November 30, 2008

You Decided...

...That the craziest event that went down in 2008, with a whopping 50% of your votes, was the triple-homicide in the Hudson family that happened last month. We were all dumbfounded by the tragic news and we are still grasping at straws to make any type of sense of it. Jennifer Hudson has been having a terrific year, with yet another hit film (Sex In The City) under her belt, and a new engagement to boot (although, I heard rumors that the two have recently split). It was a shame to hear such terrible news.

Runner up, with 40% of your vote was none other than our President elect Barack Obama. It is truly a miracle, and I am still stunned that he is our nation's leader. Every day I wake up like it's Ground Hog's Day, like I'm realizing that we have a Black president for the very first time...

Mariah Carey's sham-marriage (lol) to Nick Cannon, and Britney's meltdown both tied for 3rd place with 5% of your votes... Thanks for participating, and please check out the latest poll up: "Who is the official IT girl of 2008"? In the meantime and in-between time, stay warm, stay dry... And most importantly: STAY FLY! I'm out.

One Man Killed & Others Injured In Walmart Stampede...

...The term "Black Friday" will never be the same for Americans. Particularly those in Long Island, NY. According to the Daily News 34-year-old Jdimytai Damour was a temporary seasonal employee for Walmart during this busy holiday season. He was trying to calm the crowd at 5 am on Friday as the doors opened for Black Friday shoppers, but instead was greeted by a huge, unruly stampede. Once Damour was knocked to the ground, no one even cared to help him up. Several more people trampled over him, even after he was dead. Doctors say he sufferes cardiac arrest as well as several other injuries to his body. Along with the death, 4 other shoppers were critically injured-- including a woman who was 9-months pregnant. A co-worker had the following to say:

"He was bum-rushed by 200 people," said Wal-Mart worker Jimmy Overby, 43.

"They took the doors off the hinges. He was trampled and killed in front of me.

"They took me down, too ... I didn't know if I was going to live through it. I literally had to fight people off my back," Overby said.

This is sickening and sad. I mean, Walmart has great prices and all, but it's hardly "to die for"... Wow, was that in poor taste? Anyway, Mr. Damour's untimely death is a shame, and should be a reminder to us all how fully consumed we are with greed and consumption in this country. We all fall victim to it sometimes, but this situation here is nauseating. Happy Holidays.

November 27, 2008

Straight Swagger-Jackin'!

Now I know all you out there in web-land love Rihanna as much as the next person. She clearly was the "it" girl of 2008, and it doesn't look like she's showing any signs of stopping... Good for her! Now let's get right down to it. A friend of mine pointed out that she had seen a post on BOSSIP that clearly shows how Rihanna yanked Fefe Dobson's style. A lot of people don't know this, but Fefe was also a protege of Jay-Z's on Def Jam. And way before Rihanna turned faux-punk-avant-garde, there was Fefe. Fefe had the funky haircut, neck-to-ear tats and straight up funky style that everyone currently worships Rihanna for... 'Tis a shame. You gotta give credit where it's due. I guess I wasn't the only one who thought this, because below is a youtube video showing Rihanna and Fefe side-by-side, and Rih Rih is most certainly getting her jack-on. I guess now we know how she "re-invented" herself. Check it out below:

So what do y'all think? Is this mountain-out-of-mole-hill-making? Or is this serious? I for one was just intrigued because the media has put SO MUCH focus on how original and innovative Rihanna's style is... So if she really yanked Fefe like that-- that would be kinda crazy.... No?

November 26, 2008

For Serious, Diddy?

After Obama won the election, word on the street was that his supporters across the pond were a little more than enthusiastic. In fact, the "reigning" bond-charater Daniel Craig said that it's about time we had a Black "Bond"... Well, some of us REEEEALLY took that to heart. Including Diddy. Apparently, Diddy believes he has what it takes to be the next Black James Bond... And he has the VIDEO to prove it! I'll give you $100 bucks if you can control your natural urge to roll your eyes during this video clip. WATCH:

I Was Just Mindin' My Business...

...This morning trying to hustle and bustle it to work to finish this project when... WHOOSH! An over-zealous crowd washes over me as people literally run over each other to catch a glimpse of Creole Queen aka 'Sasha Fierce'. I work right across the street from 30 Rock, and all the TODAY show episodes. Beyonce was there in all her Dereon glory to break it down one-time for the early-risers... The music was so loud, I could hear it all the way on the other side of my office! NYC loves them some Bey-- huh? That's cool-- but why didn't they tell her that the whole "hump" half-up-half-down look pretty much died back in 1995... I'm just saying...Check out her feverish rendition of "single ladies" that woke up the whole tri-state area:

November 25, 2008

In Other Random News...

So..... (in my most sarcastic voice possible) "THIS is NOT a PUBLICITY STUNT".... "What are you people TAAAAAALKING ABOUT?" Listen. I don't watch "The Hills", and even if I DID I wouldn't believe this one. I guess their staged photo-opps weren't selling anymore... Hey. Don't be mad! It's a recession people. You gotta do what you gotta do!

No....And NEVER.

My girl Bey clearly did not take heed to the speech I gave her last time... This is NOT ok. It's almost as if my boy Michael-K was right... She's fighting with Rihanna for the avant-garde-I'm-trying-so-hard-but-trying-to-look-like-I'm-not title...

Oh, lil Sasha Fierce, I applaud your effort, but like my man Kenny Rogers, "You got to know when to fold" honey... I could get into the aluminum jack-in-the-box mess on her head in the 2nd picture-- or lament over her hideous metal-curtain shades in the 1st. But why do that? That's just mean....

It Figures...

It's not surprising to me that one of the grimiest men in hip-hop is posted on one of the grimiest magazine covers I've seen in a cool one. "How to cheat on your girlfriend and get away with it"... I mean, seriously Complex? Ahhhh, the things we do to remain relevant... Carry on.

So... Yeah, I'm Late.

Y'all know I love you. I've been CRAZY busy since the Al Gore conference, but I'm making my way back to humanity... A friend (who shall remain nameless) made me sit through half of the gosh darn thing. From what I saw, these would most likely be the higlights:

And you know homegirl was looking oh-so-fierce (as usual... the devil on my left shoulder wishes she'd just start messing up for once!).. Peep:

November 21, 2008

It's OFFICIAL: Obama Nominates Clinton...

According to, Obama's camp has announced that he will be nominated Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State. Word on the street is that there might be an announcement as early as this afternoon. With CitiGroup on it's way down-- this administration has got more than it's fair share of work cut out for them. But it seems that Obama is on his way to making a Political Dream-Team... We'll see.

BRONX Mowgli Wentz... Word?

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz gave birth to a healthy 7 pound baby-boy named: Bronx Mowgli Wentz. Wassup with these celebrities-- it's like their trying to outdo each other with the stupid names. Pete claims that he wanted a name that would be suitable for a rock star or a senator... Wow. Hmmmmm, really? OK. Well-- if you like it, I guess we love it?

Anyway, big-sis Jessica says that she thinks Ashlee will be a very strict mother because she was very strict about following "the rules" during her pregnancy. Interesting.

November 19, 2008

Proof That Women Are Amazing...

...As if we needed more proof right? We all KNOW women are amazing, wonderful, incredible, the single most important factor in the completion of life-- and that's just for starters... But I digress. Milan Simon Tuttle is a 5 year old little girl with more game than Jordan, Yao Ming, Steve Nash, and the entire Detroit Pistons put together. She dribbles (multiple balls), fakes, switches, does some other next-level-crazy-stuff (and this is literally just "child's play" to her). She's just getting warmed up! Ladies and gentleman, the 5-year-old basketball prodigy! WATCH:

Just As A Side Note...

I LOVE Estelle... She's one of my new favorite people. In fact, since I've been going crazy with this conference 48 hours, when I need a moment to unwind-- I run an errand and pump her album "Shine". John Legend produced it, and it's HOT! But I digress... I have to be up at 5 am so lemme cut to the point. I stumbled upon this Travis McCoy and Estelle video... It's cute. WATCH:

November 18, 2008

New Music 4 Ya Ears...

RIHANNA feat. Justin Timberlake : "Rehab"


Yes, MYA is alive:

Yung Jeezy : "Crazy World"

Juelz Santana feat. SKULL GANG: "Touch Me, Teast Me"

Big shouts to my peoples at: WORLD STAR HIP HOP for the links!

You Gotta Give It To Them...

For two people who have like, 18 billion kids, hectic careers, "moral demands" and very little sleep (I imagine)... They still manage to look kinda fierce. Damn. You can't even hate on that. Trust me, I've tried. Ha.

The Beehive Is Back...

Word on the street is that Winehouse went to see her hubby in rehab-- but was too late and went home... What I find funny is walking around with sneakers (not ballet slippers) but MORE IMPORTANTLY no laces... You kow they makae you take those out when you.... Well... Nevermind.

November 17, 2008

Well, If "The Queen" Couldn't Do It..

...Then we all know (now) that Wanda Sykes can... As some of you already know, Wanda came out of the "closet" recently, in light of the Prop. 8 decision banning gay marriages. Wanda is not only a girlfriend-- Wanda is a wife... A lot of people were hurt because of this decision. I say live and let live-- but hey, maybe that's just me.
Over the years many friends have commented to me asking why I thouhgt Queen Latifah didn't just "come out already" being as she is a bonafide A-lister. But I guess to each his own. I'm happy for Wanda for coming out like that as a Black entertainer. It's not easy (particularly in our community) to do that. Check out what Wanda had to say:

I Really Love Y'all But...

...I've been so busy these past few days. I'm studying, and working on this huge project at work. We are sponsoring a conference with key-note speaker Al Gore , who I find absolutely amazing. His work on green efforts for the awareness and protection of the world is something to admire-- and I do. I really do . We have been working very hard on this conference for weeks, and Thursday is the "big" day. Please forgive me if I've beena little neglectful these past few days. You know I love y'all...

I was reading a comment that one of you wrote on my "bio" page about writing more about myself. Some of you actually find me intereting-- and that's great. So, for those of you who do, I hear you, and I will try to incorporate more of myself from now on. Including:

For those of you who might have noticed-- I have had Gore's image on the sidebar of my site since I started it months ago-- I've always been a fan. It's simply a blessing to be doing anything related to his work and his cause... Long story short-- I'm busy. But I'm STILL ALIVE! Let's hope these next few days go off without a hitch, and look forward to new things about ME!

November 14, 2008

Our New Administration's Gonna Be So TIGHT...

So... Word on the street is that Obama has a short-list of contenders for secretary of state. At the top of this list is none other than former-competitor Hillary Rodham Clinton. Personally, I wouldn't be mad. I wouldn't be mad at all. She has oodles of experience, and a "few good men" from Clinton's former administration are already on board with Obama, so introductions wouldn't be necessary. Even better of an atmosphere to get right down to business and skip the formalities. And, if anyone is about their business-- Hillary Clinton definitely is. With her in this position we could look forward to efficiency, quick-turn arounds and (GASP, dare I say it?)some form or another of universal healthcare. Or at least the closest thing to it. I'm excited.

I Think So Too...

The Obama Family continues their tour of American magazines-- much more to come, I'm sure...

Yes... And Again...

Here is Beyonce covering Germany GQ looking like Beowulf with his wig pushed AAAAAALL the way back... SMH. Shouts to Bossip for the link!

November 13, 2008

Quote Of The Day...

Kanye West talks to on the anniversary of his mother's death about how he feels about her. He also (quite sadly) seems to have blamed himself for her passing:

“Losing my mom, having no woman in my life to support me — I feel like I’m on my own and can only express it through my music...

feel like I moved to California, then my mom moved to California, and she did stuff she wouldn’t have done if we’d stayed in Chicago,” he said. “If I’d never made it in the music business, it never would’ve happened.”


Let's Have A Little Chat...

Sweetie-pie, dumpling, pumpkin, cupcake,honey-bunch, and all that good stuff... Can we talk for a minute? Just you and me Bey-- I promise I won't tell nobody... Now listen. I'm all for people re-inventing themselves and all, here at CCW we have no problems with that. In fact we encourage and applaud it. But leave the "faux-edginess-because-you-know-its-more-calculated-than-Obama's-campaign" stuff to Rihanna. She seems to be doing it well. You on the other hand were doing so well with the whole, "larger-than-life-nouveau-Diana-Ross-diva-with-a-sweet-side" thing you've been doing all these years. Why mess up a good thing? The edginess is forced. So forced that it becomes less "edgy" and more "trendy", and following trends that aren't supposed to seem like trends is lame. Super lame. Yeah, I said it. Sorry Beyonce-- it just doesn't translate. But for the stans, check out some more of her promo pics below:

Suge Knight Sues Kanye...

Word on the street is that Suge "Broke as a Joke" Knight is suing Kanye West for the loss of a $135,000 earring he wore at Kanye's 2005 VMA party-- and a shooting. In THAT order mind you. It's money over everything nowadays I guess. has more details:

During the scuffle, Knight — who says he attended the party with a “false sense of security” — claims someone shot him in the upper right leg, shattering his bone and requiring surgery, months of physical therapy and continued mental pain and suffering and loss of income. He also says that he lost a $135,000 diamond stud earring, which was retrieved by someone who identified himself as an employee, and who assured Knight the earring would be returned, though it was not. Knight believes the person worked for West or one of the other defendants in the suit.

Knight requests that the earring either be returned or replaced, as he has been “deprived of the use and enjoyment of the earring” since the August 2005

Wow. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that Mr. Knight filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this year, and got audited. Hmmmm, I guess this is his story, and he's sticking to it! I can't wait to see how this one turns out. Int he meantime 'Ye, I'd sleep with one eye open. You know Suge Knight is CRAZY!

Cowardly Klansmen Still Hatin' On Obama

Did you ever wonder why these so-called "proud" Caucasians never show their faces? If you're so proud, why are you always hiding? But I digress. According to Michael Moore's blog(Who I absolutely adore by the way), The KKK has left their hateful anti-Obama literature all over Islip Terrace (a Long Island neighborhood). This is the third time this month that this has happened in this county. The Secret Service is apparently getting involved with this case, and they are very concerned about the security and protection of the Obama family. In addition to the repulsive literature, cars were vandalized with sexually-disturbing and racis phrases such as, "KILL OBAMA '08". Hmmmm. Way to show your sophistication and education-level guys! I'm sure this is the way to attract a larger following and more support. Wow, those KKK's sure are a class act...

If I could be an invisible person for a day, I'd go to a Klan meeting,shake them up, slap them a couple times while screaming , "THE JIG IS UP JERKS, WE GOT A BROTHER RUNNING THIS COUNTRY AND HE AINT GOING NOWEHERE FOR AT LEAST 4 YEARS. SO SHUT UP, AND DEAL!" But in reality, I can only voice my frustration and aggrevation to you wonderful, sophisticated and intelligent readers of mine. Rock on.

Paula Abdul Fan Committs Suicide Outside Abdul's Home!

According to AM New York, American Idol past contestant, Paula Goodspeed, 30, was found dead of an apparent drug overdose inside a car near Paula Abdul's home on Tuesday evening. On Goodspeed's Myspace Page, she gives a detailed account of her short stint on the show in 2006, where she was rejected. Ironically, Simon claimed, "There's a similarity here, more than just the name", about how Goodspeed's choice of attire was a throw-back to Abdul's 80's style. "I take that as a compliment beacuase you are beautiful", Goodspeed replied (to Abaul)... Looking back, that excahnge seems really eerie.

As it turns out, Goodspeed had a lesbionic obsession with Abdul, and was most likely frustrated knowing that she could not have her. Goodspeed was noted to be mentally unstable and very disturbed. It's so sad that no onein her life had caught on to her disturbing (and deadly) obsession before it was too late...

November 11, 2008

Barack Obama Is A Renegade.

The Secret Service has come up with some clever codenames for the first family. These names will be used in case of emergency (which-- if we're being honest-- is totally feasible). Check out what Yahoo Buzz had to say on the issue:

The Secret Service takes a lot of risks for the first family. So it's only fair that the agency gets the honor of coming up with code names for the president-elect and his family. Various sources within the Buzz recently revealed the not-so-secret nicknames.

Mr. Obama will be known as "Renegade" (move over, Lorenzo Lamas). Michelle, a woman of many talents, will be referred to as "Renaissance." Malia Obama's name will be "Radiance," while little sister Sasha's will be "Rosebud."

That's cute and all, but doesn't it defeat the purpose? KNowing the Obama's this is probably just a rouse to throw us off, and they probably have some real authentic Black power names like, "Huey P" and "Angela D"... LOL... I'm just sayin....

New Beyonce: "Smash Into You"

Bey's out with another single... Yet again (big shouts to Sandra rose for the link!). Word on the street is the Stans are disappointed... They are not really feeling ya girl's alter ego: "Sasha Fierce". Could this really be the case? I guess it's up to y'all.... WATCH:

Trick, Sit DOWN!

Did this trick really say, "It's an amazing feeling... You know, our first colored president." Well... Did she? I need y'all to decide because it sure sounds like it, and if she did-- I'm coming for that A$$ Lindsay! You're on my hit list! Sleep with one eye open, I ain't never scared, and I can take you on and your little Pop-eye-Olive-Oil-girlfriend. Bring it! SMH...

Quote Of The Day...

"What Angelina did was very uncool."

Hey... Someone had to say it. And, I'm glad that Jenny (not-so-much-from-the-block) actually had the cohones to finally say it. Thank you, Michael K!

November 10, 2008

Handing Down The Torch...

According to Yahoo News, Barack and George met today in the White House to discuss the transition of power, amongst other things. This is the first private meeting that the President and President Elect have had since Obama's victory last Wednesday. Michelle and Laura were chilling in the residence-- most likely discussing china patterns and curtain details (because I can't think of a THING those two women would have in common otherwise). This is indeed an exciting time for our country, but Obama defintiely has his work cut out for him. I can imagine Dubya Bush saying something like, "Dude....I fucked up. Your shit is gonna be toast for the next few years... It's an uphill battle. My bad homie...". And subsequently, I can see Obama saying something like: "Man.... This ain't shit. If I can deal with the hardest thugs from the South side of Chicago-- I can romp wit' Osama and them..." Ha!

Oh Really, Captain Obvious?

"I think it's pretty obvious who I'm seeing...I Love her very much."
Lindsay Lohan says in this months issue of Harper's Bazaar. Yet when asked if she was a lesbian she staunchly replies, "No!!!"... Hmmmmm, something in the kool-aid ain't kosher with that one, and something is definitely wrong with her because when aske4d whether she is bi-sexual she said, "Maybe...Yeah".

Maybe? No honey-- you were right the 2nd time. You are DEFINITELY of the carpet-munching variety (LOL), but hey, I'm not hatin'-- do what you do. There should be no shame in your proverbial game. As long as you know and understand that DENIAL ain't just a river in Egypt honey...

Plies Covers VIBE...

If this is the future, someone PLEASE take me back to the past... I've tried, and I've tried, but I just can't stand this dude... Not only is he the epitome of every whack-ass gangsta-thug stereotype-- it's NOT EVEN AUTHENTIC! The man went to jail once like 2 years ago for a traffic violation or something... He was not a gang-bangin' criminal from the age of 13 as he claims in his music. What's more? I think he talks like a person with autism, down-syndrome or some sort of speech impediment... Nothing sexy about ailments. The gaudy jewelery, saggy pants, and grills? He's just a really bad walking cliche... Sorry fans...

Quote Of The Day...

I spotted this quote on Bossip not too long ago, and it really made me think. There are many Black intellectuals that were not shocked at all by Obama's election and victory, and they claim that Black America uses race as a crutch and focus way too much on race as a barrier in America. I personally believe it's defeatist to just give up on trying because you think you are "doomed" because of your race. Sure, racism exists in America, but so do successful Black people. And no, they are not all Uncle Tom's, and no, they are not all trust-fund babies. Some people just rose to the occassion, fought the good fight and made things happen. Scholar John McWhorter had the following to say on the subject:

Obama has come in for some criticism for not putting forth a “black” agenda—i.e., one designed to combat “racism” in various ways. It’s because he knows that paradigm has no useful application to our times.
The harsher penalization of crack than powdered cocaine that has put so many black people in jail needs revision, but it was not created by racists: The Congressional Black Caucus helped pass it. Newark’s schools are not failing because of racism, when New Jersey funds them as liberally as schools in the suburbs and most of the teachers and staff are black. America has problems and our new president knows it. However, is America’s main problem still “the color line” as W.E.B. DuBois put it 105 years ago? The very fact that the president is now black is a clear sign that it is no longer our main problem, and that we can, even as morally informed and socially concerned citizens, admit it.
There is nothing at all “unreal” about this. It is, after all, what we were supposed to be working toward. We must embrace it.

Things that make you go: "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm".

Over The Weekend...

Sasha Fierce was in full-bloom at the 2008 World Music Awards in Monte Carlo. Word on the street is that homegirl wants to play the lead in the adaptation of "Superwoman"... My whole thing is-- why she always tryna re-do something? She was sued twice for stealing songs, she stole the concept for her "put a ring on it" video, she did "Dreamgirls" (adaptation), "Gold member" (adaptation of Foxy Brown as her character "Foxxy Cleopatra"), she's bnow playing Etta James in ehr current movie... How about some totaly originality? How bout a totally new character that she can really create and transform into? I mean-- the whole replica thing is just getting a little bit outta hand... Bless her heart.

Picture Of the Day...

He got the hottest chick in the game, wearing his chain! Check it out y'all... The flyest 1st couple since the Kennedy's. Barack and Michelle went out for a romantic dinner in Chicago over the weekend... Good for them. They sure can use a fun night out, I'm not even mad. GOBAMA!

November 7, 2008

Meet Our New Chief of Staff...

Forgive me for my tardiness faithful flock-- work's been kicking my butt! But I digress... Meet the newest member of Obama's cabinet: Rahm ("rahmbo") Emanuel. He is our new chief-of-staff. Hillary definitely co-signs, because Rahm was part of the Clinton Administration as well-- so it's safe to say he "knows his way around the kitchen" so-to-speak. The NY Times as Emanuel's reaction to Obama's decision on appointing him to the position:

“Now is a time for unity,” Mr. Emanuel said. “I will do everything in my power to help you stitch together the frayed fabric of our politics, and help summon Americans of both parties to unite in common purpose.”

In a statement, he added: “Like the record amount of voters who cast their ballot over the last month, I want to do everything I can to help deliver the change America needs. We have work to do, and Tuesday Americans sent Washington a clear message — get the job done.”

What I like about Rahm? I like how they describe him as an "often-profane, combative Chicago congressman versed in the ways of the White House and Capitol Hill". Ha, that rocks.

GOD Save The Queen...

Hallelujah holla back-- ya girl is still a frightful mess... BUUUUUT, word on the street is that Amy Wino is finally receiving treatment for her various addictions. Apparently, she is so committed to this goal, that when her husband "Blaaaaaaaaaake" Fielder-Civil finally got out of jail yesterday-- homegirl didn't even go to greet him! He had been in jail for 12 months, and as soon as he was free, he checked his happy ass into a rehab clinic... Smart move. Anyway, I hope that Amy is getting the help she deserves. She is uber-talented and we are soooooo sick of seeing her eff-up her life. There are thousands of girls (ahem, ahem) who would die for the opportunities she's gotten at such a young age. It's high time she get herself together and appreciate it!

For Serious, Sasha Fierce?

Beyonce-- better known as-- "Sasha Fierce" (gaaaaaag) performed in an interesting ensemble yesterday at the MTV Europe awards in Liverpool. I'm not going to lie-- the outfit she wore for the performance would make even Solange "tsk-tsk" and shake her head in disgust... LOL, I keed, I keed. But it was pretty crazy... Check it out:

Still Makin' It Rain On Them Hoes....

Two of pop's G.O.A.T's (greatest of all times... YEAH, I said it!) were doing their thing last night at Madge's NYC leg of her sticky n' sweet tour. She pulled Brit on-stage to when she performed "Human Nature" (how fitting!). You can't even lie-- the "Legendary Ms. Spears" had the tightest weave in the building... I'm not mad. Check out the performance below... WATCH:

Big shouts to Michael K of DListed for the link!

Straight Up Distasteful.....

I spotted this "gem" of a video on DListed. Now, I am all for full-figured women being proud of their volumptuous bodies. Being scary-skinny, starving yourself, trying to look like someone God didn't intend you to look like is insanity... But so is this. Just like that one straw on the camel's back-- everyone has a limit. What in the world is going on here? Homegirl is NOT sexy. She needs a gastric-bypass and a diet Coke... ASAP! WATCH:

NEW VIDEO: Kanye West's "Heartless"

Kanye West is definitely trying to do "someting different" with this new album of his... Do we love it? I dunno. I'm reeeeeeeeeeally sick of that voice-coder sound. I wish T-Pain hadn't made it so ubiquitous... Or maybe it's just that I've been singing my entire life, and I know that voice-coders are ways that fraudulent, tone-deaf non-singers attain the "get outta jail free" card... So not fair.

November 6, 2008

Homegirl, Please....

I was parusing the usual good tid-bits at Bossip, when I came across an Associated Press article about how Bey has volunteered to sing at Barack's inauguration. Now-- Barack is ubiquitous for a reason... A VERY good reason, and I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing his face, or hearing him speak. But Beyonce? She's ubiquitous to the point where if she doesn't go home, throw a robe on, get barefoot and start popping out babies-- I might just be on the warpath looking for her. Enough is enough already! Perhaps fellow Chicagoan Jennifer Hudson might wanna take a stab at it (again). Lord knows homegirl has been through it the last couple weeks-- it would be great for her to have something to look forward to. Check out what Bey said on the subject:

“I’m there. I can’t wait,” she told the Associated Press. “I feel like all of us, we’re ready to do whatever we have to do. Whatever they want — if they need me to volunteer, they need me to sing, I’m there, and I’m ready.” She said that she was supposed to be in Japan on election night, promoting her new album, I Am … Sasha Fierce. At the last minute, she opted to stay home. “I said, ‘What am I doing? I’m completely making a bad decision. I have to go home. I’m gonna kill myself if I’m not home in America,”‘ said the singer. “I knew I needed to be here.” After he won, she said she “fell asleep crying and smiling at the same time. I woke up with mascara running and a smile on my face!”

Blah. It's not even mid-November and homegirl already plotting on the January 20th affair... Hey, the early bird gets the worm I suppose. I can't even hate on her hustle. We'll see what happens.

November 5, 2008

Quote Of The Day...

Jay-Z addressed a group of potential-voters in Philidelphia on Tuesday and said:

“I need y’all to be really, really quiet for this,” he said. “I need you to really understand what I’m telling you. Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run. Obama’s running so we all can fly,”

What can I say, but the man has a way with words. I couldn't have said it better.

Obama Blitz!

OBAMA-DAY continues on CCW, and the world is with us. Check out some of the magazine covers from our friends in the UK courtesy of

And of course, Obama's native CHICAGO had their own take on our Nation's hero: