October 23, 2007

Amy Winehouse's London Pad Raided for DRUGS!!!

(Image provided by Hollyscoop.com)

I mean, we tried to make her go to rehab, but she said no. So I guess we had to raid her house instead! On Thursday afternoon, Winehouse's london home that she shares with her crackhead husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, was raided. This has been the final step in a on-going investigation by British law enforcement on the couple. The trobled couple have been in the meia sevearl times for their infamous fights and outbursts and their entry into rehab a few months back. The twosome were out of town at the time of the raid... Her husband is currently under investigation for a pending assault case. He was recently arrested because he was caught on tape trying to bribe the plaintiff into not testifying against him. Tsk, tsk, tsk. He offered a whopping $400,000 (of Amy' money) to keep mum on the issue... Wow, what a mess! You can click on the images below for a glimpse of the glowing couple.... Get it together Amy, we love you!

October 17, 2007

SMILE ! You Just Cheated Death!

This afternoon A HUGE ass crane hit a building and caused a lot of glass and debris to fall right in the middle of midtown Manhattan. Above is a picture of Daniel F. (34) -- the cab driver who's cab was struck with a huge piece of wood from a crane 54 stories high. I actually work one block from where this incident occured, and he was nice enough to let me snap some shots... His back window was busted out from the impact, and he said that he had a passenger (who was not injured), and the guy apparently just got out of the cab and left! Not too bright Sherlock....

1010wins.com had more to say:
NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Six people have suffered minor injuries after a crane filled with construction material struck a midtown Manhattan building. The Fire Department said that the accident happened at 1 p.m. at One Bryant Park, the site of the Bank of America Tower currently under construction at 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue. The crane was raising or lowering the a Dumpster filled with construction material when the swinging apparatus struck the building, a 54-story crystalline skyscraper scheduled to open in 2008 that will serve as Bank of America's headquarters. Streets between Fifth and Broadway is closed while crews clean up debris.

Wooooow. Kinda scary to stare death in the face and walk away from it huh? I guess you're not the only one Kanye! Ha! Here are some more shots of the busted-up cab:

Busted! : The fall of the Polanco Drug Cartel

This morning on Good Morning NY (channel fox 5), there was a story about a huge Dominican drug bust in NY's JFK international airport. Apparently there were several corrupt employees working for Delta and the airport security that helped smuggle over 100 pounds of cocaine and heroin into New York City. More specifically these drugs were pumped into Washington Heights: a predominantly Domincan part of Northern Manhattan. Their website had more to say on the issue:

MyFoxNY.com -- Federal prosecutors say airline workers have been charged with helping drug traffickers smuggle heroin and cocaine through John F. Kennedy International Airport. A total of 18 people are charged in the plot, including seven employees at Delta Air Lines and one at American Airlines. Prosecutors say airport workers in the Dominican Republic concealed the drugs in luggage bound for New York. A second group of conspirators at JFK then retrieved the packages and diverted them to a safe area before the bags were inspected.

Authorities say the scheme was uncovered by U.S. customs agents over two years.Federal agents seized more than 46 kilograms of cocaine, 25 kilograms of heroin and three kilograms of MDMA, popularly known as ecstasy.The defendants are scheduled to appear before United States Magistrate Steven M. Gold in Brooklyn this afternoon.

The Defendants:
HENRY POLANCO, 31, alleged head of POLANCO organization
JORGE ESPINAL, 38, Delta Airline employee and alleged drug importer
ERIK ERAZO, 29, Delta Airline employee and alleged drug importer/distributor
MARCO POLANCO, 23, alleged partner in POLANCO organization
DIOMEDES MARCELINO, 47, alleged drug importer
MIGDALIA SOSA, 50, Aramark employee and alleged lookout for POLANCO organization
ELSEN VASQUEZ, 28, American Airlines employee and alleged drug importer
VICTOR PEREZ, 41, alleged cash smuggler
DIGGITY LNU, alleged drug importer
LILO LNU, 42, alleged drug distributor
SHORTY LNU, 62, alleged drug distributor
CHRISTIAN AGUIRRE, 27, Delta Airline employee and alleged drug distributor
GARY GONZALEZ, 28, Delta Airline employee and alleged drug distributor
ERIC CARINO, 23, alleged drug distributor
VICTORIA PAMPALONE, 22, Delta Airlines employee and alleged drug distributor
CHRISTOPHER SMITH, 24, Delta Airlines employee and alleged drug distributor
LUIS JUAREZ, 30, JFK-TNT courier service employee and alleged drug distributor
ROGER MATTOS, 49, Delta Airlines employee and alleged drug distributor

Woooooow. I guess crime doesn't always pay, like the man Jigga say. Those are some tough breaks. I know everyone from their country is feeling embarassed, ashamed and angry right now. With all the other stereotypes plaguging minorities this is NOT the kind of press we need. But I guess you reep what you sew... Right? All these Domincans have become what most people fear they will never be: dumb-in-a-can.... Hahaha... Get it? Ok, ok I know that was bad, don't be mad. Ya gotta lighten up!

October 16, 2007

Your Poll Results: Mama Britney!

80% of you said that with extensive counseling and possibly rehab, Britney would be fit to be a mother again. I have to say I agree with that notion! All is not lost for the troubled star. But she needs to buckle down, stop playin, and really get her shit right! I believe that if she has the right people around her and is more focussed she could be a great mother! Hmmmm... Well... Ok, you got me. Not great. But she could be "ight"... LOL!

Her story is a sad one. I know, I know "poor little rich girl" right? But nah. Homechick got serious issues that even money won't necessarily solve. She's sad. Let's hope that in the future it will all work out for the best! For some super-cute pics of mama-Brit and clan, click on the thumbnails below:

Lord Knows, but DIDDY did it: Pending arrest and misdemeanor charges

Ok.... So word on the street is: Diddy's in trouble! Last Saturday at a hot nightspot called Kiosk, Diddy got into and altercation with a young man. Apparently they had an aggressive conversation outside of he club. The argument dispersed, and the two gentlemen entered and were sat on different ends of the club. According to an eyewitness from MTV.com, Diddy then marched over to the young man's table and punched him dead in his face. Twice!

When prompted, the other man said that the altercation was over a female that they had both dated. No further details were given. But I think its safe to say that this mystery woman was NOT Kim Porter.... Surprise, surprise-- Didy is the worst! LOL.

Diddy will be taken into custody for technical purposes, but will be released the same day. A court date has not been set. He faces third degree assault charges, and other misdemeanor charges... But you know like he said in the Forbes 1,2,3 remix for 50 Cent's I get Money: "Lord knows, but Diddy did it! Shoot outs, coastal beefs, yeah Diddy did it... But my lawyers made sure that Diddy got acquitted!

So, I guess it's all good when your rich, famous and cocky... Go figure!

October 15, 2007

Your Poll Results: Hip - Hop's favorite couple

Like me, 62% of you agreed that Nas and Kelis are hip-hop's favorite couple! Nothing against their runners up (Jay-Z and Beyonce) , but I like these two more. For one, they are not EVERYWHERE, so when you see them it's actually a pleasant surprise-- not ubiquitous and predictable. They are also hopelessly cool, chill, layed-back and just plain fly. It seems impossible to have that much flavor in one couple, but they did it! I love their music, their attitude, style and what they stand for. Nas is militant, but hood. Fashiony & glamorous but wise, and aware. Kelis is bold beautiful and intelligent. She holds no punches and she takes risks in fashion and music. She is strong, talented and inspiring.
Nas is extremely affectionate towards Kelis and shows her a lot of respect. I adore that about them! They are very different, yet very similar and they compliment each other well. I can't wait to see them expand their funky little family!

For some more of Hip-Hop's favorite couple click the thumbnails below:

October 14, 2007

T.I Arrested after the Feds raid his Atlanta home!!!

Yesterday, T.I's home was raided by federal agents. Because of what was found during this investigation T.I was taken into custody and was unable to perform at the 7th annual BET awards. This is definitely a shame being as he was nominated for 9 awards. He is currently working on his next album... I'm sorry to say this, but his potential jail-time will most likely cause his album sales to soar out of control! We all know how thirsty wiggers tryna be down are... They'll be ALL OVER this! Jail time = dollar signs. Don't trip homie!

mtv.com had this to say about the incident:

All the details are not in, but T.I.'s would-be night to shine at the BET Hip Hop Awards never happened. The rapper was arrested Saturday afternoon (October 13) by agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms after a lengthy search of his Atlanta home by that agency as well as the U.S. Marshals and others, according to Atlanta's Fox 5 News. A spokesperson for the ATF would not confirm whether it was T.I. himself who was being investigated or someone within his household, according to The Associated Press. Tip's rep at Atlantic Records had no comment.

The rapper -- who was nominated for nine awards, more than any other artist -- was noticeably absent from the BET festivities. The MC was scheduled to perform alongside Wyclef Jean for their nominated collaboration, "You Know What It Is," but with the trap star missing in action, the show's host, Katt Williams, filled in.

The comedian, clad in jeans, a white T-shirt, hoodie and white hat, appeared onstage and brought the audience to cheers momentarily when fans thought T.I. was in the building. But Williams revealed himself, and 'Clef carried on the set. DJ Drama broke the silence by shouting "Free T.I." along with Busta Rhymes, and David Banner also voiced his support.

Well, there you have it folks, in a nut shell: another one bites the dust! Damn T.I, hold ya head homie!

This is why we're all going to HELL with gasoline drawers on!

You know what? I'm not a hater... Tila Tequila (myspace queen & self proclaim "superfreak") is a foxy lady. On tv, she seems like a sweetheart. She even has some catchy lyrics, that I wouldn't mind boppin' to... HOWEVER... I watched her show last night "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila", and I have to say I was disturbed. I dunno, bisexual people always disturbed me.

I wasn't disturbed because I have anything against being gay, but I just think bisexuality makes a mockery of the whole thing. Bisexual people have always seemed selfish and confused to me. One day your batting for one team, then the next day the other? I just don't believe that is genuine (sue me). How can you genuinely, 100% love men and women romantically? They are polar opposites! I just don't get it...

This show is clearly an over-sexed hedonistic mess (I mean, I'm still going to watch it... You know, for journalistc purposes-- haha!). But peep how this girl is going to sleep in ONE BIG BED with 18 men and women for Lord knows how many weeks. The pandemonium, emotions, and freakiness prophesized for this show had me thinking one thing: we're ALL goin dooooooown... GOD is looking down with a big frown.To the parents out there: WATCH UR KIDS! And don't let them watch this over-sexed train wreck of a show...Come on man.... Do it for da kids!!!!

For any of you not familiar with the show here is mtv's Introduction:

Are you ready for the ultimate battle of the sexes? Well, you better be 'cause there's about to be an all-out war over cyber hottie Tila Tequila! Although Tila has racked up more than 2 million MySpace friends, she still hasn't found "the one," and she's ready to do anything to find him -- or her! This self-proclaimed "bisexual freak" has had her heart broken by men and women, and she's tired of being alone. With our help, she's inviting 16 luscious lesbians and 16 sexy straight guys over to her place for A Shot of Love With Tila Tequila. Yes, it's time for Tila to unfurl her freak flag and find true love. At first, the guys and girls won't know about each other. But once Tila narrows the field down to a few of her favorites, she's going to tell them all that she's bi. And when the two sides learn they have to vie for her affection, all hell breaks loose. There'll be hair pulling, sucker punching, ball-busting and, er, even some butt waxing. Oh, and let's not forget threesomes. There's bound to be at least a few of those. But all is fair in love and war, right?Even though Madonna has milked it, Angelina Jolie embraced it and TV shows like The O.C. and One Tree Hill have flirted with it, bisexuality is still the stuff of winks and nudges. But with A Shot at Love, Tila Tequila hopes to thrust the taboo into the spotlight and prove that flaunting your sexuality can be -- and should be -- fun. While Tila is dead serious about finding someone to get serious with, she's just not sure if she wants a relationship with a man or a woman. Who will win her heart?
More pictures of Tila in all her hedonistic glory:

October 12, 2007

Good Job, Al!

Helloooooo my faithful flock!

I come bearing good news. Our favorite do-gooder-for-the-environment, aka Al Gore, aka our former Vice-President won the Nobel Prize for Peace today. MSNBC.com had more to say:

OSLO, Norway - Al Gore and the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Friday, and the former vice president used the attention to warn that global warming is "the greatest challenge we've ever faced."
World leaders, President Bush among them, congratulated the winners, while skeptics of man's contribution to warming criticized the choice of Gore.
Gore in a statement said he was " deeply honored ... We face a true planetary emergency. The climate crisis is not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity."

"It is the most dangerous challenge we've ever faced, but it is also the greatest opportunity we have had to make changes," he later said at a brief news conference in Palo Alto, Calif.
Gore did not take any questions. As he walked away a reporter asked if he would run for president, but Gore did not respond.
Gore won an Academy Award this year for his film "
An Inconvenient Truth," a documentary on global warming, and had been widely expected to win the prize.
"His strong commitment, reflected in political activity, lectures, films and books, has strengthened the struggle against
climate change," the Nobel citation said. "He is probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures that need to be adopted."
It cited Gore's awareness at an early stage "of the climatic challenges the world is facing."

Wow.... Good job Al, and thanks for caring about our mother earth! We love ya, and we know by now that you should have been president... Where was that DAMNED Florida recount, huh???

October 10, 2007

Oh It's OVER now... A Brother Tried to pull a COLUMBINE!

This evening on the late night news there was coverage of a shooting at a high School in Cleveland. There were 5 injuries, and a suicide. I got the details from CNN.com:

(CNN) -- It was only after a crowd of screaming students ran past Darnell Rodgers in a stairway at his Cleveland, Ohio, high school Wednesday afternoon that he realized he had been shot.

"They were screaming, 'Oh my God! Oh my God,'" said Rodgers, a senior at SuccessTech Academy near downtown Cleveland.
Rodgers suddenly felt his arm "burning," he said, and realized he had been shot in the elbow. Police have started to piece together what happened.
At around 1:15 p.m. ET, 14-year-old gunman Asa Coon, who was a student at the school, walked the halls firing a gun in each hand, Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath said.
When it was all over, five people had been shot including Coon who police said killed himself in a classroom.
At around 1:15 p.m. ET, 14-year-old gunman Asa Coon, who was a student at the school, walked the halls firing a gun in each hand, Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath said.

"We do not believe this was a random shooting," McGrath said.
"It may have been the teachers he went to the school looking for ... I believe they disciplined him in some manner."

One of the students injured by a teen gunman who went on to kill himself told Wednesday how he got shot. Five people were wounded in the shooting at a Cleveland high school. Police Chief Michael McGrath said he believes at least some of the victims were targeted. Coon had a previous arrest last year for a domestic violence incident and police had been to his home before for incidents that involved weapons, according to McGrath. Police searched the gunman's locker after the shooting and are watching surveillance footage of the school taken at the time of the shooting, he said.
Students said they took cover in closets after the school principal announced a "Code Blue" on the intercom.
Students described the gunman as being "odd"....

Woooooow. Well, that's official. It's a sign of the times people. The end of days perhaps? Hahaha. Spooky. It's insane that in 2007, random (or not so random) shootings and suicides by students in schools is COMMON. I'll let that marinate.

It's Official Folks....

Us Weekly.com reports today that it is official! Jennifer will be expecting twins by March. She is currently 4 months along. They clearly couldn't keep this a secret forever. At least they're not being as annoying as Christina Aguilera and her team-- they still refuse to comment on her pregnancy even though she is six months along and CLEARLY showing...

I'm happy for Jennifer. She's been trying to conceive for years now, and even turned to in-vitro fertilization! I am amazed at how the woman is still touring, promoting her CD, just finished poromoting her movie, and doesn't look like she's stopping any time soon. This diva is kicking it in thigh-high six inch stilletto's while 4 months pregnant. Damn!

And Jen is not one to disappoint. People have been exclaiming at how Nicole Richie's maternity style is so fashion-forward... But I'll be damned.. Nikki ain't got shit on my girl J Lo! Check her out:

I Weep for "Wacko Jacko"

It has been reported by foxnews.com that contrary to popular belief it is not MJ's new flame Grace Rwaramba that is plagued with Lupus, but it is MJ himself. Wow, what a blow! Michael has claimed for years that he suffers from vitiligo: a disease that strips your skin of its melanin.... And we can all CLEARLY see that he suffers from some mental illness that gives him pedophilic tendencies... And now this?For any of you who might not know what Lupus is here goes:

*Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE or lupus) is a chronic autoimmune disease that can be fatal, though with recent medical advances this is becoming increasingly rare. As with other autoimmune diseases, the immune system attacks the body’s cells and tissue, resulting in inflammation and tissue damage. SLE can affect any part of the body, but most often harms the heart, joints, skin, lungs, blood vessels, liver, kidneys and nervous system. The course of the disease is unpredictable, with periods of illness (called flares) alternating with remission. Lupus can occur at any age, and is most common in women, particularly of non-European descent.[1] Lupus is treatable symptomatically, mainly with corticosteroids and immunosuppressants, though there is currently no cure. However, many people with Lupus lead long and substantial lives.

Well, let's just hope for the best. From moonwalker, to medicated... mmmmm so sad.

But on a lighter note, do y'all remember these fools?:

They called themselves "3T"... They're Michael's three fruity-ass nephews who had a short-lived pop career back in the 90's.. hahahahaah. I wonder what their up to now? Ohhhhh who am I kidding? No I don't!

October 9, 2007

Murder by Magic Stick!

Wassup Faithful Flock?

I read a piece on Sandra Rose's blog that was very disturbing. I wanted to share this story just in case any females out there come into contact with this fool... That is if they ever let his ass out from up under that jail... *shudders* This is just another reminder of how sick, twisted and cruel this world can be....It's a cool/cruel world out there folks:

A South Beach nightclub promoter is in jail for knowingly spreading HIV to unsuspecting women! 22-year-old Elidor Kersaint, a promoter at the popular Mansion nightclub, was arrested June 4 on charges that he had unprotected sex with a woman without revealing his HIV status. Judging from his Myspace page, Elidor preferred blonds and Latinas. There's no telling how many of them he infected.

Elidor's Myspace page is loaded with celebrity pics detailing a life of excess, money, fast cars and women - it's the women that did him in. For a man in his position, an HIV diagnosis is a death sentence in more ways than one. The fast living Ely kept his HIV status a secret because it meant the end of his career as a womanizing promoter.This is a wake up call to women who sleep with industry ballers: get yourself tested. So far one victim has surfaced. Police are looking for more victims.

Ugh! Look at this fool... Isn't it a shame? It just goes to show you that disease and illness does not discriminate. From the fast-living rich to the poorest of the poor. It doesn't matter. Take a gooood look at this idiot. I hope he doesn't ever see the light of day-- because if he does he might get taken out!

P. Diddy: Baby-Daddy Extraordinaire!

Sarah Chapman of Atlanta claimed Diddy was the father of her daughter, Chance. Diddy denied, denied and denied. DNA evidence proved he was the daddy. And yes, he IS the baby-daddy for the 6th time... DAMN!

He said, "At first, I wasn't sure if this was my child. Now that it has become clear she is, I will take care of her for the rest of her life."

Diddy has already worked out financial and visitation terms with Sarah Chapman.

(Photo courtesy of Sandra Rose)
Diddy's 6th daughter was also a major factor in his relationship ending with Kim Porter. He has three kids with her including twins. But really, infidelity has been plaguing the couple ever since they got together, so I don't really see this as any different. Chance was born right before his twins were born. He's apparently trying to get back with her ass. And the really sad part is that it is rumored that Kim is making a plea to be back with Diddy again. What is he DOING to these ladies??? Like the "great" Dion Sanders said, "It MUST be the money!!!!"

You know what I predict will be in store for music-mogul-baby-daddy-extraordinaire Diddy? Releasing his own line of "unforgivable" condoms. Why unforgivable you ask? Because them shits NEVER work! And apparently, they're his favorite brand....

October 6, 2007

VH1 Hip Hop Honors!

(photos courtesy of gettyimages.com & concreteloop.com)
Last night, Vh-1 kicked off their second annual HIP HOP HONORS awards. Missy Elliot, Teddy Riley, Whodini, A Tribe Called Quest, and Snoop were honored at the event. What I liked about this event was that there were no long ass sappy speeches to bore us to death with. What I DIDN'T like is that they actually got corny-ass, lame-ass, boring-ass Nick Cannon to do a tribute to Whodini... WTF???? I say again: WTF????? **Deep Breaths** OK Moving on....

There were some nice performances like Timbaland, Eve, Nelly Furtado and Keyshia Cole doing the Missy tribute. Or Pharrell doing the Snoop tribute. T-pain suffered and wheezed through the Teddy Riley tribute-- it was tough to watch and listen to...
For the most part, the event was a nice tribute and the honorees were well-deserving. However, I almost cringed at the fact that basically everyone looked a hot ass mess except Kerry Washington and Ciara.... Wow..... Not the best look for 2007 people.... Heres a look at what you might (or might not) have missed...