March 8, 2008

Hollywood Star Terminally Ill!

Famed actor Patrick Swayze-- best known for his break-out role in the 80's cult classic Dirty Dancing has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The star's publicist made the announcement earlier this week to the public. Swayze has had a wayward life ever since his sister committed suicide in 1994. From there, he went in a downward spiral with excessive drugs and alcohol abuse. Eventually, he checked himself into rehab...
It is now known that Swayze developed a terrible habit of smoking 3 packs of cigarettes each day. Smoking can cause pancreatic cancer. This particular type of cancer has the lowest survival rate. Usually it is diagnosed once it has spread. In this case it was caught before spreading, but doctors say that even with his chemotherapy, the chances of survival are still slim. Our prayers and our thoughts go out to Swayze and his family. He is quite strong. He is currently filming a TV show called Beast for channel A&E. He is the personification of the old adage: "You can't keep a good man down"! Wooooow, how tragic. I hope this true Hollywood story ends well!


  1. SpinDoctor512/3/08 7:13 AM

    This is just so sad. I hate that the rumor mill started churning saying he had 5 weeks to live. Either way, it is a sad state of affairs. That's why we all need to tell our friends, loved ones, etc. that we love them. Life isn't fair, so let ppl know how much you love them while they are still here. Tomorrow is not promised.

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