May 8, 2009

Young Women's Empowerment Summit

Yesterday at Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus there was a fabulous event called the "Young Women's Empowerment Summit". It was sponsored by Ivy (Igniting the Voices in our Youth) and Black Girls Rock. There were also treats from Ambi Skincare, Akademics urban-wear and Shakara's famous cupcakes (

The panel consisted of 6 beautiful, dynamic and successful sisters that are great examples of what a phenomenal woman should be. Basically, each panelist opened up about all of their fears during childhood, and the constructive things they did to overcome those obstacles. They also discussed how to "shake the haters off" and how to celebrate the women around you instead of fighting them. Nadia Lopez is the founder of IVY, and put this wonderful event together. She had a few words before introducing the panel:

After giving an anecdote about her struggles on being a mother and an entrepreneur-- the panel was underway! The discussion was lead and moderated by Michaela Angela Davis:

Michaela is a bold and striking woman with a beautiful head of red hair and piercing blue eyes. Her wittiness and warm spirit made the girls open up to the panel and really express themselves!

I had a hard time focusing though-- Michaela had on the KILLER shoes! (

First panelist up was the homie DJ Beverly Bond. She is a model, DJ, and Founder/President of Black Girls Rock! She told a story of how she was inspired to break out of her shyness, embrace herself and seize her destiny. (

Next was Mitzi Miller. She's a very accomplished writer, blogger and author. I have been following her career for years, and it was awesome to hear her speak. She gave some great advice on giving yourself "5 seconds" to assess a situation when your in a tough-spot. Some life-saving advice right there... (

Then there was Thembisa Mshaka, whose words and spirit were just as beautiful as her hair! She is an author and BET copy editor (sweet job!). She spoke of the struggles of coming up in an all-girls predominantly white school where she was often the only Black face... (

Next was the beautiful Dee Vazquez-- FUSE NETWORK Host and Sirius Satellite Radio Personality (catch her show with Kay-Slay!). I love this girl-- she is truly amazing. She has a warm spirit and a great attitude that shines through everything she does! She told an emotional story of rising above the obstacles of her project-neighborhood and pursuing even her most far-fetched goals because she just knew she deserved more... And she does! (

Then there was the beautiful Tylibah Author, CEO of Leebah Bay Productions, and emcee straight from Brooklyn! She taught the girls that therapy is a great, healing thing that should be taken advantage of whenever possible. It's always nice to have a non-judgmental person to pour your heart out to. (

Garnett Alcindor, CEO of Collective Concept PR, was also in the house. She admitted even that day-- that she was painfully shy, but it was something she has worked on and she never let it get in the way of her goals. She taught the girls to strive and welcome haters, as they are always an indicator of you doing the right things. AMEN to that! (

The audience was made up of girls from: Bedford Academy HS, Benjamin Banneker HS, and Boys & Girls HS. They warmed up to the ladies quickly, and many of them had a lot of insightful things to say. Some just wanted help, and others wanted to know how they could be a part of some of the organizations these ladies ran...

All in all, the event was a success. It warmed my heart that I was able to go and be a part of such a positive thing. It's always nice to see strong, up-standing women doing their part to give back to the community. It's something I think about everyday, and something I strive to do in the near future! Afterwards, some were lucky enough to get to taste Shakara's cupcakes, and take a look at her book : "The Get 'em Girls Guide to the Power of Cuisine", while the rest of us mingled and enjoyed the vibe!

See us tryna be cute posin' in the cut? Haha. Big shouts to Ms. DEE VAZQUEZ for putting me on to this event-- gotta love twitter. Make sure to catch her show on Sirius, it's great! Bye for now, and remember: EACH ONE, TEACH ONE... And I'm out.

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