July 23, 2008

Homegirl Better Start Looking For A New Job...

You know the term "some things are better left unsaid"? Well Sherri Shepherd has clearly never heard of it because she has been airing out her dirtiest laundry for the world to see. She did an interview with the Christian-based Precious Times Magazine and spoke on her wayward past before she was saved. Shepherd had the following to say: 

On Her Past: "My sister was heavy into drugs, and we would have to go and get her from crack houses. I was sleeping with a lot of guys and had more abortions than I would like to count...."

On Being Saved: "God showed me that it would make a difference. I ask the Lord, 'Why am I here?' I have to trust God when He says, 'Because I said so....'"

On Barbara Walters:  "Oh, sometimes I say, 'Lord, Juanita Bynum or Joyce Meyer would be so good at this table. They could lay hands on Barbara Walters and get her saved.'" 

Wow. Well I hope The View gives her a nice severance package.

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