July 29, 2008

Update On Amy Winehouse's Hospitalization...

According to  In Touch Weekly, Winehouse was released today after having been hospitalized last night. Apparently, she had a seizure which was an allergic reaction to the treatment-medication she's been taking for her drug addiction... She was kept overnight for observation and released today. Everyone was worried because it has been speculated that she is showing early signs of emphysema because of cigarette and drug abuse... I feel for her, I truly do. I love her music despite how messed up she is, and despite how ubiquitous her music has become... And for those that know me, that's a hard task-- once songs get crazy radio-play or an artist is over-exposed I bail... But this girl is a true gem with a true unique talent, and I am sad for her. I just hope she pulls through and continues to bless us with her innovative style and beautiful voice.

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