May 9, 2009

The Socialite Strikes Again: SCION Art Exhibit

ON Thursday, I went to the SCION sponsored art exhibit called, "Installation 5". It's part of a nation-wide art tour that SCION is participating in. Many artists contributed to this exhibit, and many of them such as: Angela Boatwright, Brek Le Rat, Christina Felice, Edwin Ushiro, Logan Hicks, and Tessar Lo were actually in attendence. Above is a picture of a really cool photograph. I loved it, it reminded me of old-school horror...

There were many other dope photographs such as these:

I had a great time socializing with the crowd. I was lucky enough to be escorted by the diva herself: Ashlene, and the talented J. McClary:

The night was filled with a lot of socializing, and networking. There was a DJ spinning some new-wave and electronica, and of course we had to give it up to the bar-keep who kept Rolling Rock's and Pinot Grigio flowing:

There were SCION goodie-bags filled with pics and neat things like headphones... There was also much, much, much more art to be seen:

I thought this one was so dope. They should make a t-shirt out of it:

The crowd was definitely thick:

I had mucho fun with my peeps. I also met a few new ones:

J (Left), recording artist "Word Spit" (middle) and his manager (right).

Andre Futrell (CEO of earthtronix) and of course Mr. McClary.... It was yet another great venture for this NYC socialite... Man, chillin ain't easy... Or is it?

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