July 31, 2008

Busta Rhymes Outted By Deelishis & Terrence Dean!

Word on the street  is that according to Terrence Dean (writer of down-low tell-all book: "Hiding in Hip Hop") "Deelishis" (From Flavor Of Love II fame) inquired about a former-flame's sexuality, and Dean confirmed that the brother in question was indeed "on the down low". Basically, Deelishis gave up details about the man that can only be narrowed down to none other than Busta Rhymes! She said he was a rapper she dated that used to have very long hair and then cut it all off. The only rapper she was linked to who fits that description is Busta, and Terrence confirms that in the black gay community it is well known that Busta bats for both teams: 

Well, me and Deelishus were introduced to one another. She notices my book and we got to talking about it. She was like, "Oh my God! We have to talk." 

"No problem," I said. 

"Okay, you know I used to date someone in the business, right?" She looks me in my eyes with her gorgeous smile. 

"Well, who are you talking about?" I asked already knowing who she was referring to. I really wanted her to say his name. 

"He is a rapper," she says coyly. 

I get that she is not going to say his name. So I try a different approach. 

"Did he used to have long hair?"

She thinks for a moment and then looks at me shocked. She nods her head and says, "Yeah." 

"What do you want to know?" I ask. 

"I mean, do you know anything. I heard..." her voice trails off and she looks at me for some indication or confirmation. 

"I know some things." 

"Oh my gosh!" Deelishus squeals. She puts her hand over her mouth. 

"It's no secret. We all know." 

"No, no, no," She continues to squeal and backs away from me. She starts laughing. "Are you serious?"

Wow... Now, I'm not one for gossip, so you ain't heard this from me-- but DAMN! Bus-a-Bus? WHY????

Picture Of The Day

I spotted this new "energy drink" over at Dlisted.com (Big shouts to Michael K.-- why he's not bigger than Perez is a mystery to me, but I digress). Apparently people will drink anything with the word "energy drink" on it. I'm sorry, but I think we've gone too far. Imagine someone coming up to you and saying, "Would you like to try some of my pussy juice? It tastes real good and will give you all the energy you need!" Pahleeze... We've got to do better people!

Scary Report Reveals: 50 Percent Of New HIV Cases Are Black!

The Washington Post has written a story with some scary statistics about African-Americans and HIV. According to the report, 50% of all new HIV cases are African-American. The research was conducted by the Black AIDS Institute that have noted that this community is the most high-risk community in any developed nation on the globe. This reality is scary and real and I suspect that it has to do with careless sex practices, a desire to be a "pimp" like the hip-hop stars our youth look up to, and of course the "down-low" epidemic. We need to wise-up and become more aware of what we are doing before our whole community is destroyed. The Washington Post has this to say: 

In a 55-page report, the Black AIDS Institute argued that the disease should be viewed as a threat to the entire black population, and not just specific high-risk groups. Unlike in white Americans -- and in the citizens of most industrialized nations -- HIV in American blacks is increasingly transmitted heterosexually through "networks" where men especially have many sex partners at the same time, the report noted. 

The report's authors asserted that the black AIDS epidemic here is being overlooked as the United States is allocating unprecedented resources to fighting the disease in sub-Saharan Africa. 

African Americans with HIV -- at least 500,000 -- are more numerous than in seven of the 15 "target countries" in the Bush administration's global AIDS initiative, which has spent about $19 billion overseas in the past five years.

Kanye West: A True Showman

...Or at least to HBO he is. According to Entertainment Weekly Kanye is about to get his own reality show which will follow him as he takes over the world through: concerts, fashion, and just being plain obnoxious. For some reason people find this man insatiably entertaining so I'm sure his show will do well... If for nothing else at least for the diva tantrums and controversy. Get your TiVo's ready West-fans... It's on!


But he really did... John McCain is so desperate for the popular vote, that he made this ridiculous commercial comparing Barack Obama to Britney Spears & Paris Hilton! Come on McCain, you couldn't do better than this? Wow! Pathetic... Watch:

ps: Thank you Jenna for the tip!

July 29, 2008

Update On Amy Winehouse's Hospitalization...

According to  In Touch Weekly, Winehouse was released today after having been hospitalized last night. Apparently, she had a seizure which was an allergic reaction to the treatment-medication she's been taking for her drug addiction... She was kept overnight for observation and released today. Everyone was worried because it has been speculated that she is showing early signs of emphysema because of cigarette and drug abuse... I feel for her, I truly do. I love her music despite how messed up she is, and despite how ubiquitous her music has become... And for those that know me, that's a hard task-- once songs get crazy radio-play or an artist is over-exposed I bail... But this girl is a true gem with a true unique talent, and I am sad for her. I just hope she pulls through and continues to bless us with her innovative style and beautiful voice.

Picture Of The Day: Jay-Z Photo'd With Wedding Ring!

Well it's about damn time! The "Jiggaman" himself was seen wearing his wedding band while out handling some business. That's right, you're married to a beautiful and talented woman: SHOW IT OFF PLAYA! There are thousands of men that would kill to be you, so just have fun with it Jay! 


Early this afternoon, a level 5.4 earthquake shook the metro-area of Los Angeles today. Residents were scared, but there were no major injuries or fatalities. Seismologist experts are claiming that there is a 5% chance that this "moderate" quake can merely be a pre-cursor to a bigger one... That's scary... I'm sorry but I've never been happier to live in dirty, grungy, funky ol' New York. It might be dirty, and it might be cramped but by-God we're stable! Haha. It is likely that California will see a quake of magnitudes 6.7 or higher in the next 30 years. I hope Paris Hilton & Britney Spears have earthquake insurance! Speaking of Hollywood-types, check out the drama of the earthquake unfold on Judge Judy:

YouTube Clip O' The Day: Lean Like A Cholo!

Oh, y'all didn't know? Well that's why I'm here! To put you on to what's new and what's HAWT... Seriously hawt. If you don't know what a Cholo is-- just picture a thugged-out mexican man or woman with a plaid shirt, black bandana talkin bout "Yooooo hoooooooomes! Why you step on my Chuck's hooooomes???? That's violation hoooooomes!" You get the picture... Anyway, check out the latest dance craze that's sweepin the nation and LEAN LIKE A CHOLO BITCHES!!!! :o)

July 28, 2008

U.S Soldier Sentenced To Death By George Bush!

According to CNN.com, Private Ronald Gray (who has been on U.S military death row since 1988) has been approved for execution by "President" Bush. Gray was convicted of raping and killing female army-private as well as a civilian in Fort Bragg, NC. He was also convicted of the rape and attempted murder of another female private. Gray pleaded guilty to 2 murders and 5 rapes between April 1986 and January 1987. This is the first approval for military-execution since 1966. Wow, what a cruel and ugly world this can be... This man is a beast!

Black History

Who said that Black women could not uphold the standard of beauty? I know I didn't. And neither did Italian VOGUE. Behold the cover of the largest-selling Vogue Magazine to date... Is it ironic that this is also the first issue of a high-fashion magazine of this calibur featuring all-Black models? Nope! It is what it is folks, and I must say I am proud. Although the issue was heavily criticized for having all-white ads, it was still a huge step for fashion and a huge step for Pan-African culture. Our broad noses, large lips, hips and thighs are a thing of beauty right along with the rest of the revered images of beauty from the past, and into the future!

I Guess It's Confirmed...

 As I had explained to you all last week, rapper (and actor extraodinaire in his role as hardened-thug) William Roberts (aka "Rick Ross") was indeed a correctional officer for a year and a half. The Smoking Gun has documented evidence to prove what the phony-thug has been denying for weeks... I guess the jig is up big baby bubba, but look on the bright side... You might want to consider applying for an Oscar, Emmy, Tony Award, Golden Globe or something!!!! The man is THAT good....

Spankin' New Videos: Lil' Wayne & Danity Kane

Danity Kane feat. Missy: "BAD GIRL:"

Lil' Wayne Feat. T-Pain: "Got Money"

Picture Of The Day

A very "hot mess" looking Madonna was trying to cope with the media scrutiny swirling around her this weekend. It is such a shame to see her looking like this, when she is usually put-together or decent. She might as well have the scarlet letter taped to her forehead, it's a wrap!

The "King" Over Time...

Lebron "King James" James covers the August 4th edition of TIME Magazine. Ever since he did the controversial VOGUE cover with Gisele Bundchen, he kinda got a bad wrap. It was the lowest-selling Vogue in history! It's a shame, because the imagery was at fault, not Lebron. Lebron James is an extremely talented, diversified, business-savvy young man at age 23. I think this cover gives him much more justice... Don't you?

"Shia LaBusted!"

You might recognize actor Shia LaBoeuf from films like Disturbia, Transformers, or Indiana Jones. Or you might recognize him from your local 10 O'clock news "celebutard" is always in trouble with drugs and stupidity. Early yesterday morning at 3 am, Shia was involved in a car accident on the corner of LaBrea and Fountain in Hollywood. He negotiated a left turn from the wrong side of the road, cutting off the car next to him and causing the accident. He has been held by law enforcement on felony DUI charges as he seemed heavily intoxicated.... Here we go again!

Amy Winehosue Rushed To The Hospital!

BREAKIN NEWS: This evening Amy Winehouse was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance from her London home today... The details behind the emergency is still unknown, but sources say she is in stable condition.... for now. I will update you as the story develops!

July 26, 2008

Getting SUED!

The dueling diva's of hip-hop are in trouble... Again! This time it probably won't land them in jail, but we'll see. Publishing house Simon & Schuster are suing the ladies for advances they got on books that were never written. In 2005 Brown was given $75,000 to write an autobiography by February 2006 called: Broken Silence. Similarly, in 2003 Kim was paid $40,000 to write a novel which was due in 2004. Clearly neither one delivered, and now there is hell to pay... Literally!

* I usually don't do Saturdays... They're my day off, but I dedicate this special Saturday post to my encouraging older sister, who loves my blog and thinks I should post more! The people have spoken, so I gotta give the people what they want.... right?

July 25, 2008

Recession Taking A Bigger Toll On Us Than We Thought...

There was sad news today on CNN.com. 53-year-old, Carlene Balderrama committed suicide with a shotgun to her head, right before her house foreclosed. She begged and pleaded with her mortgage company on Tuesday sending them a desperate fax and begging them not to foreclose. But it was no use.. The procedure was in effect and there was no stopping it. Shortly after she sent her fax, she took her own life. Balderrama leaves a husband and a son behind. For full news coverage of this heart-breaking story Click Here. I can't help but think back to the Great Depression of the late 1920's when people were jumping out of skyscrapers because they were so down in debt that they felt they had no way out. Despite our circumstances, they can always be worse. Suicide is never the answer people. What a shame...

How YOU Doin....Diddy?

For years now, rumors have been swirling about Diddy's sexuality. The infamously metro-sexual music mogul has been rumored to bat for both teams for many years now, and there might be proof. Many speculated that since he always seems to have homosexual male assistants (ie: Farnsworth Bentley) working closely to him. It was also rumored that Diddy himself said he will only work with homosexual males because they are about their business and industry-savvy. Ever since he's been dubbed as "suspect". 

Well... If the gays didn't love him before they certainly will now. Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, Sean Combs--whatever you wanna call him-- is about to change television history! Diddy has a new reality show on VH1 called "Work For Diddy". A production assistant for this project exclusively e-mailed COOL CRUEL WORLD to reveal that one of the contestants is indeed a pre-op transsexual. "Her" name is: Lavern COX.... Get it? Diddy might have just made history for the trans-gendered! Apparently, this issue is never addressed during the show... Interesting... ON the 30 second promo for the show, you can see "Lavern" in all her trannilicious glory:

Now if that's not trann-tastic, I dunno what is! If you would like to know more about "Lavern", you can go to her Myspace page. It's conveniently titled: www.myspace.com/LavernCOX! According to my source, Lavern is very promiscuous and sleeps with many men. Could Diddy be part of this tranny-triangle? Who knows? But at the very least this show will be entertaining! We'll have to wait and see...

Big shouts to A.T for the links & info!

July 24, 2008

VIDEO: Bill O'Reilly Tries To Disrespect NAS!!!

Nas' latest LP has been shrouded in drama and media attention because of it's controversial title: "NI&&ER". Well, Nas didn't stop there. He actually has a song on his album dedicated to the FOX channel-- dismissing it as an evil, racially-driven machine that lies to the masses. He even went as far as to hold a boycott in front of FOX offices yesterday. BIll O'Reilly had some harsh words for controversial MC. WATCH:

Another Hip-Hop Hoax: Starring RICK ROSS!

Earlier last week, it was revealed that the hip-hop persona know as "Rick Ross" was just another hip hop hoax. Quite like the film CB-4 when Chris Rock's character bases his rap career off of a man in his neighborhood that was incarcerated. Eventually, the man broke out of jail, trying to find Rock and kill him for stealing his identity... Tragic... Yet true. That was merely art imitating life, and here we go again! Apparently "Rick Ross" who is a coke-pushing, gun-slinging hustler extraodinaire was in fact a corrections officer bak in 1995. Documents and pictures were found of him-- thus the parody in the picture above. It is a shame that people can't be creative enough to make money off of their own creativity and being who they really are... SMH. Check out the perpetrator in his latest video:

VIDEO: Trashman Claims He's Murdering Black Babies!

In the video below, the infamous youtuber known as "trashman" is talking about how him and some of his faithful followers have poisoned hundreds and thousands of bottles of Gerber baby food in an attempt at population control. Is this real or just a hoax? You decide.

Just In Case You Cared...

Jennifer Lopez turns 39 today! I hate to be mean but (at least in this picture) she is definitely starting to look it... Most likely it's due to the fact that the latin-diva couple of the century have not been able to hold down a nanny. So they are "going it alone". One baby is hard enough to raise let alone two. That's just plain insanity! Anyway, happy b-day LEO-lady... You know we're the best!

John Edwards Has Mistress & Love Child

According to This very detailed report on The National Enquirer,  our nation's favorite VP-hopeful is living a double-life while his wife suffers from cancer... If this story is the real-deal (and they DO have a lot of details) this is just plain sad... 

Diddy Set To Marry Cassie...

Star Magazine is reporting that Diddy has asked for Cassandra Ventura's (aka Cassie) hand in marriage. He ended his ten-year relationship with Kim Porter, the mother of 3 of his 6 children. Cassie is 21 and Diddy is 38. There have been rumors swirling about this secret romance for months now. It seems more than a little ironic that Cassie's latest single is titled: "Official Girl"-- commenting on how she is tired of the charade and would like to be made an official girlfriend to her lover... Hmmmmm. Interesting. I will keep you posted as the story develops!

CATFIGHT!!! Just In Case You Missed It....

The "honorable" women of the WNBA had an all-out brawl the other night. The shake-down was between the L.A Sparks and the Detroit Shocks... WATCH:

Why So Serious?

I'll tell you why... This movie is breaking records and making history all over the globe! This is the first film in cinematic history that has grossed over 200 million in just 5 DAYS!!! Can you believe it??? Everyday since it's release it has made a minimum of $20 million. That is insanity, and I'm sure it's worth it. I have yet to see the film myself (I went last week, but it was chaos so I saw WANTED instead), as I don't enjoy lines or hordes of people, but I will see it in IMAX with one of my homegirls next weekend. I am looking forward to seeing Heath Ledgers final performance which I'm sure will be critically acclaimed. Good going Warner Brothers!

July 23, 2008

Pancakes N' Links...

Anytime is a good time for breakfast! Bring the syrup.... 

Trouble Always Follows Former-Dipset Member Max B ...  Drew Reports

Sarah Jessica Parker Is Getting PLAYED ...  Jen The Pen Bitches!

Blogxilla Is Sick Of Bein Lied To. You Hear That, Rick Ross??? Blogxilla

Ashanti Is An Embassador... No, Really ...  Str8 From The A

Rihanna Is A Throwback Britney From Her Hot Days ...  Neon Limelight

Justin Timberfake's "Black Card" Gets Revoked ...  Word Izz

Spankin' New VIDEO: Khia

Don't LAUGH! She's serious. Check out Khia's new video: "Be Your Lady"... WATCH:

Homegirl Better Start Looking For A New Job...

You know the term "some things are better left unsaid"? Well Sherri Shepherd has clearly never heard of it because she has been airing out her dirtiest laundry for the world to see. She did an interview with the Christian-based Precious Times Magazine and spoke on her wayward past before she was saved. Shepherd had the following to say: 

On Her Past: "My sister was heavy into drugs, and we would have to go and get her from crack houses. I was sleeping with a lot of guys and had more abortions than I would like to count...."

On Being Saved: "God showed me that it would make a difference. I ask the Lord, 'Why am I here?' I have to trust God when He says, 'Because I said so....'"

On Barbara Walters:  "Oh, sometimes I say, 'Lord, Juanita Bynum or Joyce Meyer would be so good at this table. They could lay hands on Barbara Walters and get her saved.'" 

Wow. Well I hope The View gives her a nice severance package.

Question Of The Century

Where is this woman's STYLIST???? Oh my bad. Looking like a 14-year old hussy from 1983 must be the in-thing these days... smh. This woman has too much money to look like she just cleaned up at the sale-rack in dress barn. Do not be fooled by the masses! This is unacceptable! Mariah Carey in all her "glory" outside of MTV's TRL studios in NYC yesterday...

Picture Of The Day

Doesn't Amy Winehouse look better in wax than she does in real life? This is the premiere of her likeness at Madame Toussaud's Wax Museum in London.

Golden Girl Estelle Getty Dies At 84

Estelle Getty has been affectionately known as the kooky mother of Dorothy on the sitcom hit, Golden Girls. I remember being in high school on Sunday afternoons after church I would curl up on my couch in the den and watch re-runs of Golden Girls on the Lifetime channel all day long. I was a young rambunctious teen, but I could still appreciate the humor and the issues that were raised in the show. Getty passed away yesterday morning at 5:35 am. She had been sick for quite some time, and had been fighting dementia for years. My heart and prayers go out to Estelle's family. May she rest in eternal peace.

China Is Racist! Refuses To Serve Blacks During Olympics!!!

According to THIS STORY on Shanghaiist.com, Beijing bar owners and employees have been instructed to turn Black and Mongolian patrons away from their bars during this Olympic season. Apparently, this order has been passed down by the Public Security Bureau of Beijing:

Bar owners near the Workers' Stadium in central Beijing say they have been forced by Public Security Bureau officials to sign pledges agreeing not to let black people enter their premises.

"Uniformed Public Security Bureau officers came into the bar recently and told me not to serve black people or Mongolians," said the co-owner of a western-style bar, who asked not to be named.

This is sickening and sad. It makes my stomach churn. People are usually afraid of what they do not know, and in this case that reality is looming. My parents visited Hong Kong back in 2001, and during the trip my mother said crowds of people would stop, stare and even tough her to make sure she was real. Many of them had never seen a Black person before. Some were frightened-- some were curious, all were pretty much ignorant about anything outside of their culture... Knowing these things still happen and exist in this world frightens me... We must do better!

July 22, 2008

Pharrell To Be A Baby-Daddy?

People, people, people! Pray for me. I might just catch my first assault/attempted murder case because of this week's latest rumor. I really might have to hurt somebody-- that somebody being Pharrell's new lady-friend. Usually, I refuse to write about rumors because they are mean and fruitless, but this is just too much. Page Six is reporting that Pharrell Williams (aka my soon-to-be-baby-daddy) has already knocked-up some model-type he met last year in Miami... His rep had no comment, and the "source" says Williams is very private about his personal matters so that is all we know so far... This is not how it was supposed to work. It was supposed to be me gosh darn it! I call foul! FOOOOOOUL! This is unjust, unfair, unfathomable... But oh well, life does go on.... I guess. If this is true I really do need your prayer... I'm too pretty for jail y'all! Haha.

Battle of The B*tches!

I'm giving your brain the chance to relax... This is so not news, but it's still entertaining! Omarosa got into it yesterday on the Wendy Williams show which debuted on FOX this week. During the heated interview (below), Wendy tells Omarosa she needs more than Botox for her wrinkles, and Omarosa tells Wendy she needs a better wig that doesn't sit 3 inches off of her head.... Yikes! Only in America people... Check out the claws and catfight below:

July 21, 2008

Picture Of The Day

Under the dictionary definition of idiot, you will probably see this picture. Doron Braunshtein is the idiot designer who made this shirt, and a host of others in his NYC boutique including: "Jews Against Obama", "Obama = Hitler", and "Who Killed Obama?" An unidentified female wearing the shirt was assaulted and spit on by four girls for wearing the above shirt. She is suing the designer for damages. 

Braunshtein claims that Obama is a modern-day Hitler, that he is a closet-Muslim (hmmmm, I wonder what Obama's church congregation would think of that accusation) and that Americans aren't ready for an African-American president. This fool claims he is not racist, and says that his race is the one thing he likes about Obama, because he is opening doors for other minorities.... Ok sure-- he's not racist. Because, you know slavery in this country had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with race.... Right? Yeah.... Riiiiiiiight. 


Boy, STOP! DMX Arrested, Yet Again...

Earl Simmons aka DMX used to be a man I listened to, vibed to, respected and admired. Now, he's little more than a disgrace and a low-life. This weekend, DMX was arrested on identity-theft charges. Apparently back in April he had gotten some work done at a clinic in excess of $7,500. He used a fake name a false social security number, and now he has been caught. This is the 13th arrest for the troubled rapper in the last two years. The 6th arrest since May 2nd! It is a shame to see his contemporaries like Jay-Z, Swizz Beats & Jadakiss still grinding, shining, and doing their thing, while DMX just wastes away into a drug-induced oblivion with one embarrassing arrest after another. Who would have thought such a bright star would have fallen so far? For shame....

Federline Gets Full Custody Of Brit's Kids...

This past week in LA, the courts decided to give Kevin Federline full custody of his two sons with Britney Spears. Spears is happy with the decision as she is still recovering from her mental break-down, working on a new album, and getting her post-baby bod back in shape. Kevin and Britney have worked out their past issues, and are amicable. This means Britney can basically see her sons whenever she wants. I think this is one of the best decision either of them have made since they met. Britney is in no condition to care for two small children. She needs to get her stability back for good before even considering it. I'm gla the two have finally matured and decided on a solution. Federline will be receiving $20,000 per month of support from Spears. Can you say: CHA-CHING!

July 18, 2008


...He simply is. Hip-hop veteran eye-candy Nasir Jones yesterday at a taping of TRL. Don't forget to pick up your copy of Nas' latest LP: "N" in stores NOW!!!!

Picture Of The Day

Is it just me, or does my girl Foxy look a tad bit.... Dare I say it... Washed up? Beautiful as she may be, that pose and that "outfit" are truly outdated. She could have done this cover in 1997 during her hay-day... Right? But hey, I'm no judge and jury so if she likes it, we love it!

July 17, 2008

Picture Of The Day

One year older, and one surgery crazier... Why Kim? WHY????? The above is a picture of LIl' Kim at her birthday bash this past weekend looking like LaToya Jackson's protege... smh

Spankin' New Video: Ashanti

Ashanti: "Good, Good"

Whoopi Makes Hasselbeck Cry Over "N" Word

Elisabeth Hasselbeck & Whoopi Goldberg got into it on "The View" on the controversial "N" word episode...Hasselbeck was being the naive conservative she always is, and Whoopi gave it to her on a platter, and broke ish DOWN! Homegirl eventually broke down into tears.. Hey, if you can't take the heat....

July 16, 2008

Why I Respect Ne-Yo

...I don't care what anyone says. Ne-Yo is an R&B artist, song-writer, blah blah, but he RIPPED this A-Milli beat. He seriously did. I don't even look at the man the same... Watch:

Spankin' New Video: Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys' "Superwoman":

Picture Of The Day

The corniest couple on the planet continue their 6 week honeymoon in Florida at the Disney World resorts... For some reason, I think they are trying to dispell those unhappiness rumors, but I'm no judge and jury...

GAY (I mean Happy) Al Reynolds Speaks!

Just when we thought it was safe to deem this man an irrelevant victim of the post z-list vortex.... He resurfaces! Al Reynolds wants you to know the real him... SO much so, that he has dedicated a YouTube Channel to show the world how he is soooo not Mr. Star Jones, and never has been... Hmmmmm. Interesting. But just in case y'all were curious... Check it out! The douche disabled embedding, so I couldn't post it here. Just click on that link above, lazy bones!

Just In Case You Cared...

Jessica Alba and Honor Marie Warren made their photo-debut in OK! Magazine this week.... *Yawn*... Next!

July 15, 2008

Picture Of The Day

Guess who has just boycotted The New Yorker from now until eternity? Yep, you guessed it. The ridiculous levels of backlash to the inevitable Obama-victory is staggering. It's sad, pathetic and just plain bad journalism. The New Yorker wanted to do a satirical depiction of what the right-wing has painted the Obama camp as: Muslim-based terrorists. It really just came off as super-offensive and tacky. They should be ashamed. How did they expect this to translate? We have got to do better in 2008...

True "Queendom" Is 3 Babies By 3 Baby-Daddy's?

Girl, please. I'm just sayin... I love the Baduism just as much as the next soy-eating, granola-loving, natural-haired conscious soul-- however. I'm not judging, I'm just looking at pure facts. The Queen of "Neo-Soul": Erkah Badu, is pregnant with her third child. The father is her musical-mastermind protege: Jay Electronica. Badu has two other children by L.A rapper D.O.C, as well as her first child, Seven, with the enigma that is Andre 3000. I'll give her this much, she definitely has a knack for linking up with some flavorful fellas. But I can't say I would suggest conducting a family as broken-up as this one. 3 children with 3 fathers in one household is rough... I can't say it would be the healthiest environment for a child, but if she can do it successfully I suppose that's all that matters... I suppose. Badu is in the new issue of VEGNews magazine, blasting a lot of people and fans that have been hating on her lifestyle:

“How dare you disrespect the queendom … and my children and my intelligence. I’ve never been so disgusted in all of my life,” the singer began in her rant....
“I am a great mother and caregiver to my two children, and to this world,” Badu wrote. “My children are two of the kindest and happiest people I have met … I am their doctor and their nurse, and even sometimes their mother and their father. I am an excellent mother and resent all of the negative comments and insults on my character....”
“I put much time and though into having and raising my children. I’ve had the honors of having two home births and two wonderful partners by my side. Every relationship I have been in was because i loved the person dearly and was dedicated to us ‘exclusively’ for a number of years. The fathers of my children are my brothers and friends. We have a great deal of respect for one another and always will. We love out children to no end. We took our own ‘vows’ and continue to uphold them, and that is what that is. Question? What is marriage? Who is the judge? … Would it ‘look better’ to marry and divorce and marry again?”
She did admit that she may lose a few fans, but didn’t care, refusing to bite her tongue. “If I lose you as a fan because I want to continue to have children, then f*** off … who needs you … certainly not me … kick rocks … call Tyrone … pack light … bite me.... and....KISS MY PLACENTA” Badu wrote.

July 14, 2008

Picture Of The Day

Some A-ROD anti-fans at the Yanks game yesterday proving that a picture is worth a thousand words....

YouTube Clip O' The Day: The Subway Stripper

Just when I thought life couldn't get any more interesting... Apparently in Chile, there is this mystical woman who goes around various subway stations rubbing her cuchifritos on random subway poles, while entertaining the masses of commuting men and women. I peeped this elegant clip on Dlisted... Big shouts to Michael K who is always good for a laugh! Check out the clip below: