May 30, 2008

VIDEO: More On The 50 vs. Shaniqua Battle

TMZ has some insight on the topic of the hour. 50 Cent reportedly got into a verbal altercation with Shaniqua just this past Monday in Manhattan. Check out the footage of the clash:

It is also being reported that during a deposition in Shaniqua's attorney's office last week, 50 and his goons trashed the place in heated retaliation. It is becoming evident that the possibility that this fire was not an accident is veeeery likely. More likely than I initially thought, and although I do not think 50 would consciously put his only son in that type of danger-- people get serious lapses of judgement in the heat of anger... Stay tuned for more.

UPDATE: Shaniqua believes that someone might have broken intot he house a good hour before this morning's fire. In response to the allegations being made, 50 Cent's reps had the following to say:

"Informed this morning while filming a new motion picture on location in Louisiana, Curtis Jackson expressed deep concern over this fire at his property. He is extremely thankful that everyone including his son, Marquise, escaped the burning house safely. He is confident that authorities will be conducting a thorough investigation of the incident and is eager to review their findings."

When It All Falls Down....

Fifty Cent's multi-million dollar home went from a beautiful sprawling mansion, to this charred mess:

In the last 24-hours. His ex Shaniqua and their 10-year old son Marquise narrowly escaped their fiery death, as well as four others. Shaniqua has been said to be "very pissed" at this time, and foul play is suspected by investigators... Everyone involved suffered smoke-inhalation due to the fire, but is doing alright. Shaniqua and 50 have been having a very public dispute about his ownership of the house which has landed them in court. No word on who are the suspects in this case.... More to come as the story develops. Props to "that Bitch" from Rhymes With Snitch for the pics...

R. Kelly's SURPRISE Witness...

The man pictured above with Kelly's defense attorney's is the man the world has been waiting for. Prosecution's testimonies were suspended in light of this new addition to the trial.The man's name is Damon Pryor, and he is expected to completely discredit the prosecution's star witness' testimony. He is set to claim that it is in fact himself who is in the video-- not Kelly, and that he often posed as R. Kelly in order to sleep with young girls. This has me thinking one thing: how much did Kelly have to pay for this fool to show up? The fact that he magically arrives at the eleventh hour suggests that this might be a fraud. The young girl in the video was close with Kelly and his family. Why would she sleep with an impostor for money when: A. according to her family's testimony that's "not her style" and B. she knows Kelly well and personally. Why would she do that? We'll have to stay tuned to this drama to find out!

May 29, 2008

Lil' Wayne Swagger-Jacks Sweet Lil' White Lady!

According to reports, Lil' Wayne sampled Karma Ann Swanepoel's song "Once" on his song "Dying". The similarities are painfully clear. If you would like to here the two versions for yourself, Click Here... Wayne is currently getting sued by the singer's record company in a Louisiana court... I hate to be ironic here, but talk about KARMA! Now how you like DEM apples, Weezy?

Guilty... As CHARGED!

Isn't it illegal for gay men to impregnate strange women over 50? I guess not, because if so-- Clay Aiken (yes, that's right CLAY AIKEN) will be guilty as charged. The clearly-closeted pop sensation has impregnated his good friend and co-producer Jaymes Foster:

According to she is due sometime in August. She has no kids, and she is the ex-wife of famed producer David Foster. Clay is 29.... Go figure! Apparently Foster was artificially inseminated (duh!), however Clay plans to play an active role in the child's life. After all Foster is his best-friend and most devoted fag-hag... Why not?

He's A Genius... I Swear!

This is Kanye's third installment for "Flashing Lights". This version is a spooky dark cinematic pleaser which looked like it could have been directed by Tim Robbins and starred Johnny Depp. Very Sweeny Todd-esque. If I were truly famous, I'd make Kanye marry me... I mean, I know he likes white girls, but I'm just sayin'-- LOL. WATCH:

This... Is.... WRONG!

Wooow... I just don't know where to begin. Ohhhh, who am I kidding? Of course I do! Mimi, Mimi, Mimi... Where art thou stylist? Firstly, that gaudy "baseball" jacket that looks like it came from "5,7,9" has to go. Those cut-off jean shorts from the "Dreamlover" video weren't cute then, nor are they cute now. She should also give those shoes back to Heidi Fleiss' ex-minion; I think she's walking up and down Hollywood Blvd looking for them as we speak. And the hair would be fly-- if it was 1995. I'm sorry to tear her down like that, but this is UNACCEPTABLE! She's a legend for goodness sakes, there's no need for such fashion fuckery! But I digress....
These are shots of Mariah in Japan pitching the first ball at a "Giants /Tigers" baseball game in Tokyo, Japan. I weep for her. And this is a little off topic, but doesn't she look unrecognizably skinny? What happened to her booty? Ahhhh, another Hollywood mystery.

....And The Drama Continues...

The R. Kelly trial is getting more juicy than "Days of Our Lives". Yesterday one of the key prosecution witnesses was supposed to come fourth and identify Kelly and the underaged girl as the two in the infamous sex video. Apparently, she had had a threesome with them a time or two, and was planning on testifying against them. However, her testimony was put on hold because the defense had a surprise witness-- a witness that would discredit the prosecution's witness and paint the woman as a liar.... The trial resumes today and the drama will continue to unfold.... Stay tuned for more details!

Tyra Banks Is The New Oprah

...Well, at least according to The new York Times she is. I thought this article was so appropriate considering the mess about Buckeey that's posted below. Young minority women can still stand up and make us proud, and not have to show all their goods in the process to do so. According to Perez Hilton, Oprah is on a steep on steady decline. However, it seems as though Tyra is right behind her ready to pick up the pieces. This piece in NYT magazine outlines Tyra, her brand and her many achievements. Hate her, or love her, homegirl is definitely doing her thing in the entertainment business and I'm glad to see that she is more than just a pretty face... Go girl!

May 28, 2008

The DEVIL Made Her do It? Buckeey (Flavor of Love) Sex Tape: *NSFW*

WARNING: this ish is NASTY. I am only putting it up here as a cautionary tale for any young talented lady out there that believes that the Paris-Hilton-Kim-Kardashian road to fame is the way... It's not! Buckeey should be ashamed for this mess (if this really is her), and I seriosuly doubt that this will help her "career" but if it does may snakes smite my mouth and swarms of locusts devour my body whole.... These tapes are really messing up the game people... Like my homeboy Blogxilla said... It's a damn shame. If your spirit moves you to witness the debauchery (and your of age) Click Here

This Is Getting Ridiculous: T.I's New Reality Show

Honestly, I want to sit outside the Viacom offices and boycott until they give me my own damn reality show. I sure could use one. I hear, "Girl, you should have your own show!" just as often as the average person hears: "Good Morning"... And trust me, I'd be good for it. I've been known to dangle $1 bills on a fishing line in front of panhandlers until they "crank that" just the way I like it. But I digress....

T.I aka "fake thuggin" is getting a new reality show on MTV. The show is currently in production and it will follow him around for the next few weeks as he serves his 1000 hours of community service and gets prepared for his 1-year jail stint. I guess a brother has got to get paid now that he's not selling drugs and killing people anymore... SMH. Will you be watching????

Sex In The City Premiere: NYC

Wassup my faithful flock! Sorry about the delay in posting the past two days, but my modem is acting up, and won't be fixed until tomorrow. By then we'll be BACK IN BUSINESS!! Until then, enjoy some shots that I spotted at Concrete Loop... I am certainly looking forward to this flick, although it's sold out everywhere and I will probably have to wait a couple days...The SITC girls were out in full force and Lil' Kim, Mary and others made cameos:

May 27, 2008

Michael Lohan OUTS His Daughter Lindsay!

Well, it's official. Lindsay Lohan is a bonafide carpet-muncher and her father has confirmed the more-than-obvious news... A few weeks back I had reported this juicy tidbit but no one really believed me... UNTIL NOW!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But seriously. Michael Lohan to US Magazine that the lesbian affair :

" evident to anyone with half a brain...Just like the [topless] Marilyn Monroe spread, Linds is my daughter and there are just some things a father doesn't want to see or hear, regardless of whether they are true or false...She's a big girl, and she can make her own life choices. Then it is between her and God."

Wow. If Lindsay didn't like her dad before she REALLY doesn't like him now, but I can't say he's wrong. She's been hopping and skipping around the world with this girl--holding hands and making plans. We all know Samantha munches the carpet, and we are yet to see Lindsay linked to any new beau (and we all know how she loves a new beau)-- so it's more than a little bit obvious. I say she should embrace it and enjoy it. Lord knows it can only help her career. We all know how scandal boosts people to the A-list nowadays. Look at Paris and Kim K... Why not?

New Khia: "My PU#%Y" (NSFW)

I have a question. Why is this girl always talking about her ying yang? First it was "My neck, my back". Then it was "Snatch the cat back". Now she's like: "ef a theme-- I'mma just put it on out there" with "My Pu&%y"... Now, is this a female who is desperate for attention? Or is this an affirmation of some kind of pride and empowerment? I'd most likely go with the former. This is really out of control! She needs some attention. Why don't one of you nice readers get her a House of Dereon denim jumpsuit and send her on her way? We know that's all she really wants... Check out the new freak-anthem by Khia below:

Kanye Got A Workout Plan, And So Does Ashanti!

In recent months, there has been major controversy over Ashanti's weight gain/loss. There was even some articles circlating the web last year claiming that the songstress had gained so much weight that she banned photographers taking pictures of her. She sat down with VH1 to discuss tips on how she became so svelte in the last few weeks. It's cool that she is so open about this topic, being that it is a very sensitive one. Listen up LADIES! It's summertime!

Amazingly, They're Still Together....


Here's a shot of Mimi and her man-servant....Oops! I mean husband Nick Cannon arrived in Japan yesterday for the MTV music awards in Japan. They hammed it up for the photogs, and Mimi showed off her wedding ring... I'm sorry, But I just can't take these two seriously.... Can you?

May 24, 2008

VIDEO: Kanye West Flashing Lights (Part II)

Kanye West did a series of three videos for "Flashing Lights" The video below is his second effort. I prefer this video to the first, because it is original. The cinematic style is very abstract, and is exactly what I would expect from 'Ye. Simply put, he's a genius:

Exclusive: Wendy Williams Interviews R. Kelly's Brother: Carey Kelly

Carey Kelly airs R. Kelly out in this interview with Wendy Williams this week. He makes an attem pt to clear his name after R. Kelly's camp tried to pin the sex tape on him.... Carey brings many issues to light; including some that have nothing to do with the case, but mroe with their family relations.... Watch:

May 23, 2008

VIDEO: Naomi Campbell's 38th birthday

I should just call Friday random day... The random posting is getting out of control.. But I digress. The web has been swirling with photos of Naomi Campbell at her 38th birthday party in Cannes, France (on Diddy's yacht). Rumor has it that she had fought with Diddy and left the boat in tears, but it just seems like she was hella crunk and hella drunk. Thanks to "That Bitch" from Rhymes With Snitch for the link!

New WEEZER VIDEO: Pork n' Beans!

AHHHHHHHHHHH! I freakin' LOOOOOOOOVE Weezer-- ever since they came out with "Buddy Holly"... And yes... I am "ecclectic" and listen to "white" music... Big freakin WHOOP! LOL... Anyway, check out the video-- it's hot and it features MANY familiar faces from YOUTUBE There's something for everyone!

Former R. Kelly Protege, Sparkle, Blows Case Wide Open

Stephanie Edwards (aka Sparkle) was a key witness yesterday in R. Kelly's court proceedings. Between 1998 and early 2000, Sparkle worked closely with Kelly on a promising singing career, but with little buzz around her, she faded into obscurity. She is the aunt of the underaged girl that was allegedly in the infa ous sex tape that R. Kelly made. She testified against Kelly confirming that the girl in the tape was indeed her young niece. The defense tried to say that because of Edwards' fledgling career she is trying to blackmail Kelly, but I seriously doubt anyone is that malicious. The proceedings, however, got ugly according toThe Chicago Tribune .....Oh drama! I will keep you posted as the story develops...

A Cheesburger Away From Obese...

This is a Clip of "The bad Girl's Club" reunion hosted by Star Jones on the Oxygen network. I looooooved this season. It was full of cat-fights, bitchin', drama, jail and drunk hoochie behavior. As you can see in this clip, the reunion was no different:

New Lindsay Lohan?? "Bossy"

Is she as "bossy" as KELIS??? I think NOT! I dunno, I think homegirl should stick to what she's good at... Whatever that is...

New Lil' Kim: Respirator

Lil' Kim has come out with a new joint that is sure to be a summer-banger. It's called "Respirator", and she's jumping on that "T-Pain voice-effect" bandwagon that kinda gets on my nerves, but it's still kinda hot. Check it out Here!

May 22, 2008

Usher & Tameka Seperate After 9 Long Months...

Wow! Who would have known they would last this long... OK, that was in poor taste... My bad. Anyway, the Internet is abuzz about the couple we love-to-hate headed towards splitsville. Rumor has it that Usher and wife Tameka are headed for a divorce. There are no details as far as the cause of the split, but the speculations are endless. Some believe it might have been the tension between Tameka and Usher's mother... Others believe it was her jealousy towards Keri Hilson and other beautiful women usher has been working with lately. Others still believe that Usher has finally gotten his sight back... Oops! That was in poor taste too, huh?
Anyway, Usher has been reported to have recently filed for divorce despite the fact that the two were seen together this past Sunday at a shoot. Perhaps this is all here say and conjecture, and perhaps not. Only time will tell. But I will say this, for Hollyweird 9 months ain't bad... Ain't bad at all.
UPDATE: Tameka called in to 107.9 to set the record straight to all her "haters". She says that her and Ursheeer are experiencing the best of marital bliss and someone viciously started this false rumor just to hate on their "love". She laso claims that she plans to get her attorney's involved for slander.... Damn boo, it's not that serious. If you're happy, you're happy "f" the haters.. It comes with the territory... get used to it!

Stedman In Talks to Sign 10Mil Book Deal & Sell Oprah OUT!

The National Enquirer is reporting that Oprah's former-flame popularly known as Stedman has been offered a $10 mil. book deal to air out Oprah's dirty laundry. Quite frankly, if I were him, I'd hold out for more-- that just doesn't seem like enough for the richest person in show-business who keeps her private life air-tight. I mean, I don't necessarily agree with selling her out, but if you're going to do it, do it right...

Anyway, apparently he covers a wide array of topics including catching Oprah in bed with Gayle. Apparently they claim that they act like schoolgirls having sleep-overs and all was innocent... But I for one am skeptical. He also talks about the Michele Obama feud where Michele threatens to separate from Barack if he doesn't put his foot down about Oprah's open flirtatiousness.... Sounds juicy!

VIDEO: Cassie & Diddy Being Oh So Ironic

I had spotted this video a few weeks back on Crunk n' Disorderly (Wassup Fresh?), and although we all had a good laugh at Cassie's critical side-eye action we didn't truely know the gravity of this video. We didn't, that is until these pictures surfaced on the net.... This was worthy of a repost because I for one now look at this video with a whole new disdain and sadness. In this song she is CLEARLY talking about Diddy and his bitchassness in the monogamy department. Wow. I can't take the irony.. I just can't take it. Just PEEP her critical side-eye when she says "Yeah, because EVERYBODY wants to be someone's official girl"... Wow...

The Face Of A Douchebag

Watch carefully kids! This is the face of a blatant idiot guilty of douchebaggery. Alex Phillips, 17, got apprehended by Wisconsin police on child pornography charges. You see, he was bitter with his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend, so he posted naked pictures of her on his Myspace page. She reported him to the police, and they gave him a warning. They told him to take down the racy pics or he would be prosecuted. Unfortunately for him he replied with a simple, "hell no, fuck that-- they're staying", and now he gets to spend some quality time in the penn with "Tiny" (who ain't so tiny, trust me) and some more of his friends. For more details check it out at The Smoking Gun!

New Usher Video: Moving Mountains

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May 21, 2008

The Oldest 14-Year Old On Earth.

I cannot believe that this child is 14. What are kids eating/drinking these days????

A Unique Body Part Might Save His Ass...Literally!

The R. Kelly trial has started, and his defense team is already calling for a dismissal. According to the defense, Kelly has a distinct lima-bean shaped mole on his lower back. Apparently, the man in the infamous sex tape that the prosecution has presented does not have this mole. Therefor, the defense is claiming that the man in the video is clearly not Kelly, and the trial should be dismissed right away. Hmmmmm. I'm just wondering-- if this was the case all along, why did the defense drag this trial date out for 6 years? Why couldn't they just say this in 2002 and have the whole charade end? I know why. Because as my girl Fresh says, "something in the milk ain't clean"! For real!

Ray-J Proposes To Rumored Love Whitney Houston??

Now, you know I hate to gossip, and CCW is all about factual entertaining tid-bits, but this one was too juicy to pass up... According to mediatakeout, the infamous Rn'B "star" Ray-J has proposed to Whitney Houston. The two have been linked to each other since last year when Whitney ended her 14-year long marriage to Bobby Brown. According to this source 27-year old Ray-J asked for Whitney's hand in marriage over the phone. She did not give him a definitive "yes" or "no" according to these sources...

Ray J has been linked to Lil' Kim as well as the reality-star beauty Kim Kardashian. His career took off when he leaked a sex tape of him and Kardashian. Despite this, he is best known for being Brandy Norwood's little brother... IF THIS IS TRUE (and that is a BIG "if" mind you) I can't believe he is trying to pull a Nick Cannon on Whitney's ass! I hope she's smart and says HELL NO, but I can't knock a brother for trying!

Rihanna Has made It To The Casting Couch!

It was inevitable, so pick up your lip, don't be surprised! Let's jsut hope that Rih-Rih is a better actress than her arch-nemesis (just kidding!) Beyonce. Rihanna is set to star in a new film adaptation of Iceberg Slim's book, Mama Black Widow (according to The details are as follows:

"Mama Black Widow is the portrait of a black family's migration from the southern Mississippi fields of the segregated south to the ghettoized black underworld of Chicago during the 1930's. The story follows Otis Tilson's struggle to keep his family together as they navigate through a world of alcoholism, pimping, sexual deviation and racial degradation. Told in the gut level language of the original novel by Iceberg Slim, the family's journey is a harsh testament of lives lived on the margins of a racist and predatory world."

The cast also includes: Mos Def, Kerry Washington, Macy Gray, Anthony Anderson, and Brian J. White. It sounds interesting, dramatic and cool. The cast is great! I love Mos and Kerry. I wouldn't be surprised if Jiggaman had something to do with her getting the gig-- he always compared himself to Iceberg Slim-- it's just so fitting! Look out for the movie coming soon....

If You Care: B-List Celebs Got Hitched This Week

A very-pregnant Jessica Alba and her cheating-ass boyfriend Cash Warren got married yesterday at a California courthouse. Their publicist confirmed the news to The Daily News yesterday afternoon at press time. The two met in 2005 on the set of Fantastic Four.Of course the pregnancy wasn't planned, but careless celebs always try to make up for that with shotgun weddings... Case-in-point:

These two emo-kids (Pete wentz & Ashlee Simpson) got hitched on Sunday, at a low-key reception at the Simpson house in Encino. Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Ash Wentzday is expecting, but they have been vehemently denying (as usual). The rushed wedding kind of gives them away, but we'll see what happens. If it's true, she can't hide it forever... Right? The one good thing is that the kids were smart enough to get a pre-nup. Good going.

May 20, 2008

R. Kelly Needs A Prayer.. And A Genie!

R.Kelly better believe he can fly now, so he can fly his ass far away from here! He's about to be put away for a loooooong time if all goes as planned. The jury has been selected, and the trial is well on it's way to fruition. Not only is there a videotape against him, there is a plethora of damning evidence: his marriage certificate to a then-15 year old Aaliyah, and the testimonies.... Word on the street is that Robert's brother Carey is putting Robert Kelly on FULL BLAST. Carey is making some wild and serious allegations against his brother. It all started back in '07 when his brother did several dvd interviews airing Robert out, and claiming that Kelly tried to bribe him in order to take the fall, but he refused. He claims that Kelly is a closeted homosexual (as referred to in his hit song(s) "Trapped in the Closet"), he claims that Kelly and his wife had a wild sex life including orgies, and Kelly often beat and verbally abused his wife. He also claims that Kelly had numerous trysts with under aged women, and even molested their underaged niece! This is serious because now we leave the realm of just pedophilia, and enter the realm of incest.... WOOOOOOW. This is sure to be the trial of the century and it's not looking good for the "pied piper" of R n' B.....

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Jayonce Expected To Interview Exclusively With Oprah

According to Jay-Z and Beyonce are in talks about doing an exclusive interview with Oprah sometime this summer. The camera-shy couple will be expected to talk about marriage, pregnancy rumors as well as the industry and pressures of an industry relationship. This might be one of the most anticipated interviews in black media. If this is true, I'm sure the ratings will be insane. I'm just interested to watch because I know that Oprah has made no secret about her disdain for rap and rappers... Things that make you go HMMMMMMMM.

Nas Reneges On ""NIGGER"

After all the controversy and promotion that Nas has put into his anticipated new LP formerly titled "Nigger", Nas has chosen to renege. At the last minute, Nas decided to change his album title to simply "Nas". Sources from Universal had this to say:
A representative for Def Jam has confirmed to that hip-hop artist Nas has made an eleventh-hour decision to change the title of his new album from N—– to simply Nas.
I for one am shocked. Especially with all the effort Nas put in to promoting the controversial album, I thought he would go all the way with it. But I guess the pressure got to him. nonetheless, I am still anticipating this concept album... Nas is always known for pushing the envelope, and this album should be no different.

Foxy Brown HATES Her New Album

Foxy brown's latest LP in 7 years (Brooklyn's Don Diva) was set to be released this month. But instead of releasing the album, Foxy wants to give it a major face lift. She claims that she heard the end result of her album just days ago and was devastated:

“Unfortunately, during my incarceration, this CD was compiled without my approval. I heard this CD in its entirety, for the first time, just says ago and was devastated.In another phase of my life and career, I would have dealt with this situation with litigation, but for the benefit of my fans and in the wake of the profound spiritual cleansing I recently underwent in prison, I made the decision to settle our creative differences amicably.’ Foxy goes on to claim that her fans are used to a certain integrity of her brand, and the end result falls short of that standard. She is very confident when she says she will ‘deliver the biggest street album in female rap history."

Hmmmm. That sounds like a mess and a half. She definitely should have been a bigger part of that process, and it boggles the mind that she wasn't. Why would she wait until this close to her release date to start dictating and rearranging? Come on Foxy, you've been in the game too long to be doing things so hap-hazard. It's good that she wants a quality product, but it's just plain embarrassing to hear your own album and hate it. Best of luck to her....

The "Are You Serious?" Files...

Ok, so word on the street is that Lil' Wayne wants to become a true thespian. It was bad enough that reality z-list stars are starting to take real actors' jobs, but now this? I personally think homeboy should stick to rapping, but who am I? Wayne is set to star in the upcoming, Fast and Furious 4 film. He will be alongside "greats" like Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. he is also in talks to star alongside the (real) great Forest Whitaker in a movie titled, Patriots that drops in November. I'm not one to prejudge, so let's just see if he can make some movie magic-- I mean he IS one of the most dramatic rappers I've ever seen so this might be right up his alley!

May 19, 2008

Have We Gone Too Far?

This is a video remix of Soulja Girl: the bi-ploar girl who had a crazy episode on a local Atalnta train. is it wrong that so many are making light of the debauchery? I'm not going to lie, I chuckled a little. As wrong as this video is-- I did chuckle a little bit...

More Evidence That Hip Hop Is Dead...

Y'all can't be serious.

"Big" Al Is Ready To Talk!

Al Reynolds has been shopping his story around to various tv shows and news outlets. He is waiting for the highest bidder so he could dish all the dirty details and secrets of his (now infamous) marriage to Star Jones. he is looking for at least six figures to let the cat out of the bag, and sources say he might be waiting forever. People want the dirt, but they just don't want to pay him. Jones is very media savvy and is a smart lawyer. Her pre-nup was air-tight and I'm surprised that she didn't have some kind of clause to prevent this sort of thing. Oh, well. Ms. Reynolds gotta pay those bills somehow I guess!

Rihanna Wants To Sell You Her Underwear!

The reigning "princess of the roc" is now more than a pop tart slinging bright-colored umbrellas. She feels the industry pressure to become a brand like the likes of J.Lo, Britney & Beyonce. When asked what her next ventures might be in a recent article, Rihanna claimed that she would like to start her own line of lingerie. She chose lingerie because most artists do the "fashion line thing" but few venture into the super-sexy side. If she does go through with this, she better do it soon. We all know how short that 15 minutes on the top can be! Just ask J.Lo who probably has 2 warehouses full of played out J.Lo jeans and accessories!