June 4, 2008

The Girl Allegedly On R. Kelly's Infamous Sex Tape

The young girl who was allegedly engaged in sexual trysts with R. Kelly at the age of 13 is seen here in the above snapshot. She is the one with the gray top and big earrings-- it is a composite picture (so it is her on the left, and the right). She is grown up now, and is part of a music group called, "4 The Cause".... Hmmmm. That makes me wonder just what "cause" she was sleeping with R. Kelly at that age for? LOL... I keeed, I keeeed. I know that was a cheap shot. You can't really blame a 13-year old for being naive and ignorant... But damn, she was kind of a fast-ass wasn't she? Geez, I still don't know about half the stuff she was doing back then, and I'm 25! Oh well, such is life I suppose....


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  1. I woulda fucced tha shit outa R. Kelly when i wuz 12, thats ten years ago. So wut,they all got what they wanted.


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