July 26, 2008

Getting SUED!

The dueling diva's of hip-hop are in trouble... Again! This time it probably won't land them in jail, but we'll see. Publishing house Simon & Schuster are suing the ladies for advances they got on books that were never written. In 2005 Brown was given $75,000 to write an autobiography by February 2006 called: Broken Silence. Similarly, in 2003 Kim was paid $40,000 to write a novel which was due in 2004. Clearly neither one delivered, and now there is hell to pay... Literally!

* I usually don't do Saturdays... They're my day off, but I dedicate this special Saturday post to my encouraging older sister, who loves my blog and thinks I should post more! The people have spoken, so I gotta give the people what they want.... right?

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