March 29, 2008


Remy ma is Guilty on 4 counts, including: attempted murder, assault charges, weapons possession, and attempted coercion....
Remy Ma was charged back in 2007 for a shooting that took place in July outside of the NYC's meat-packing district's trendy PIZZABAR. The rapper got into an argument with a friend of hers, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, over $3,000 in cash which was missing from her purse.
My opinion is homegirl must be broke to try to kill a friend of over 15 years over a measely 3 g's. If she has all the money she claims to have, that should have been peanuts to her! I gues not....Remy accused Barnes-Joseph of stealing the cash and managed to shoot at her outside a New York nightclub. Her attorneys tried to make the shooting appear as an accident, but the jury wasn't buying the bull....The Grammy nominated rapper was facing nine charges against her and has just been convicted on four major charges. She has two counts of first-degree assault, attempted coercion, and criminal possession of a weapon.
She was however, found not guilty of gang assault and witness tampering.
Remy Ma could face anywhere up to 25 years in prison. So far she has done 2 nights, and is on suicide watch. Celebs usually take prison time pretty hard, so they are keeping a close watch on her. As for now, her attorney is working on an appeal case for her... Good luck with that! I guess being "rouch and stuff wit ya afro puffs" ain't always worth it... Huh Remy???

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