March 1, 2008

Rhianna: The Beyonce Anti-Dote

The world has found a new love, and her name is Rhianna! Say what you will about her, but I'm glad that we finally have an alternative. It seemed for about 3 or 4 years all we ever heard about or saw musically was Bey. It's not that I'm a hater, or even have a problem with her; after all she is beautiful and talented. But one can only take but so much of a person at a time! I'm relieved that the Beyonce-obsession has been replaced with a younger, funkier, spunkier, cultured, more-humble counterpart. Rhianna has a reputation of humbleness and humility-- no diva-syndrome here. And although her voice can be annoying and boderline whinny, I like how she's not afraid to experiment with other genres outside of R&B.

Click on the thumbnails and check out some pics of my girl lookin oh-so-fabulous in each and every way-- she is SLAYIN them hoes! U go gurrrrrrl!


  1. Nicole Bitchy2/3/08 9:41 AM

    Ugh so sick of Rhianna AND beyonce!

  2. Dee_Luvs_Lou2/3/08 9:42 AM

    Rhianna is killin them hoes! LOOOOVE her!

  3. big baby bubba2/3/08 9:42 AM

    Rhi Rhi can most definitely get it! Even though she got that alien head!

  4. rhirhi_fan2/3/08 9:44 AM

    I LOOOOOVE her style! And she's rocking that short-do, that's wassup!

  5. Smellestine2/3/08 9:44 AM

    She's alright... She damn sure can't sing!

  6. Kirsten_thirsten2/3/08 9:45 AM

    She has the ONLY fivehead though....LMAO!

  7. SpinDoctor53/3/08 8:34 AM

    What do you guys think about the "Chrihanna" romance (you know its only a matter of time before they merge the names)?


    This is an anti-Beyonce site!!!!! Come support it, and expose this greedy trick!

    Thieving ass bitch!

  9. Beyonce Had Plastic Surgery

    Beyonce Stealing Styles Again Part 3


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