vice president wrote in an endorsement posted on his site and sent to supporters. On the issues that matter most, Barack Obama is clearly the right choice to lead our nation," he added.

This is raising eyebrows and speculation that Gore might end up being a potential running-mate for Mr. Obama.... Now wouldn't that be swell?

Rihanna's New Look....

Rihanna debuted a new mushroom-like-ol-skool-Halle-Berry cut this week. She is definitely one to push the envelope... But the jury is not out on this look yet... Any thoughts?

Winehouse Up To Her Usual Antics....

Yesterday, Ms. Winehouse collapsed in her London apartment, but luckily her assistant was there to break her fall. After a brief blackout she came to, and her father Mitch decided it was best to rush her to the hospital... Winehouse's spokesperson released a statement today claiming that the results of Winehouse's tests were "inconclusive" (as if heroine, crack, meth, cocaine, can cat litter traces are suddenly not conclusive enough-- but I digress)...Further testing will be done on winehouse before she is allowed release... Is this finally going to be the first step? This heffer is the richest, most talented mess I've seen in a VERY long time. Smh...

June 16, 2008

Kanye West Gets No Love In Tenn, But He Gets Some From Selita Ebanks....

Kanye West was in Tennessee this weekend during the Bonnaroo festival. Fans were
disgruntled with his diva-antics because he showed up over 2 hours late to perform. He was set to start around 2:45 am, but didn't show up until well after 4: 25 am. FAns got angry and started screaming "Kanye Sucks!"! As they hurled their glowsticks onto the stage. Apparently, his set design was the culprit, because the massive spaceship he erects during his shows take hours to construct... Most of his fans just walked off during the begninning of his set, and got their sleeping bags and knocked out. In true-Kanye style, he didn't as much as apologize for the delay... Oh well, I guess he figures he has enough fans... SMH

In other Kanye news, according to The New York Post Kanye made an appearance with his "girlfriend" Selita Ebanks, at Flying Television's 10th anniversary bash in Chelsea, NYC. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Nick Cannon's ex-fiance:
I dunno. I personally think he was doing fine with Alexis Pfiffer, but who am I to judge the man's choices... If he likes it, I guess we love it... Right?

Getting Married....Again!

According to several media outlets (including The National Enquirer),  pop icon-- Janet Jackson, and rapper/mini-mogul Jermaine Dupri are officially engaged to be married. The two lovebirds of 4-years will wed next Winter in the romantic city of Paris. This would be the third marriage attempt for Jackson and the first for Dupri... Ahem, ahem... Congratulations to the happy couple anyway!

Quick Quotes...

In the latest issue of VIBE Magazine, Usher explains why there is an increase of Black lesbians in the black community, and why Black men need to step-up before they lose their women forever.... Hmmmmmm. very interesting:

"It can never be bad to have a foundation as a man - a black man - in a time when women are dying for men. Women have started to become lovers of each other as a result of not having enough men. Are you not studying the stories? Wake up! Black love is a good thing."

 And there you have it "words of wisdom" from Usher Raymond.

Give Us Your Best Shot

Who is this beauty you ask?  According to TMZ, This is Snoop Dogg's wife Shaunie, on Saturday night in Fullerton, California. She was pulled over for a DUI a little after midnight on Saturday... She was later released with a citation... No bail? Niiiiiice. I'm in the wrong city!

June 15, 2008


Meet the face of the fashion industry-- Agyness Deyn. Over the past year, she has graced every cover of every major fashion magazine, and she has been the darling of every fashion week from here to Milan. The young star has even collaborated with punk-rock band, 5 o'clock heroes a couple times, as she figures out if she wants to take her career in the music direction... She has a quirky, miss-matched look that I find adorable. And great models tend to be very androginous and versatile... Agyness is definitely both. Look out for her this year-- she's taking haute-couture by storm! Enjoy some of her shots below:

June 13, 2008

"[Jigga], Kelly NOT GUILTY!"

Robert Kelly has been successfully acquitted of all 14 counts of child pornography. A jury of his peers voted anonymously earlier today. This is OJ Simpson all over again! I know this man got down and did the dirty deed with that little girl... But the Just-Us system in this country caters to the rich and famous, so I'm not surprised... Most likely, the tainted credibility of the prosecution's star witness did it.. How you gonna believe that a chain-snatchin' extortionist is telling the truth???? Anyway, look out for a new gospel album coming out by Kels... You know he has some major ass-kissing to do for the man upstairs....

June 12, 2008

The Streets Are Talking....

...And they're saying that supercute hip-hop couple Fantasia and Young Dro are engaged to be married! The two have been dating for over 2 years now, and seem inseperable ever since... I'm happy for them because they seem really down-to-earth and just genuinely happy to be together-- no alterior motives (although that is purely my speculation folks, so don't quote me). Anyway, they are set to have an intimate, small ceremony for family and friends sometime this summer. Salut!

She's At It Again!

Remy Ma is out with a new mixtape called, "BlasRemy"... She's really taking this sacrilegious bullshit to the tilt, isn't she? First, "Shesus Khryst" with an image of herself hanging from a cross, and now this... SMH. Anyway, for her sake I hope she didn't go over board with the images of violence and drugs because she is trying to appeal her 8-year jail sentence soon. That can only hurt her cause... And is it just me, or does she look a slight bit like Lil' Kim in the "How many Licks?" video? Real plasticy and whatnot-- Rem should be a shoe-in as a nominee for the photoshop awards. Below is the back-cover and track-listing. Enjoy!

Spotted @ Nahright

PSA: It's A VERY Cruel World

Every once in a while I like to remind my readers of why I'm here. I'm here to expose the beauty and the wonder of this world-- our music, our art, our fashion-- popular culture. Things that make you smile,things that make you bop your head, and things that make you laugh... But every once in a while, I have to remind you that this world isn't call fun and games. This world can be a cruel, dark and scary place... Below is a video of a defenseless old woman being robbed by two thugs in broad daylight in a Florida motel.... Watch: