May 9, 2009


This is the Flud "Gunmetal Boombox" Watch. I think it's adorable. Its cool for novelty and fun, laid-back settings like concerts and bowling. But it's also a super-fly gift for teens! I could see a 14 year old fly-guy flossing in one of these, lol... Makin' the youth fresh for a cool $90.

And then there is the LRG x G-SHOCK concoction:

Hello Spring! I love the colors-- I can definitely see this as having great unisex opportunities because I could definitely rock this. In HS I rocked Baby-G's, when I got older my tastes changed, but I still dibbled and dabbled in G-Shock finery, lol. It's not that hard to step the wrist game up this season: $150. Fly, and recession-proof. Just the way I like it!


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  1. Dat boombox watch is maadddd cute
    me wanteee


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