August 30, 2008

Picture Of The Day...

Ummmmmm. Can I be a fly on that wall... Lord, please hear my prayer...Here is a pic of Tyson living it up in Autralia at an apparently very Un-formal swaray.... Jeah!

This Baby Is No Media Whore...

For the first time we are blessed to see Halle's little angel-- otherwise known as Nahla Ariela. I respect Halle, because she never whored out her baby's image on a mag-cover for profit. Go HALLE! Her daughter is so beautiful, so precious, so perfect... I just wanna put her in a lil box and open it up when I'm feeling a little blue... Ha!

Whattup Mike? Thank you: for the image!

August 29, 2008

Now THAT's What I Call A Hip-Hop Quotable

Fat Joe has been attending the Democratic National Convention this week and had some harsh words for Daddy Yankee. Everybody now knows that Yankee has publicly endorsed McCain and claims that he has the ideals and experience to lead the country. He also claims that McCain has done a lot to help his Latin people. Well, Fat Joe Wasn't feelin that! He had some choice words, referring to Yankee as a sellout, and I must say I agree with everything he said. He truly got to the heart of the matter, I couldn't have said it better myself: 

“Put this in the News headline: ‘Fat Joe Says Daddy Yankee Is a Sellout,’ ” the MC said via phone from Denver, where he’s attending the Democratic National Convention. “Just like that! I gotta go in. I’m talking to little cousins that like [Yankee] and all that, and they’re starting to believe that John McCain is [the best candidate]. I can’t have that.

“I opened the newspaper and got sick to my stomach,” Joe continued. “I felt like I wanted to vomit when I seen that. The reason why I called him a sellout is because I feel he did that for a [publicity] look, rather than the issues that are affecting his people that look up to him. How could you want John McCain in office when George Bush and the Republicans already have half a million people losing their homes in foreclosure? We’re fighting an unjust war. It’s the Latinos and black kids up in the frontlines, fighting that war. … We over here trying to take the troops out of Iraq and bring peace. This guy immediately wants war. If not with Iraq or Afghanistan, he’ll start a new one with Iran. I feel real disgusted that Daddy Yankee would do that. Either he did that for a look, or he’s just not educated on politics.”

BIG SHOUTS To Dr. Drew @ for the link!

Guess Who Turns 50 Today?

No, silly... it's not LIZA MINNELLI! It's our beloved Michael Jackson the international "King of Pop"! Hey, I can't even lie he looks dead already. He makes that guy from that Powder movie go "DAAAAAAAMN Homie! You're paler then a maf*cka!"... But I digress. Happy birthday to the KING. Now who can I talk to about getting him a lifetime membership to a local tanning salon? I'm just sayin...

Don'tcha Know No GOOD?

David Duchovny has voluntarily checked himself into a rehab center. What for, you ask? SEX ADDICTION! Duchovny, 48, who has been married to beautiful wife Tea Leoni (I loooooved her in "Fun With Dick & Jane") for 10 years is ow seeking council. The couple have one daughter together. How sad. At least he is seeking help. That is definitely a step in the right direction... A 12-step direction to be exact! LOL, I know, I know... Cheap shot! Anyway, this statement was released on the issue:

"I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction. I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family."

Old Man McCain Has Picked a Running-Mate...

...And it's none other than Alaskan governor Sarah Palin! I must say that this is a very cunning, strategic and but rather short-sided move on McCain's part... You know he's prolly thinking: "Obama's not the ONLY one who can make history this election!" LOL... This man is just full of crafty strategies... Palin is 44, she has 4 children-- one is headed to the MARINES, and the other has down syndrome. Looks like McCain wants a sympathy vote. I feel like he put tatics ahead of better judgement. This move is just begging for media attention. And, did you see his campaign ad yesterday during the Obama speech? He actually gave ya boi Barack a shout out saying "Good job, Senator". Wow. Yet another gracious and strategic move on McCain's part. Let's not sleep on the crafty old fart, he's been in the game a MINUTE! Check out the big-ups he gives Barack HERE:


The American dream is real people, and so is Dr. Martin Luther Kings dream. That dream lives through the man, the legend, the enigma: Barack Hussein Obama. Yesterday, our country made history as we nominated the first African-American candidate for presidency. Coincidently, Obama's acceptance speech was exactly 45 years after Martin Luther King's infamous, "I Have A Dream" speech. Obama outlined how he would cut taxes for the middle class, get our troops out of harms way, a 10-year plan to release our dependency on foreign oil, invest in our public school system, and give all children of all colors a creeds the opportunity at a fair shot and n equal education. He was eloquent and inspiring. He IS the face of the change our country needs to succeed. For those of you that didn't get a chance to watch the speech, check it out here:

August 28, 2008

You Can't Be Serious....

Who is this strange malnourished white woman in pajamas? Oops! My bad. It's MICHAEL JACKSON! MJ (looking so over it, tired, and plum crazy) was spotted last night at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV. There's no real point to this story, I just wanted my readers to know what a completely and utter uber-mess the pop-star has become. He is swiftly approaching 50 and approaching dementia even quicker!

Don't "Eff" With The OTHER Ms. Knowles!

Solange infamously got "crunk" with a FOX news reporter when she mentioned Beyonce on-air before interviewing Beyonce. Solange was not happy about it, and put the reporter in her place. The video has been circulating the net like crazy since yesterday... I have to say, I'm starting to like the little "Soul Angel". She is definitely her own person. A single mother trying to make a name for herself... It sucks to be in Beyonce's shadow. I hope Solange will rise to the occasion! For the infamous clip, check it out below:

And here was her response to that hatred going on in the blogosphere:

Spankin' New VIDEOS!

T-Pain feat. Lil' Wayne: "I Can't Believe It":

Young Jeezy: "Vacation":

Common (feat. Pharrell): "Announcement":

"You Can BARACK Me Tonight!"

Do you all remember "Obama-Girl" (aka Amber-Lee Ettinger)? She was the scantily-clad, large-breasted Obama-enthusiast who did a youtube video in tribute to the Democratic candidate... I just figured in light of the DNC going on this week, it was just appropriate to post this video to remind you all just how open the youth is off of this man... Michelle, you better have eyes behind your back, because the groupies are a-comin'!

This just goes to show how anyone with a camera, a dream (and large breasts) can rise to fame! Look at Obama-Girl now, chilling up at the DNC in Denver! SMH...I repeat: Michelle, watch your MAN! WATCH:

Picture of the Day

Now, I've heard of being spiteful. But this is just plain RIDICULOUS! The image below is from 50 Cent's website, and clearly he is mocking former label-mates The Game & Young Buck... I honestly think it's in very poor taste though. I might be biased because I kinda like The Game and his overall swagger (minus the ignorant talk about conflict diamonds-- that was disappointing). I don't feel any two ways about Young Buck, but I do feel like 50 has taken it a little too far...SMH

Big shouts to the Legendary DJ RHUMBLE for the link!

August 27, 2008

Hats Off To Hillary!

Hillary Clinton was the key-note speaker last night at the D.N.C. She blew me away with her diplomatic attitude, and the constant theme of democratic unity. Her view on Mccain? "No way, no how, no McCain!". She does not want her hardcore supporters to spitefully vote for McCain. She would rather have us all rally together to do what we can to get Obama into office, and she's absolutely right! If you missed the charismatic speech, check out the clip below. WATCH:


Behold! A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Here is an exclusive shot of Michelle Obama giving her speech at the Democratic National Convention-- being greeted by enthusiastic cheers from the crowd. Her charismatic, personal and eloquent speech almost moved me to tears... Tears of joy. Could this be it? Could we be on the cusp of REAL CHANGE??? Let's hope so...

Dr. Dre's Son Dies Suddenly @ 20 Years Old

Andre Young Jr. aka "Hood Surgeon", 20, was found Monday morning in his bedroom at 10 am by his mother. She tried to wake him, but he was unresponsive. She panicked and immediately called 911. When help arrived, Young was pronounced dead. Andre Jr.(son of legendary rapper/producer Dr. Dre) had been out the night before and had returned to his Woodland Hills home at 5:30 am that morning... Only a few hours later his mother found him unconscious. At this point, there is no documented cause of death. There is an autopsy being performed now, and a toxicology report will reveal the grim truth in a few days. As you know, I will keep y'all posted as this story develops... So sad.

August 25, 2008

UPDATE: K-Ci Responds To "Crackhead" Video

K-Ci responds to the internet backlash from the infamous "crackhead" video where Jo-Jo passed out on stage over this weekend. He denies the drug-use, and claims that Jo-Jo is epileptic and had just gotten sick on stage...

Must I Remind You Of The Cruelties In The World?

Well, you know the blog-name. It's my responsibility! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this, but during an Olympics Tae-Kwon-Do match, the Cuban who lost got so frustrated that he kicked the ref in the face! This is undoubtedly one of the most disgusting displays of poor sportsmanship I have ever seen. Needless to say, he was banned from the Olympics forever. He really gives people of color everywhere a bad name. If you are pressed for time, just skip to 2:25 in the video. That's around the time "Chuck Norris" tries to whoop some ass WATCH:

"No One On The Corner Got Swagger Like Us"!

Ahhhhh, history in the making. It's a great time to be alive! Kanye has just released an unofficial heavy-hitter called "Swagger Like Us" (with arguably four of the best emcess int he game right now) featuring Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne & T.I... This ish is seriously the BUSINESS!  I'm definitely feeling the sample 'Ye took from M.I.A-- y'all know that's my girl. I been flying high in paper airplanes since '02 maaaaaan! Where y'all been? Chasing the Pineapple Express??? LOL! LISTEN: 

swagger like us - t.i. ft kanye west, jay-z & lil wayne

Picture Of The Day

50 and still doing it? I can't even hate. Here's a snapshot of Madonna showing the youngters how it's really done over the weekend during her first show on her "Sticky & Sweet" tour. She comes to NYC in October. Hopefully by that time I would have rubbed my pennies together and can go. I have never been to a Madge show, but I've always wanted to. Double fierce.. Work!

Just When I Was Starting To Like You...

... You go and pull this tomfoolery. This is a snapshot of Aubrey O'Day at the Traitor premiere in NYC over the weekend. First of all, if you're going to do the ultimate faux-pas and wear an animal, at least wear it right. You can't go mixing birds with reptiles-- come on girl haven't you ever heard of a "theme"? She looks like a broke-down 80's street walker-in-training. She can't even be considered full-blown street walker because she has that "I just don't quite get it, do I?" look in her eyes. It's a sick, sad world we live in people. A sick, sad world.

More From Faith's Auto-Biography...

...And how she kicked Lil' Kim's a$$! Faith discusses how she had several infidelity issues with the late Notorious B.I.G, and she would often let her fists speak for her. On one occasion, she broke into Biggie's apartment and caught him in bed with another woman. This woman turned out to be none other than the infamous Lil' Kim:

"I grabbed some chick out of the bed and started beating her ass. At some point, the chick's wig came off in my hand: It was a short, cropped wig. I stopped throwing punches for a minute to get a good look at the chick I was beating up. It Lil' Kim. She was completely butt-naked, yelling as I pushed her around the room. 'So you're not fucking her, right?' I screamed at Big. 'Yeah, you not messing with her anymore right?'"

Wooooow Faith! I didn't even know it was like that ma! Remind me to never write anything negative about you... You talented, beautiful remarkable woman! LOL

Spankin' New Video

Cassie comes back to the scene with her latest single: "Official Girl". I know a lot of females can relate to this song deeply. I for one know I can, I have most definitely felt that way before, so I'll give her credit for having some real lyrics. Clearly, Cassie was singing this one from the heart (peep the photo above-- lol). Although I like Cassie-- her style and her production, her voice still leaves something to be desired. Karina Pasian also sang this single, but the difference is she killed it. Cassie's voice just coasts along instead of really getting soulful and into the nitty gritty. The video is cool though. Check it out:

Not THIS Again...

Ray-J who is famous for everything but his singing (being Brandy's little brother, being cougar-meat to the likes of Lil' Kim & Whitney Houston, and of course-- the infamous Kim Kardashian sex-tape) is now getting his own show on VH-1. The show will be quite similar to "Flavor Of Love", where a group of girls will live in a house and fight for the affections of Ray-J. Wow. Aren't the American people insulted at this point by this feigned love-seeking bs? I guess not. Ratings are ratings! Here's what a VH-1 rep had to say about the show: 

"Ray J may be one of the most infamous playboys in hip-hop, but he still hopes to find that special woman he can settle down with … and VH1 is going to help! The “Sexy Can I” singer is getting his own dating show in 2009, and producers are already looking for smart, attractive women over 21 who think they can handle the drama of celebrity life. If you’re near one of the following locations, e-mail for an audition! Here’s your chance to roll down the red carpet with Ray J!"

JoJo (of Rn'B Group Jodeci) Passes Out ON STAGE!

Jodeci are currently on a reunion tour, which stopped in Sydney, Australia this weekend. Not only was their performance terrible, and DeVante a no-show, but JoJo passed out mid-song! The video below captures the incident at about: 1:50 into the clip. When asked, K-Ci claimed that his brother passed out because of the 24-hour trip they had to Sydney just hours before the show. WATCH THE TOM-FOOLERY:

Take THAT!

To all the tabloids and nay-sayers, Guy Ritchie and Madonna give you a big middle finger! The two renewed their wedding vows in a ceremony this weekend on London, according to Daily Mail . Madonna flew her Kabbalah instructor in from Los Angeles. Insider's had the following to say: 

"It was very intimate and both Guy and Madonna made vows to each other and pledged to try to make their marriage strong again. The ceremony lasted about an hour. They turned up at the kabbalah centre in their gym clothes and changed into white robes. Everyone at the centre hopes that they will get through their recent rough patch."

The REAL-LIFE Simpson's!

Happy Monday my lovelies! This is some random goodness for all the hardcore Simpson's fans out there. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the Simpson's were real-life characters? Well somebody thought of it so much that they actually recreated the Simpson's intro with real people! It's brilliant! Check it out:

August 24, 2008

This Is It!

Barack Obama has chosen Joe Biden to be his running-mate for the up-coming elections. I have to say it was a sensible and strategic choice. Biden is an expert in the foreign-policy department, and that is essentially what this country so desperately needs! Biden is out-spoken, fiercely intelligent and capable. He makes a great balance because of his age. He is just as experienced and capable as say, a John McCain for example (LOL). He is definitely less controversial than say, a Hillary Clinton. I think Biden was the best choice for the administration, and I believe he will help give Obama the push and cross-over appeal that many of his skeptics needed to be won over. I am very optimistic about the days to come. OBAMA-BIDEN '08!

August 22, 2008

Da Brat Gets 3-Year Sentence!

According to AJC.COM a DeKalb County judge sentenced rapper Shawntae Harris aka Da Brat to 3-years in prison on an assualt charge. She also received 7 years probation with a mandatory 200 hours community service.

The troubled rapper caught this charge back in 2007 at a Halloween part at Studio 72 nightclub (owned by her right-hand man Jermaine Dupri). She apparently struck a waitress over the head with a Rum bottle. The woman had to be hospitalized and now has to endure permanent facial scars. Harris pled guilty to the aggravated assault charge. Her family was there weeping for her in the courtroom... I wonder where her BFF Mariah Carey was? Prolly up under her lame-ass hubby in Disney Land somewhere... SMH.

Big shouts to ARNIESHA for the tip!

Lawd, We Have GOT To Do Better...

I was surfing the web and seen this mess of a music video by "Baby T". Everything about this video screams hot ghetto mess, but the worst part of all is the language. From a certain perspective, one would say that she has a valid point, but the vulgarity she uses takes that away. And doesn't she have any friends? Why didn't they tell her she was TONE DEAF???? Oh Lawd, we have got to do better people, this is just plain sad. BEHOLD! Baby-T's "It's So Cold In Tha D":

Spankin' New Videos!

Ne-Yo: "Miss Independent":

Terrence Howard: "Sanctuary":

Gwen Pops It Out!

Last night, Gwen Stefani had a pre-scheduled c-section at the Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy named, wait for it... WAIT FOR IT.... Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. Wooooooow. What is really good with celebs and their whacked-out baby names? She did alright with Kingston Rossdale, but this? I dunno. Anyway, to each his own I suppose. Best wishes to the newly-expanded family!

August 21, 2008


To my muse, my inspiration, my favorite artist of all-time: KELIS ROGERS-JONES... Happy Birthday, you HAWT Bitch! You rock! You are the reason why I don't feel shy about being a nerd... Or liking Metellica... Or being corny & off-beat. You made me proud of my "white-girl" accent, and my quirky swagger. You are tha BOMB, and don't let them tell you otherwise Ms. Bossy! 

I dunno why GOD made Leo's so fierce & fabulous? Maybe Madonna, Jennifer Lopez or Halle Berry have the answer? Who knows! All I know is that almost  all the powerful, influential and just plain bad-ass chicks I know are Leo's... Like me! Big-ups to Kelis, and if you're reading girl... HOLLA @ me! We need to do a collaboration or SOMETHING. Ya digg? LOL... Nah I'm just playin... Who am I kidding? No I'm NOT!

Faith Reveals Shocking Conversations With The Late Tupac...

Everybody knows about the infamous east-coast west-coast beef of the mid-nineties. Even politicians were up on the scoop during those days, and we all know it started with Tupac and Biggie. First, the rumor that Biggie set 'Pac up to get killed... Then, the rumor that 'Pac was with Faith. Things spiraled out of control until both men were brutally murdered...

Faith is out with a new book called, "Keep The Faith: A Memoir", where she reveals many intimate details on her life. One of the most telling accounts is a conversation she had with Tupac (about getting royalties for a song she did) that went south:  

"You know, I love New York," [Tupac] said. "But I'm not f*cking with New York right now."

The air in the room seemed to get really thick all of a sudden. His demeanor had changed so quickly that I was truly afraid.

"Really?" I asked. "Why is that!"

"'Cause n*ggas set me up that night. You know that right!"

I swallowed hard and took a deep breath. He was staring at me like he thought I was the one who set him up.

"You don't really believe that bullsh*I," I said.

"I'm telling you ... n*ggas set me up," he said in a low voice.

"Look, Pac. I just need to get my check and then I have to go ..."

"The situation with the money is like this," he said. "If I give it to you, then you my b*tch."

I got up and moved father away from where he was standing.

"I'm not anybody's b*tch," I said, trying to keep my voice even and steady.

"You Biggie's bitch."

I thought about how people always got sh*t wrong. He was probably thinking about the song "Me & My B*tch." And I wasn't with Big when he made that record.

"I'm his wife."

"I though y'all broke up?" he asked

"We still married."


"Look," I said. "You hired me to do a song, I did it. I want my money and that's it."

"Oh word, it's like that? You just want your money?"

"You told me it wouldn't be a problem," I said. "The only reason I came up here is because you said ..."

"So you not trying to suck my d*ck?"

"What!" I screamed. "What are you talking about!"

Tupac raised his voice. "You know you want to suck my d*ck, b*tch! Don't f*cking lie." I burst into tears and grabbed my phone. "I have to get out of here."

Tupac kept going. He was making no sense, cursing and yelling. He said something about Big and the East Coast.

"But ... but ... I thought y'all was friends," I said. At this point, I could barely speak clearly because I was crying so hard.

"Whatever. You know you wanna be my b*tch," he said, before going into the bedroom area and slamming the door.

As soon as I got my things together to leave, Tupac came back to the common area.

"Where the f*ck are you going!" he asked.

"I don't know what you thought," I said. "I really don't. But it's not like that."

Tupac nodded slowly, staring at me intently. He wasn't ranting or screaming anymore. But he had this very sinister smile on his face. I kept looking around the room because I felt like something was about to happen to me. I wasn't sure if these guys were coming back or what. But something was wrong.

"It's not like that?" he kept saying over and over again and nodding. "Well ai-ight then, f*cking b*tch. You want to leave! Tell the driver to take you home. The limo is still out there. Get the f*ck out.."

All I can say is: "WOW"

Cassie Addresses Puff-Daddy Engagement Rumors...

On the "Angie Martinez Show" on Hot 97. WATCH:

Picture Of The Day

Somebody out there hates Sienne Miller... Because this is what they did to her home last night. I would say that defacing someone's property is completely immature-- but so is sleeping with a married man, Sienna. Ouch!

Now, is it just me, or does homegirl have the look of SHAME in her eyes?

"We Are Not The Same, I'm A Martian"

Lil' Wayne covers the October issue of XXL, and lives up to his words...

August 20, 2008

Spankin' New Video!

Dope. Genius. Innovative. Colorful. Alternative. Inspiring. Brooklyn Bad-ass. These are only a few words that can describe the enigma that is Santogold. I know the average person won't really "feel" her, but interestingly enough, that is her appeal to me. I kinda get a joy in knowing that artists like her, Kelis, M.I.A (untll recently with that "paper planes" single) are almost like me and my friends' "lil' secret". I loathe nothing more than a ubiquitous pop-star that you can't run from-- even if you tried. Anyway, take a second and check out her new video:

Santogold: "Lights Out"

Obama & His Secret Brother

Vanity Fair went all the way to Humura (a small town right outside of Nairobi, Kenya) to find Barack's youngest brother: George Hussein Onyago Obama, 26.  Barack has only met his youngest sibling twice. Once when George was 5 and again in 2006 when Barack visited the city. This is most likely because Barack's father was out of the picture for most of his life, and his mother and grandmother basically raised him. It is no secret that they do not have much of a relationship. 

George claims that no one knows who he is, and he lives in poverty off of less than one dollar a day. He is ashamed of himself and his lack of accomplishments, so he never mentions who he is and how he is related to one of the most powerful figures in Black history. He lives in a 7 x 10 foot shack, decorated with football star pictures, and of course a front-page newspaper cover with Barack's likeness. George goes on to talk about living in Humura: 

"I live like a recluse, no-one knows I exist."

 "If anyone says something about my surname, I say we are not related. I am ashamed."

Living in his country is still rough, as George Hussein explains, "Huruma is a tough place, last January during the elections there was rioting and six people were hacked to death. The police don't even arrest you they just shoot you. I have seen two of my friends killed. I have scars from defending myself with my fists. I am good with my fists."

(image above of George at his home)
Interesting. I wonder if Barack feels any guilt knowing how his half-brother lives. What do you think, is he obligated to feel any guilt? I dunno, but that's a real awkward situation for sure... I wonder if Vanity Fair would go as far to dig up some of McCain's demons... Things that make you go "hmmmmmmmm".

Janet Jackson Launches Lingerie Line...

Janet Jackson is starting a new lingerie line for women, and her focus is sexy comfort. The line, called Pleasure Principle, is an 18-piece line consisting largely of lace and satin pieces. Sizes range from 32A to 44G. When asked to expound on her endeavor, Jackson had the following to say: 

"I hate when you've had on a bra all day long and you just can't wait to take it off - every woman has experienced that," says Janet. "A lot of lingerie tends to leave those marks and be uncomfortable. This line is about detail, fit and comfort as well as beauty and making women feel sexy. In order for me to do something I have to be very passionate about it or I won't give it my all. I had so much fun designing this."

Go Janet! Check out a sample of her piece in this promo-shot taken from her official launch: 

R.I.P: LeRoi Moore

LeRoi Moore, famed saxophonist from The Dave Matthews Band past away yesterday at the tender age of 46. Moore died of complications due to an accident he had back in June. He was on his ranch driving an ATV and had an accident. He suffered from a punctured lung, and several broken ribs. Although he was released, apparently he was not completely rehabilitated... Sad. Our condolences go out to his family and band-mates.


Yung Berg released his second album this week entitled: "Look What You Made Me". On the first week release it sold around 19,270 units... In other words it miserably FLOPPED! Well... I'm not one to wish bad on anyone (just for the sake of my own good karma), but I had to crack a smile when I heard the news. This fool was on the radio a few weeks ago saying that dark-skinned females were unattractive, "black-butt", bird-heads who all wear weaves, fake lashes and protein gel. He went on to say that light skinned girls were the opposite. Meaning that every last one of them are beautiful, never ever wear weaves (sorry Trina, Beyonce and 85% of Black Hollywood women-- you don't exist according to YB), fake lashes or protein gel, and ALWAYS look good.  He said he has a "pool test". Anyone who looks worse after getting out of a pool will not work for him. I guess light-skinned women who never wear weaves, need make-up or use gel are the obvious choice... Not to down any of my beautiful light-skinned sisters, but there's beauty AND ugliness in ALL shades. Just like there is good and bad in ALL communities. Why generalize one over the other? That's INSANITY!

Needless to say, there was a horrible backlash for his statements by "fans" and by people who just don't like that type of ignorance ( I won't kid you into thinking that Yung Berg had many fans, I respect my audience for it's intelligence!)... I am sure that he must have lost 2 of the 3 fans that he had, and now he is a total disaster. Is this not karma working at it's finest? That'll learn ya to keep the self-hatred to an absolute minimum... Stupid!

Rihanna: "Good Girl Gone BROKE!"

Word on the street (according to Blackarazzi) is that Rihanna has $20,000 to her name, and she had to fire her business-manager, Patricia Williams, due to lack of funds. Williams is livid with Rihanna and her management's decision to let her go. This decision came to a head recently, when the two sat down to go over Rihanna's funds, and she realized how little she had left. Rihanna immediately accused Williams of stealing from her, and called her rude and obscene names. According to Williams, the truth of the matter is that Rihanna is a "singles" artist. She sells singles, but not albums. Because of this, all the funds she makes from sales, tours and various endorsements (Venus Breeze, Cover Girl, Samsung, JC Penny, Secret, etc) goes straight to funding for her albums and videos. Rihanna sees little to none of the profits from all those endeavors. That, mixed with her habit for shopping and lavish trips, most likely resulted in her unravelling. According to Williams:

“I’m a professional Business Manager, I have a staff of more than a dozen, I have worked for many high profile actors, musicians and multi-million dollar corporations. Why would I steal from Rihanna?” She continues, “I showed her all the paperwork and tried to explain to her the circumstances but she wouldn’t listen. She called me all sorts of horrible names and stormed off. I now feel compelled to share with the world the background story as I will not allow my name to be slandered”The Barbados born singer has had four back-to-back albums, including a re-release since her debut of “Pon De Replay” in 2005.According to Willliams, Marc Jordan, manager and owner of Rebel One Management has been taking care of Rihanna’s financial situation with her.....

“Def Jam doesn’t fund Rihanna properly, so Marc uses the money Rihanna makes from third-party endorsements and from tours to fund her album and music videos.” Since 2005, Rihanna has been sponsored by the likes of JC Penny, Samsung, Covergirl, Secret, Venus Breeze etc,. and has gone on two major tours, most recently label-mate Kanye West’s “Glow in the Dark” Tour and with Pussy Cat Dolls across Europe.”I don’t want to disrespect Marc’s name. He is a fantastic manager and genuinely believes in Rihanna. But he uses her money to fund her future projects because he believes he can break her in the world-market. Her album sales are not nearly as close to her single sales and he knows that if she is only known as a ’singles artist’ she will only be as good as her last hit.

Wow y'all... I never would have guessed. This is why you should never sign anything without a lawyer, and you should ALWAYS read the fine print. Ya girl Rhi-Rhi got jerked. Fa shizzle!

August 19, 2008

Awwww HELL No!

I have to say I am thoroughly disgusted by this display of bad-parenting. The video below showcases a young boy and girl-- no older than 4 years old, simulating sex (freak-super-freak dancing) on the dancefloor. I am 26 years old, and watching this made ME blush. I'm trying to figure out what is worse: the fact that the kids seemed to know what they were doing, or the fact that the parents cheered them on. SMH... WATCH:

Picture Of The Day

This man needs no introduction, and his story needs no explanation. He is simply the greatest athlete in the world right now... That is all.


Here is a sweet snapshot (Thanks Michael K!) of Ellen & Portia from their wedding last Saturday. The two wed in an intimate ceremony at their home. They have been together for quite some time now, and I'm very happy for them! It's great that California now recognizes them as a legitimate married couple. It shows just how much our society has progressed... Not to be a downer, but i really hope that this same type of sentiment transfers over to my community. It's sad that the Black community (the vast majority) can't be as progressive about the gay lifestyle as some other communities. I'm tired of hearing about closet-case "down-low" men. Who often bring diseases home to their wives/girlfriends. I'm hoping that stories of pride like Ellen & Portia's can be an influence to some poor soul suffering in a lifestyle that is not true to their heart. They hurt more than themselves when they live that way. They often hurt the ones who love them the most...

Why Won't They Give This Man An Oscar?

Check out the trailer for Spike Lee's latest masterpiece: "Miracle at St. Anna". The film is about 4 Black soldiers (of the all-black 92nd "Buffalo Soldier") who fought the Nazi's and fascists at the turn of the 20th century:

Spankin' New Video!

I absolutely adore this girl. She is such a burst of refreshing air from the other side of the pond. With Leona Lewis being so bland and pop-y, and Amy Winehouse being such a train wreck, it's a delight and a pleasure to see someone like Estelle emerge from London-town. Check out her new video with some very interesting cameos below!

Estelle "Pretty Please":

They Say Fivehead Is A Phony

Tyra is getting some heavy backlash from her fans. According to Page Six, some former-fans were audience members recently in her Emmy Award-winning talk show. This particular show was celebrating the black models that were recently featured in VOGUE Magazine. The audience was asked to leave the studio and release black balloons which many claimed were bad for the environment. Audience members scoffed at how disorganized the whole ordeal was. They were disgusted by her inconsiderate behavior, and cold demeanor: 

"You could hear her going on and on because she was standing right behind the stage curtain. She’s talking and talking. Meanwhile, you have the entire audience waiting almost two hours for the taping to start." 

 The source continues, "She leaves us waiting, and everyone is sitting there complaining, and then she comes out and doesn’t say a word about it. She didn’t even say hello, she got right into her script.

"She acted so cold towards everyone. She’s a phony," the unnamed attendee told Page Six. 

The star reportedly further upset the disgruntled audience by having them participate in a poorly organized tribute to black models that required the audience to leave the studio and hit the New York City sidewalks.

 "She had the audience prance down the street and then release black balloons. It was so disorganized, people fell over the press outside and almost trampled two little girl," the source claims.
Damn Ty-Ty baby... You got some serious 'xplainin' to do!